These Mini Bar Design Ideas Make Any Small Space a Party

Rose Morrison

Jul 28, 2020


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You don’t need a massive kitchen to pull off a stylish, functional mini bar. In fact, you don’t need more than a small nook or cart to create a space to store drinks, mixers and more. You and your guests will fall head over heels with this fun focal point. It’s a lot easier to entertain when you don’t have to play bartender with a cluttered kitchen countertop.

There’s a mini bar design for small houses everywhere. Take a look.

1. Try a Bar Cart

A small, brightly-colored living room with a bar cart

This mini bar design idea has existed for ages. A bar cart works perfectly for small areas since they often have more than one shelf. This element provides valuable storage space that houses extras like shakers, tools and other mini bar necessities. You’ll be able to keep your bar supplies concentrated to a single location — and that’s a lot easier to deal with when you have company.

You’ll want to decide on a bar cart that adds to the overall space. It’s best to pick a neutral color or material that you can jazz up as you like. There are many ways to style each shelf so that your bar cart looks more put-together. For example, you could dedicate the top to glasses and tools and the bottom to alcohols and mixers.

One bar cart we recommend is this one made by Haotian, available on Amazon.

2. Use an Empty Bookcase

wine bottles on a bookshelf as a bar

Unless you’re an avid reader or writer, it’s likely that your bookcase isn’t stacked with books. Why not put those spare shelves to use? A few empty cubbies can create an accessible and convenient mini bar that blends into your home’s current layout and design. This way, you won’t have to buy or build a specific mini bar area.

Choose an open spot on your bookcase. You could dedicate a whole shelf to your mini bar if you like. Arrange your favorite alcohols and mixers so that they look nice. Then, you’ll want to add a few glasses for a complete look. If there’s still room left over, it’s smart to incorporate plants or flowers.

You can even choose a bar cart with wheels to create a fun, movable mini bar when you have guests throughout your home.

3. Use Any Spare Nook

chivas regal and other liquors on a cabinet top

If you have a spare corner that needs attention, it’s time to build a full-on mini bar. This process doesn’t have to be overly intensive or expensive, either. You’ll need a small table to store your goods, as well as a shelf or two to install overhead. Feel free to customize your mini bar as the space allows.

Select a cabinet that fits snugly inside the area. You could also try a dresser or bookcase. Either way, it’s essential to make sure that there’s room inside to stow various alcohols and mixers that you need. You can then decorate the top with a fun lamp, art or plant. Install the shelves directly above to display cocktail recipe books and other attractive items.

4. Go With a Tray

Three bottles of liquors on a small tray as a mini bar for a party

A mini bar design for a small house doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, you can create a beautiful temporary fixture with a tray. This option may be an ideal choice for those who don’t entertain often enough to justify an actual mini bar. With a tray, you can easily interchange items whenever you want.

Pick a tray that speaks to your home’s design scheme. Compare wooden trays, mirrored trays, vinyl trays, and more to achieve the right look. You’ll then want to choose a specific location for your mini bar tray. Decorate with your favorite alcohols and mixers, as well as a few glasses when you have guests.

5. Renovate an Empty Closet

An empty closet could be a perfect spot for your mini bar. You won’t have to create any extra space — and that’s half the battle when you want to make an addition to your home. This project can take as long as you wish. If you want to incorporate more extensive features like a sink and fridge, it’ll require more time and resources. It’s up to you and your wants!

After you remove the door from the closet, it’s time to take out any shelves. You want to work with a clean slate. Measure the space completely. Then, you’ll want to gather materials so that you can design the space completely before you install any permanent fixtures. Proceed with your layout plan for a beautifully accessible mini bar closet.

Try These Suggestions for a Functional Mini Bar Space

A mini bar design for a small house can look and feel exactly as you like. Whether you want an easily moveable bar tray or a fully renovated bar closet, it’s possible to create your dream home mini bar. Use these ideas to get started.

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