How to Reorganize After a Closet Clean-Out

Olivia Elsher

Feb 16, 2023


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Every year, nearly 78% of Americans participate in spring cleaning. However, a deep closet clean-out feels good regardless of the season. 

Occasionally purging what no longer fits or gets worn is an excellent way to free up space for belongings that matter. However, transforming the space afterward is equally important for your closet to deliver optimal efficiency.

Here are six tips for reorganizing your clothing and accessories following a major wardrobe overhaul.

1. Take Inventory of What’s Left

After a closet clean-out, you’ll want to review your remaining inventory of clothing and accessories. Your primary goal is to reorganize your closet and drawers better, cleaner and more systematically than before. 

Remember what worked and didn’t work for you before going through your belongings. Was it hard to find your favorite pieces? How often did you lose your shoes or handbags?

Now would also be an excellent time to ensure there isn’t anything else you’d like to toss or donate.

2. Invest in Closet Organizers

Organizers can be a godsend when reorganizing after a closet clean-out. Fortunately, several products on the market can enhance your wardrobe and create additional space for your items.

Consider drawer dividers to separate socks, undergarments and ties. A hanging pocket shoe rack also provides a vertical organization that minimizes the need for shoe storage on your closet floor.

Vacuum seal bags, shelving and linen hanging organizers are other ways to optimize a smaller closet space to your advantage.

3. Sort by Category and Season

In the past, looking for your lightweight spring cardigan amid a pile of winter coats and knit sweaters was challenging. This time around, sort your clothes by season or category to find items more easily.

For instance, keep professional attire in one place with dresses clumped together in another. You can also move summer and winter items forward depending on whatever you’re currently wearing. 

Also, fold as many casual clothes as possible and utilize drawer space — t-shirts, shorts, gym clothes and bathing suits can be neatly tucked away in your dresser. 

4. Utilize Storage Containers

It may be helpful to store seasonal clothes in storage containers when they’re not needed. Sweaters and jackets are often bulkier and take up too much room in your closet. 

If you’ve run out of space for storage containers in your attic, consider renting a small self-storage unit. Units that are 5×5 feet to 5×10 feet usually cost about $60 monthly.  

Meanwhile, upgrading to a climate-controlled unit may add another $10 to your monthly charge but will ensure your clothes are well-preserved. 

5. Use the Correct Hangers

Using a variety of hangers — and the correct ones based on your items — can free up more space in your closet and help you stay better organized. The proper hangers for shirts and pants promise better quality and a longer life span for your clothes.

You might also consider other types of hangers, such as the following:

  • Multi-rung pants hangers
  • Hanging tie-rack
  • Slim-line hangers
  • Non-slip hangers
  • Fabric, velvet or satin hangers
  • Wooden hangers
  • Bamboo hangers — an eco-friendly option
  • Clip hangers, ideal for holding clothing in place
  • Swivel hangers with a rotatable hook

Each type of hanger has its own purpose. Exploring hanger varieties to determine what best suits your needs for an improved closet organization is crucial.

6. Store Jewelry and Accessories Together

Finally, your accessories — jewelry, scarves, bags and other articles — should be stowed away in an orderly fashion. Scarf hangers, tiered racks, woven baskets, stackable trays and wall hooks will make arranging your accessories much more manageable.

Also, consider integrating your accessories into wall art. For example, installing shelves and hooks can turn your hat collection into a fashionable display for your room.

Accessorizing your perfume tray with a necklace stand is another clean option that prevents the chains from tangling. 

A Closet Clean-Out Is a Blank Slate for Organized Living

Cleaning out your closet might feel overwhelming but doing so offers a blank slate to organize your life. The last thing you want is to go through all of your belongings and create a mess putting away the remaining items. After a closet clean-out, take the time to organize your closet the right way.

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