7 Best Reading Lamps

Rose Morrison

May 18, 2022


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Choosing the right reading lamp is all about finding the perfect combination of style and features. The best reading lamps create enough light to be comfortable for reading without being too bright. Lamps that give off warm light are easier on the eyes than white light. The 7 best reading lamps on this list include picks for every reader’s style with features that make them great for cozying up with a book. 

1. Most Unique: Lumio Lito Classic

The Lumio Lito reading lamp is a no-brainer for booklovers. This unique reading lamp actually looks like a book and even opens and closes like one. The LED light inside is filtered through a durable, paper-like screen that gives off a soft yellow glow. The Lumio Lito Classic is great for traveling, too. It folds up just like a book and its rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours on a single charge. 

2. Best Value: Yarra-Decor Bedside Lamp

You don’t need to spend over a hundred dollars to get one of the best reading lamps out there. The Yarra-Decor bedside lamp is a bestseller on Amazon and makes a fantastic reading lamp. It has a calm, neutral design that looks great in any room, with built-in USB ports for phone charging. For just over $30, you even get three different brightness settings, which can help reduce eye strain. 

3. Vintage-Style: Seaside Village Industrial Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a vintage reading lamp to match your Classics collection, the Seaside Village Industrial Table Lamp is a great choice. This steampunk-style lamp is perfect for reading and adds a nice touch to rooms with an old-world ambiance. It includes a stylish E26 bulb that gives off a warm yellow light just right for reading. There are three adjustable brightness modes. 

4. Modern-Style: Adesso Eden Table Lamp

A clean, modern aesthetic helps create a calming reading experience. The Adesso Eden lamp is perfect for this serene, minimalistic style. Featuring simplistic Scandinavian design, it has a wooden base and a cool gray shade that will keep bright bulbs from straining your eyes. The neutral color scheme makes it easy to match the Adesso Eden lamp with any interior design theme. 

5. Best for Artists: CraftedbyOitenta Origami Lamp

Readers love creativity and the best reading lamps bring out a little bit of that all on their own. The CraftedbyOitenta Origami Lamp is a hand-made designer reading lamp inspired by origami shapes. Only sold on Etsy, this bespoke lamp comes in a few different colors, but the green adds a particularly unique pop of color for the reader who wants an artsy aesthetic. 

6. Great Features: Lepro Smart Table Lamp

The Lepro Smart Table Lamp makes our list of the best reading lamps for its combination of features and price. For just over $40, you get a great table lamp packed with smart home features. Even if this is your first smart lamp, the Lepro Smart lamp is very easy to use and comes with a free smartphone app for customizing the color and brightness of the lamp. Setting it to a soft, warm glow will be just right for reading. 

7. Best Clip-On: Vont LED Clip-On Reading Light

Sometimes the best reading lamp is simply small, portable, and easy to use. The Vont LED Clip-On reading light is a great choice for book lovers because it provides enough light for reading without disturbing anyone else in the room. You can easily clip it onto your book cover or a table or bed frame. The adjustable brightness makes it easy on the eyes and the wireless battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. 

Choosing From the Best Reading Lamps

All of the reading lamps on this list make great lighting accessories for book lovers. Choosing the right one for your space is simply a matter of theme and features. Matching your reading lamp to the theme and color scheme of the room it will be going into will help create a consistent, relaxing reading space. No matter which one you choose, these reading lamps will help you dive into your next bestseller without straining your eyes.

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