Living in Luxury: 6 Dog House Ideas for Your Best Friend

Evelyn Long

Oct 5, 2023

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You want to give your dog the best, but budget is sometimes an issue. Finding affordable dog house ideas isn’t easy, as everything has a different price point. Whether you buy your dog’s home from a store or get it customized to your liking, your pup will enjoy having a safe place that’s only theirs. Whether you’re looking for lodgings for your canine inside or outdoors, there are dog houses for you.

Do Dogs Enjoy Dog Houses?

Ultimately, dogs vary in personality as much as humans do. Not all dogs will like dog houses, and not every dog will hate them. If you introduce the space to your pup as a safe area, your dog will likely feel attached to the dog house and enjoy it. You just need to work to build that positive association with it, treating it as your dog’s private bedroom.

Think of the dog house as a crate without a door. Ideally, your dog will see that as their resting space and will want to go there to get some shut-eye. Dogs enjoy having a safe space to curl up in, a space that is entirely theirs. If they feel safe, they’ll be able to get better rest — that’s why dogs like crates so much since they’re like rooms they have to themselves.

The best dog house ideas keep this in mind, capitalizing on space to allow for comfort and shelter for dogs. While your pup may not visit it all the time, they will still know it’s there — and they may take advantage of it when they feel significantly tuckered out from playing all day.

Indoor Dog House Ideas

Your dog lives under your roof, where everyone else has their own room. Shouldn’t your dog have a space to themselves as well? It might be difficult to find a way to implement a dog house into your home decor, especially depending on the size, but there are some creative dog house ideas that can leave you with a smile and quickly drawing up plans.

Remember, when you place a dog house indoors, you should ensure it’s away from common walkways or air vents to keep your pup as comfortable as possible.

1. Room Under the Stairs

Do you have unused space under your stairs? Instead of storing pointless things there, give the area a little makeover. It may require some construction work, but in time, you may be able to build out a little room. Otherwise, if you already have a room under the stairs, you can just customize it to transform it from a closet or storage to a lovely space for your pup. Consider putting a dog bed, throw pillows, photos of the family and more inside.

Of 118 human patients surveyed after a fall down the stairs, around 80% experienced a brain injury, which worsened the more stairs they fell down. If your dog is older, they may not be able to climb stairs like they used to. With old age may also come a need for solitude, so creating a dog house out of the space underneath your stairs could be the best for your pup. 

You can still carry your dog to the bedroom to sleep on your bed whenever you want. However, a room to themselves might make your dog feel comfortable while the rest of the family is on the ground level of your home. 

2. Miniature Version of Your Home

This custom-made dog house might be more expensive, but it might be worth it to have a miniature version of your dream home inside your actual house. That way, your pup has a house of their own — like you have a house of your own. Just make sure you have room for it in your house. Depending on the size of your home and your dog, the custom dog house might take up more space than you realize.

3. Side Table Kennel

If you don’t have enough space to create a totally new dog house, you may want to incorporate one of the space-saving dog house ideas using furniture you already have. Humans need unique decoration to make them happy. Enriched environments might lead to greater memory recall, which means you should always decorate your home as you see fit in a way that delights you.

For example, your family might often spend time together in the living room. If you have a long side table, you can make some adjustments to turn it into a crate-like structure. That way, it will still serve as a table while becoming a room your dog can feel safe in, like their own special place. Of course, it’ll take a lot of training for a dog to stay still within furniture and not destroy it. Just make sure they have a way in and out and enough ventilation to breathe and see the family when at rest.

Outdoor Dog House Ideas

Your dog probably doesn’t live outside full-time. Still, you want them to find shelter somewhere if they need to while exploring your yard. Having a dog house outdoors can help them shelter from a quick rain shower or give them somewhere to curl up when the weather is nice outside.

Outdoor dog house ideas are particularly detailed, as they need to have adequate shelter from the weather for your dog. You might even consider adding a heat lamp in the dog house during winter. This addition could be excellent for cold-weather breeds, like the Siberian Husky, who may not come inside from a potty break the first time you call them in winter.

1. Garden Planter

Your dog house can double as something else — and the possibilities are endless if you have a green thumb. Find a dog house that has space for a planter on top. That way, you can plant some of your favorite blooms to make the dog house more colorful. Search online for some inspiration if you want to make one yourself.

If you choose to plant something on top of your dog’s house, research your flora carefully. Some plants are toxic to dogs when ingested, and the type of treatment may vary on how much was eaten. Still, if you leave your dog unattended in the backyard for a few minutes, you never know if they’ll go straight for a taste of it. It’s best to find a canine-friendly plant to adorn their dog house with.

2. Refurbished Playhouse

Are you an empty nester? Even if you still have kids at home, you more than likely have things left over from their childhoods. Instead of scrapping every toy they don’t play with anymore, look for ways you can recycle them. For example, if they have a playhouse outside that hasn’t been touched for years, you can give it an upgraded look and turn it into a “house” for your dog.

Customize the house to their liking with bright colors dogs can see, like blues and yellows. Leave the door open and fill it with fun toys and a soft bed. In time, they’ll come to see the little house as their own kind of retreat where they can go to relax and have fun. Just make sure to clean it out now and then, as there’s no telling what your pup may have dragged in.

3. Log Cabin

A small log cabin is a great way to embrace the rugged look of the outdoors while building something yourself for cheaper than you could buy it. This DIY might take some time and mistakes to get right, but it’s one of the most fun dog house ideas that can teach you valuable skills in the building process.

Leftover wood recycled from another project is a great way to ensure you build your dog house sustainably. Once you confirm the wood is structurally sound and won’t collapse or bow, you can build the dog house according to how you want it. Make sure to leave plenty of room for your dog to turn around — they’ll appreciate the roominess.

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Dog House?

Depending on what you’re looking for, the answer might vary. If you just want a run-of-the-mill dog house that will serve all your needs, a store-bought one will be fine. However, if you want to lean into all the cool dog house ideas, you may have to pay a little extra — especially if you’re getting something customized.

Custom dog house models are bound to be more expensive than the ones you can buy pre-made from a store. However, they don’t have the same heart that a custom dog house might — and it might be difficult to find one that meets your dog’s needs specifically.

Ultimately, you should weigh the pros and cons of each kind of dog house you like. Then, you’ll get an idea of what you like most and whether you need to go the custom route or if you can find something online. In the end, it’ll be the easiest thing you can do for yourself to find the perfect home for your little buddy.

Find Dog House Ideas That Inspire You

Your dog loves you unconditionally. As such, they don’t need a lot to be happy. You don’t necessarily have to empty your wallet to build or buy your dog a house they’ll enjoy. They just need a soft, comfortable place to sleep and as much love as you can give them. Still, looking at fun dog house ideas can help you figure out the best possible place for your furry friend to relax. A dog house will give them a place to rest, somewhere they can think of as their very own.

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