11 Entry-Level Construction Jobs You Can Get With No Experience

Olivia Elsher

Mar 13, 2024

construction jobs no experience

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Are you considering starting a construction career but worry you may not have the right experience? The good news is that the construction industry offers many jobs that require no experience. You’re in the right place because most entry-level construction jobs teach you the basics and help you grow. 

The construction industry has something to offer for everyone. So, even if you don’t have experience yet, you can still build projects from the ground up and work in the most stable career. However, you may be wondering which construction jobs require no experience. There are many opportunities, so exploring them all and narrowing down which interests you most can help you find the best fit. 

1. General Laborer

A general laborer performs various tasks on a construction site, such as cleaning, loading materials and helping skilled workers. They may also set up scaffolding, dig trenches and prepare sites for construction. The purpose of this role is to keep operations smooth and construction sites ready by ensuring they have the right materials and setup. 

An advantage of this position is the broad experience you can gain. It offers a good understanding of construction processes and a fair starting salary. The median wage for this occupation is $46,350 per year.

2. Landscape Laborer

Landscaping workers perform outdoor construction projects, focusing on planting, maintaining and enhancing landscapes. They prepare grounds, plant flowers and shrubs, lay sod and install fixtures like walkways and water features. You might enjoy this construction job because you can create a beautiful outdoor oasis. 

You’ll also get work in various settings and gain expertise in horticulture and design. The average salary for this occupation is $37,270, which isn’t bad considering this construction job requires no experience.

3. Traffic Controller or Flagger

If you’re looking for an easy way to get into construction, you could start as a traffic controller. While it may require you to gain a certification, this construction job generally requires no experience. Traffic controllers and flaggers use signs or hand signals to direct traffic to maintain safety on roads and construction sites. They typically learn construction while working and can make around $37,490 annually.

4. Solar Panel Installer

Solar Photovoltaic Installers specialize in installing and maintaining solar panels on buildings and land. It’s a rising position for many entry-level construction workers because more businesses and homes are investing in sustainability to save on utilities. It’s a field with a promising future of continued demand. The mean annual wage is $47,970, which is higher due to the importance of their work’s environmental impact.

5. Crane Operator

Do you have an interest in using machinery? A crane operator could be the perfect fit, as they use cranes to lift and move heavy objects on construction sites. Their role is to help build bridges and other structures. While many employers prefer some experience, you mostly need training and a certification from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators to qualify. A crane operator’s typical salary is $65,220 since it’s a critical part of the construction industry.

6. Flooring Installer

Flooring and tile installation is another construction job you can start without experience. These laborers specialize in fitting and repairing floor surfaces in homes and commercial buildings. The role involves measuring spaces, cutting materials, preparing subfloors, and ensuring a smooth finish. You can easily get into flooring by starting as an assistant and learning as you go while on the job. 

Keep in mind that the materials — like tile and carpet — are physically challenging to carry, especially when you have to traverse a set of stairs. However, the job is rewarding because you can enhance the appearance of interiors and become your own boss by starting a contracting business. Flooring installers usually make around $47,890 but can be much higher depending on the type of flooring and interiors you specialize in. 

7. Carpenter’s Assistant

A carpenter’s assistant supports carpenters in constructing, repairing and installing building frameworks and structures. It often involves 25 to 35 hours of physical labor, measuring and cutting materials and assisting with installations. As you help other carpenters, you can learn the trade through hands-on experience and develop different carpentry skills. Carpenter’s assistants typically start at $36,160 but can earn more than $89,950 as they continue to specialize their skills.

8. Masonry Helper

As a masonry helper, you would assist masons in building structures with brick, stone and concrete. Their tasks include preparing the work area, mixing mortar, supplying and cutting materials and cleaning. Masons earn a median annual wage of $49,490, but you may start earning around $36,180 as a helper.

9. Painter

Painters in the construction industry are responsible for applying paint, varnish and other finishes to buildings. You can work on various projects, from residential homes to large commercial buildings indoors and out. This job is a great opportunity for those who enjoy transforming spaces and have good attention to detail. Painters can earn around $49,350 with tons of room for growth.

10. Drywall Installer

A drywaller installs drywall panels to walls and ceilings to create smooth surfaces for painting and wallpapering. This role is one of the easiest jobs to learn because all you do is:

  • Measure and cut drywall.
  • Secure it to the framing.
  • Apply joint compound.
  • Screw indents.

Drywallers also perform sanding and provide a canvas for interior design. The annual wage of these installers is $57,880, and they can make a lucrative career option in the construction industry.

11. Asphalt Laborer

Working as an asphalt laborer means you would be in road construction and repair, focusing on laying, spreading and compacting asphalt. Asphalt laborers also patch existing roads and apply sealant to protect surfaces. As a new asphalt worker, you may start with an annual wage of $29,940 and end up with an average salary of $44,930.

Getting Construction Jobs With No Experience

Starting in construction jobs with no experience can be a promising career journey. Focus on roles that offer on-the-job training to build your skills. Everyone starts somewhere, and your willingness to learn is your greatest asset. The construction industry values hard work and dedication, offering numerous opportunities for growth and advancement. 

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