How to Emulate These 6 Celebrity Homes on a Budget

Evelyn Long

Apr 30, 2024

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Shows like “MTV Cribs” display celebrity homes and their nice amenities. While these mansions look extraordinary, their features are more attainable than you think. How can you emulate these houses on a budget? We asked real estate and design professionals to weigh in with wallet-friendly ideas. Here’s a guide to help your home fit in the Hollywood Hills. 

6 Celebrity Homes Easy to Emulate

Walking around Los Angeles’ wealthy neighborhoods exposes you to multimillion-dollar homes. For example, Beverly Hills homes have an average value of $3.78 million, which is out of reach for many. We asked experts to make the design job easier with insider tips. Mimic these six celebrity homes by following their advice.

1. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is fresh off her Marvel debut in “Madame Web,” but design professionals know the actress from her mid-century modern home. She bought the house in 2016, but the residence has existed since 1947. The charming aesthetic makes it attractive for those wanting a classic look. 

Marlena Maidhof — a Realtor at ACME Real Estate — says emulating Johnson’s home should take you to the kitchen. 

“Let’s start with her iconic green kitchen — if you’re not loving your current cabinets and you’re dreading the cost of a full kitchen remodel, consider cabinet refacing,” she said. “This involves swapping out just the doors for a new style and painting on that gorgeous green paint.”

Another standout feature in Johnson’s home is the wood in her office and living room. Wood ceilings aren’t as prominent in modern design, so the ones in Johnson’s home take you back in time. 

“Those covetable wood-clad ceilings and walls in her home office and living room? You can achieve that warm, inviting look with wood planks from your local lumber spot. An effective way to add warmth and texture to your space,” Maidhof said. 

Brown parquet board from Australia

2. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are among the most famous couples in Hollywood, but their gorgeous home is a few thousand miles away. The pair have a sizable mansion in Pound Ridge, New York — a couple of hours away from the Big Apple. This farmhouse comfortably houses the family and stands out with its effortless aesthetics.

Samantha Odo — real estate sales representative and Montreal division manager at Precondo — says recreating Lively and Reynolds’ home means having a sharp eye for color and tones. 

“Start by selecting furniture and decor pieces in neutral tones like whites, creams and earthy hues,” she said. “These colors provide a versatile backdrop that can easily transition between seasons and trends, allowing greater flexibility in your design choices.”

Where can you find affordable decor for your house? Odo says to get creative and check out thrift stores, antique shops and other places to find good deals. Consider online marketplaces because they save time and gas by letting you browse at home. 

Another important aspect of celebrity homes on a budget is the do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Odo says Reynolds and Lively are DIY enthusiasts who put personal touches into their house. 

“Blake and Ryan are known for infusing their space with unique, handcrafted elements that reflect their personalities and interests,” Odo said. “Embrace your creativity by repurposing old furniture, crafting your own artwork or experimenting with simple upholstery techniques.”

Couple wearing denim and holding paintbrushes as they paint a wall in their home

3. Vanessa Hudgens

The kitchen is a sacred place — somewhere you want to make delicious food and share happy memories. You get these joys when you go to Vanessa Hudgens’ home in the Los Feliz neighborhood. Charlotte Granville — home remodeling specialist at Fixr — says Hudgens’ material selection makes the room inviting and accessible to anyone.

“Her tile backsplash, marble countertops, wood cabinets, and travertine floors all make for a perfect blend of natural finishes and warm shades,” she said. This is the type of look I’d go for if you’re looking to update your kitchen as it’s timeless, elegant, and easy to replicate. 

One easy part of the kitchen to replicate is the backsplash. Granville says to get a peel-and-stick design for a manageable DIY installation. 

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Finding Gwyneth Paltrow’s home means a trip up the Pacific Coast toward Santa Barbara. Her Montecito residence stands out because of its powder room. Granville says designers often overlook this part of the house. Still, it can be an excellent space for getting creative and seeing what works. It’s also a great place for wallpaper, so pick your favorite patterns to make your room beautiful.

“Gwyneth Paltrow’s powder room is the perfect example of a unique and creative space, with hand-painted textured wallpaper and dark, moody shades,” Granville said. “A recent report on paint and color trends found that 83% of interior design experts said the powder room would be the most popular space to incorporate wallpaper in homes this year.

“These elements make the space feel intimate and personal, showcasing her style and personality in a little nook of the home that guests are likely to use.”

5. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi

Another impressive home in Montecito belongs to Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. The couple lives in a house with a rustic theme and neutral colors. Ashley Connell, founder of Lease Extensions, says mimicking celebrity homes requires design hacking through DIY projects and hidden treasures. Wisely spending money is vital to not breaking the bank. 

“You don’t need pricey antiques — focus more on natural materials, neutral colors, and pre-loved hidden treasures,” he said. “Flea markets have unique pieces that’ll give off the same charming rustic feel. Get affordable replicas of mid-century furniture, too, and aging paint on new things.”

6. Calvin Klein

Fly a few thousand miles east to South Florida to find where Calvin Klein used to live. The internationally renowned designer lived in Miami until 2017 when he sold his minimalist-style home for $13 million. Connell says Klein’s home didn’t focus on decor or specific possessions. Instead, the Klein home was unique due to other features. 

“Calvin Klein’s minimal Miami home elegance shines through attention to space, lighting and single color schemes,” he said. “Spend more on statement lighting fixtures or furniture pieces. 

“Then get basics from affordable clean line brands, keeping it neat and simple.”

Regardless of the approach, your style can look terrific while maintaining affordability. Your home is your canvas, and it doesn’t matter where you buy the paintbrushes. They don’t have to come from designer brands. 

“For both homes, it’s understanding what truly sets their style apart — like Ellen’s mix of old and new styles or Calvin’s serene simplicity,” Connell said. “Apply those principles in cheaper ways.

“Plants, smart lighting placement for ambiance and color consistency transform spaces without busting your budget.”

Green plants in white ceramic pots on top of a counter

Designing Celebrity Homes on a Budget

Some famous people go all out when designing their residences, whether in Los Angeles or New York. While they seem lavish, celebrity homes are more attainable than you think. Use expert advice to mimic these six estates and live like you’re in Beverly Hills. 

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