How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather: A Guide for You, Your Home and Your Pets

Rose Morrison

Jul 2, 2024

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Summer is a season of adventure for many, filled with beach trips and afternoon picnics. However, the world faces more extreme temperatures as the planet warms due to climate change. This shift makes it essential to prioritize health and comfort more than ever.

Wondering how to keep cool in hot weather? Here are actionable tips to protect you, your pet and your home from the scorching summer heat.

How to Keep Your Home Cool

blackout curtains

Keeping your home cool during extreme heat is essential for your property’s longevity and people’s health. Cooler temperatures become more critical if you’re living with children and seniors. Here are simple ways how to keep your house cool in summer.

Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains help prevent light from entering the room, providing uninterrupted sleep. These shades or fabric drapes cover your windows, adding an extra layer of protection over windows and blinds. They can also help keep a room cool by regulating the temperature well. They’re a must-have in a room that’s sun-facing.

Close Doors of Unused Rooms

Staying cool indoors can still be challenging, even though you have indoor air conditioning units in common rooms. You might not notice it initially, but keeping unused rooms’ doors open will take longer for air conditioning units to cool the room. Remember to close doors and windows of unused rooms so you can enjoy cooler temperatures faster and for longer periods.

Do Weather Stripping

You may associate weather-stripping with winter when sealing and caulking around windows and doors, which will help prevent drafts. While small holes, spaces and gaps might not seem much in the hotter weather, they can make your air conditioning units work harder and your home less comfortable. Weather stripping can help you gain 10% to 20% energy savings.

How to Keep Your Pets Cool

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Your pet is not susceptible to the harsh effects of extreme heat. Keep your animal companion safe and cool this season.

Provide Cooling Mats

If you’re wondering how to keep dogs cool, consider providing cooling mats. Various specially designed cooling mats are available on the market. These items are helpful if you don’t have any cold surfaces at home. Some mats require cooling in the freezer, while some possess self-cooling properties. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Like you, your furry friend needs proper hydration, too. Here are some tips to keep them hydrated:

  • Provide water: Replenish the bowl regularly to ensure freshness. If you have a cat, consider leaving a dripping faucet or a water fountain. Running water fountains help cats stay hydrated.
  • Monitor drinking habits: Measure the amount of water you put into the bowl and the amount left before replenishing it.
  • Always bring water: Whether you’re taking your pet for a walk or vacation, always bring water and a portable bowl with you. This helps keep your dog cool under the sun.

Avoid Going Out on Hot Days

Stay indoors when temperatures are at their peak. The hottest hours depend on where you live, but temperatures are usually cooler in the early morning or late afternoon. Schedule your pet’s playtime or walks during those schedules to avoid the scorching heat.

Remember to check your weather app for relevant weather updates. If you’re walking your furry friend, check the pavement’s temperature, as asphalt can get hot in direct sun. 

How to Keep Yourself Cool

lightweight clothing

Your health and safety are as important as protecting your home and pet. Here’s how you can remain healthy amidst the rising temperatures.

Eat Outside

Set up an al fresco dining table on your patio and backyard to enjoy fresh air. Overexposure to air-conditioning units might increase your risk of viral or fungal infection. Give your air conditioning units a break and fire up the BBQ with your family. Remember to provide shade and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out.

Wear Clothes Made of Natural Fibers 

Wear lightweight clothing made of natural fibers like linen and cotton. Heavy fabrics like wool and denim will make you hot and sticky under the sun. Invest in high-quality sunglasses, too. Darker lenses don’t guarantee higher UV protection, so read the label before buying one.

Stay Hydrated

One of the easiest ways how to keep cool in hot weather is to drink fluids regularly. High temperatures may trigger uncomfortable feelings, including excessive sweating, which causes your body lose fluids. Always keep a reusable water bottle with you and keep it filled so you can drink anytime, anywhere. 

Keep Your Home, Pets and Yourself Cool in Hot Weather

As the planet warms, staying safe and healthy becomes increasingly important. Follow these heat-prevention tips to protect your home, pets and yourself from the harmful effects of extreme heat.

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