The Surprising Impact of the Secret Room Rule

Rose Morrison

Jun 19, 2024

The Surprising Impact of the Secret Room Rule

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Designing your space is a fulfilling experience, especially for homeowners who are getting their own household for the first time. However, the task holds plenty of weight if you invite people over and worry about your image. If you want to change things up, consider using the secret room rule.

What Is the Secret Room Rule?

The secret room rule is an interior design premise where you are the only one who will see and perceive the outcome. It is not a literal recommendation to create your own hole-in-the-wall space in the home, though that idea is quite exciting as well. Instead, the principle asks what your ideal space would look like if you had a hidden room no one would see. 

Secret room rule design originated from Ingrid Fetell Lee, who founded The School of Joy. She wants homeowners to feel confident curating a space that sparks daily happiness. The course challenges people to think outside the box and determine what they want in a space beyond all the interior design trends and opinions present.

How the Secret Room Rule Works So Well

The secret room rule can directly impact how homeowners organize their spaces, as it requires no input and relies on personal intuition. It empowers you to be unapologetically creative, joyful and comfortable simultaneously. 

1. Sparks Creativity

Each person has their own preferences on what they want their home to look like. However, there’s so much influence from social trends and traditional rules. There’s also FOPO, or the fear of people’s opinions. It comes from wanting to avoid rejection or any negative evaluation from others. 

Designing your ideal home may be very stressful, especially when you want to get it right the first time. The secret room rule is freeing because it tells you not to aim for perfection. Get creative with your space without judgment from others or yourself.

2. Creates a Joyful Household

The essence of the secret room rule is to make a joyful home you would love to live in every day. So many people are fixated on creating an impressive residence that it takes away what a household should be, which is a place you love.

Living in a home designed to your liking makes you feel content. Luckily, being happy can lead to healthy behaviors like exercising and eating right. The positive mood can also flow into other aspects of your life, such as work productivity and personal relationships. 

3. Makes a Comfortable Space

After a long, hard day, a home should provide solace and help you recuperate. The secret room rule promotes putting your needs and wants first. When you design your space for yourself, it’s compatible with your energy levels. 

Having a more comfortable space is gratifying in the face of daily stressors. While there are many general tips on how to make a home more cozy, tap into what elements actually make you relax. 

How to Make a Secret Room

The secret room rule is an idea-based exercise. However, several methods exist to make this principle a reality and achieve a well-designed space that fits you. 

1. Contemplate What You Want

The secret room rule aims to invoke thoughts of what you want in your home. Follow that line of thinking and contemplate what elements you desire. A vision can make planning more intentional and assist you throughout the design process.

If you want to move away from more minimalist styles and build a vibrant home, what colors do you want to add to the space? Is there a specific centerpiece you want to use? Can you plan the rest of the decor around it?

2. Incorporate and Test Styles

The best way to apply the secret room rule is to be as experimental as possible. For instance, convert a traditional children’s table into a surface area for a reading nook. You can also seek inspiration for unconventional designs on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Your design choices don’t have to be absolute. In fact, this mindset gives you leeway to make mistakes and adjust as you go. Don’t be afraid to add and remove elements from your home’s interior design. 

3. Check the Functionality 

While the secret room rule is focused on creativity, you still have to consider the space’s functionality. Areas like the kitchen or bathroom are prone to slips and falls, and if the interior design is faulty, other parts of the home can also cause accidents.

You can still elevate aesthetics in the space according to your liking. Functional design ensures spaces are efficient while providing visual appeal. There should be enough room for movement and space. Keep each area as illuminated and visible as possible. 

4. Tap Into Your Emotions

Be as attuned to your emotions as possible. Only you can answer whether you truly like a particular design element. Tap into how you are feeling and decide whether it brings you joy.

Some people may think they have to avoid all conventional design styles to embody the secret room rule. In contrast, you can still go contemporary, bohemian, industrialist and more. What matters is that your home feels like a haven. 

Adopt the Secret Room Rule

If you have ever felt pressure to design a certain way, recall the secret room rule. Let loose and grasp what you want in your home. Quiet down the outside world and make your house accommodate you. Aim to create a space you wish to return to at the end of each day so you can truly feel at ease.

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