5 House Party Ideas for Adults

Evelyn Long

Mar 17, 2023


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As an adult, hosting parties at your home is a great way to bring together your friends. It may take a lot of work to come up with each party idea and want to try something fun and new. If you’re looking for new ideas, here are five house party ideas to try at your next gathering.   

1. Creative Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are traditionally cured meats, cheese, bread and crackers served on a wood slab. Many people love this appetizer, which has grown in popularity in the past few years. 

The general idea of a charcuterie board can be used to get creative with your friends. Tell your guests to make their own version and get creative with it. You can do so many fun ideas that are sure to spice up your party. Below are some ideas. 

  • Chicken nugget board
  • Sauce board 
  • Candy board 
  • Sushi board 
  • Dessert board  

2. Bring a Color Themed Basket 

We all love a good movie night or game night. These are classic themes for guests to come over and enjoy a fun night together. If you want to make things more interesting, you can add a color-themed basket on top of it.

Ask your guest to come with things that are all one color. You can even dress in the colors your choose. For example, if someone dresses in orange, they wear orange clothing and bring items such as oranges, Reese, carrots, cheddar cheese chips and whatever else you can find in that color. You will have various colorful food and drink options by the time everyone arrives. 

3. Themed Drinks 

Having your typical wine nights is a great way to unwind and let loose with your friends while utilizing your unused dining room from time to time. You and your guests can add a twist to the typical wine night by bringing themed drinks. 

Your drinks can be anything from the characters in a movie or show you love, represent your zodiac signs or whatever you are into. It allows everyone to get creative about the presentation and the actual drink. It is a theme that will bring joy and show off the skills of your guests.  

4. Dress Like Your Significant Other 

If you and your guests are married or have significant others, they come dressed as each other. This will surely bring laughs as you switch roles as your significant others. Get creative and bring props and your acting skills to have a night full of fun. 

5. Favorites Party 

At this party, you will ask your guests to bring something they can’t live without for the number of guests coming and do a presentation on the item. For example, if someone brings their favorite chapstick, they explain why to the group and each person gets one to take home. 

This party gives you a fun environment to explain some of your favorite things, whether funny or serious. You each get to go home with a bunch of holy grail items that may also become a staple for you.  

Enjoy These House Party Ideas

For your next house party, try something new that everyone can get involved in. The ideas will bring fun and create a memorable night for everyone. 

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