10 Guest Bedroom Ideas

Rose Morrison

Feb 23, 2023

a small, cozy guest bedroom with sunrise peeking in the window

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When preparing guests to stay over, you want the house to be clean. One crucial area is the guest bedroom. This is especially important for extended families who live far away. Suppose they come down for the holidays or an overdue family get-together. You want to offer them a space that feels cozy. Here are ten guest bedroom ideas to get you started. 

1. Transform an Unused Area

If you have a smaller space, convert unused rooms into your guest bedroom. For example, you can transform your attic. Add a bed, rug, storage and lighting to create a livable area. Suppose you have a sloped ceiling, keep everything low and hang a pendant light for extra style. 

If you don’t have an attic, use another room to build a nook. You can turn a reading corner into a guest spot. Add the mattress to built-in shelving, with open space at the top and drawers at the bottom. 

2. Add Dividing Curtains

Having dividers is one of the best guest bedroom ideas for creating privacy This is especially helpful if the guest area is also part of the main space. Another benefit of dividers is it creates designated sections. So, one place can be for relaxing and the other to do work. 

Also, curtains look nicer than screens. Add shades with bright colors or bold patterns to liven up the room. Suppose you want to create a feeling of elegance hang lace dividers. 

3. Create a Mini-Bar

Adding a mini-bar is one of the more creative guest bedroom ideas. It can make your home feel like a hotel. It also lets guests enjoy snacks without using the main kitchen. So they can enjoy a private moment if they need space from your family. 

Ask your guests about their favorite food and beverages and stock up on those. Also, have storage above the bar for glasses and plates. Add a bar cart to hold any alcoholic drinks for the adults. Make sure to clear out the fridge when they leave so you don’t attract bugs. 

4. Hang a Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror helps guests pick out their outfits each day. Suppose it’s someone meeting your family for the first time, such as a significant other. Then they’ll appreciate the mirror to help them make an excellent first impression. 

Another benefit of a mirror is it makes the room feel larger and lets in more natural light. Hang a few hooks on the wall as well. This gives them plenty of space to place towels or robes.

5. Add a Statement Piece 

Even though your friends may only sleep in the room, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy design. For example, add a statement headboard, wall art or a unique lighting piece. These can draw your guest’s attention and create a fun space. 

Here are a few more ideas for statement pieces:

  • A usually shaped bed or one that mixes materials
  • Antique chests
  • A white ottoman
  • A chandelier 
  • Colorful plants

6. Include a Window Seat

This gives your guests a place to relax. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy the sunlight while reading a book or drinking a cup of coffee. Also, it gives them private space, away from communal areas. 

Plus, if you have plants in your yard, it creates a beautiful view. Place light curtains, such as sheer, in the summer to allow for shade. Add a dresser in case your guests want to unpack their bags. 

7. Be Creative With Furniture Selection 

Get crafty if you don’t want to spend money on new furniture. Use a chair as a side table or add wall scones to save surface space. Consider a turquoise color to create a calming and happy mood. 

Another way to find affordable furniture is to shop at thrift stores or online. Search for multipurpose furniture as well. For example, an ottoman can be both a seat and extra storage. 

8. Offer a Robe and Towels

Your guests may not come prepared with bath products. Also, storing these can take up a larger portion of their suitcase. So, provide towels and a bathrobe to make your guest feel at home. Place the towels on the bed to create a hotel-like experience. 

It also makes it more convenient for you. That way, guests aren’t asking for towels when you’re just about to go to bed in the middle of the night. 

9. Ensure You Have Proper Lighting 

Having good lighting is essential for any space. It adds to the aesthetic appeal and makes the room more functional. You can also use it to set the mood. Add low lighting, such as candles, for a more intimate atmosphere. 

Also, you want to layer lighting within the three main categories-task, accent and ambient. Consider including a table lamp for reading as well. 

10. Clean up the Room 

Having a tidy room ensures your guests feel welcome. Before guests arrive, clean the room, light a candle and leave out toiletries. You could even add a vase of flowers for an extra touch. In addition, ensure there are plenty of available plugs for phones and hair dryers. 

If you want to go even more personalized, add a nice note on the bed. All these things create a space that feels like home.  

Guest Bedroom Ideas

Your guests want to stay in a cozy spot when away from home. They will feel more welcomed if you add convenient features and have an organized space. So, consider adding some of these guest bedroom ideas to your house.


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