7 Creative Dining Room Paint Colors

Rose Morrison

Sep 4, 2020


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Often, when people picture dining room paint colors, their minds go straight to the deep, the dark or the dull. While exploring homey, rich hues can help you settle in and get comfortable with your formal entertaining space, there are also plenty of quirky, creative hues that can spice up your dining room with a little extra kick.

Really, it all depends on what mood you want to create in your dining room. Whether you’re partial to sunny, cheerful tones or icy hues sure to perk you up, you’d be surprised what can work in a dining room.

Rules are meant to be broken, and you can take that opportunity to realize your true design potential.

1. Pastel Yellow

A dining room with yellow walls and a wooden table set

You might think of a bathroom or bedroom long before a formal dining room when pastels are a part of the conversation, especially a sunny shade like yellow. But going in a slightly unconventional direction could be exactly what your home needs to truly express your personality. 

2. Burnt Orange

A dining room being shown through a mirror with an orange accent wall

If you’re looking for a balanced color that evokes both warmth and an artsy flair, a fun burnt orange could be perfect for your dining room. Burnt orange is the perfectly balanced color right between the deep, warm hues that are classic for dining rooms and the brighter, more cheerful tones that bring a creative lift.

3. Navy Blue

A dining room with a white slanted wall and a navy blue accent wall

Navy blue is one of the darker, more subdued options that can still bring a bit of fun to your dining room. Often, warm colors are some of the main contributors to the dining room process, so a pop of dark navy can make a total splash.

Plus, light-colored decor and accessories stand out with dark, cool backgrounds. Bring in some gorgeous white lilies to set on the table or some simple artwork to shine on the walls.

4. Moss Green

A bedroom with a small dining set with moss green walls

If your house has more of an earthy feel to it, a natural mossy green could be the perfect tone for your formal eating space. Greens can be relaxing and calming, and a deep mossy hue can strike a perfect balance of dark and bright creativity. If you’re looking to create a chill, earthy space, this color could be for you.

5. Icy Blue

A dining room and kitchen with icy light blue walls

If you’re a big fan of the blues, why not go light and cool? This wintery color can let the light into your space while still remaining sophisticated and elegant. It’s not exceedingly bold, nor is it drab and dull. Icy light blue is the perfect bright color for a smart, balanced dining space. Plus, dark wood furniture looks fantastic with the cool, light contrast of the walls.

If you’re looking for a more calm color for a room without much natural light, this hue might also serve you well, as light colors and pastels reflect light and brighten rooms, even when there’s no sun to speak of.

6. Chocolate Brown

A formal dining set up with a brown wall with gold accents in the background

Just like its namesake, this brown is deep, luscious and delicious. If you’re building a formal dining space that exudes coziness and homey feelings, a dark, warm brown can make you totally melt and fall in love with your space. Light accessories are a great contrast to the rich color, or you could layer the warmth on thick with even more cozy colors like maroons, reds and purples.

7. Lavender

A dining room with a round dining table set and a lavender wall with pink and blue flowers painted

The icy blue might sound gorgeous, but a tiny bit too cool for your taste. What about sweetening things up with a fresh light lavender? This color is a fun, whimsical and feminine tone that’s uplifting and bright. It might not be the first choice that comes to mind for a dining room, but it’s uplifting, subtle and still refined and elegant.

Have Some Fun on Your Walls

No matter the shades you gravitate towards, a formal dining room doesn’t have to limit your choices when it comes to color. Try different dining room paint colors and go earthy, whimsical, deep or vibrant — it’s all up to you. Dining rooms are just like any other room in your house in that they’re the perfect place to express yourself through design and decor.

Get artistic and have some fun, so that way you’ll love your home, whether you’re entertaining guests or dining with the family on a cozy night in.

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