5 Creative Styles That Work for Vintage Furniture

Evelyn Long

Nov 1, 2021

styles that work for vintage furniture

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Some heirloom pieces are too beautiful not to have on full display. There are so many directions you can go with vintage furniture, how do you decide on a style? A popular way of incorporating an old piece is to deck out your space in antiques. However, there are several ways to bring a bit more to any space with a unique vintage piece.

If you want to go vintage all around, you should go for it. However, there are so many options for those who lean more creative, modern or classic with their style. It’s all about finding exactly what strikes your fancy.

1. Surrounded by Modern Flair

One way to help a beautiful vintage piece stand out is to put it in a modern space. People refer to this as a statement antique — statement antiques can work to bring character to any room.

Whether you take a hulking ornate table to surround with sleek, modern chairs or center a gorgeous antique sofa in an otherwise minimal living area, mixing modern and vintage will keep any space grounded in the present, but with the addition of flair.

If you’ve got more than one antique or vintage piece, creating an even mixture of old and new can completely tie a space together. Try using similar wood tones and colors to make a cohesive, effortless look.

2. Going Bohemian

One style that works like it was made to house the furniture of the past perfectly is boho chic — or bohemian. Bohemian style is all about mixing patterns, finding warmth and cultivating comfort. You can go for all kinds of fun colors, complex textiles and fixtures from every era.

Bohemian style is eclectic and artistic, allowing you to let your imagination run wild. You can thrift pieces high and low, paint furniture interesting colors and include as few or as many vintage details as your heart desires.

Characterized by tapestries, plants, ornate rugs and distressed pieces, you can go all out with vintage flair in your boho palace, even on the thriftiest of budgets. Make it your modern Shangri-la.

dark academia typewriter

3. Dark Academia Dreams

If you’re a sucker for fireplaces, libraries, armchairs perfect for reading and the idea of studying by candlelight, dark academia might be perfect for you. While dark academia is an aesthetic that can describe any number of things from clothes to bedrooms — much like bohemian — you can certainly make it present in your living space.

Dark academia heavily draws from the 1800s with a focus on dark colors, education and learning, which means deep wood tones, hulking desks and bookshelves are a must.

4. Light and Bright

So, the dark styles of olde aren’t really your thing. If you love whites, tans, beiges and all the uplifting tones that make your heart sing, vintage furniture can easily enhance a space with that mood.

If you’re comfortable painting old furniture, going straight for a white coat on a previously drab table or shelf can give it a brand new look. Specifically, this works well with old, flawed furniture with unsightly imperfections that paint could help cover up.

Including soft, bright details into your light vintage space like lace, gauzy curtains and fresh flowers can help bring the charm you’re looking for.

cottagecore vibes for vintage furniture

5. Cottagecore

Cottagecore — much like dark academia — is a newer style linked to an overall aesthetic of clothes, film, books and decor. Right now, it’s taking the internet by storm. Charged with details of whimsy and inspired by vintage homesteader and farmhouse styles, cottagecore is the perfect home for so much vintage decor.

Think grandma chic, complete with floral wallpaper, clotheslines in the yard and adorable teapots. If you were ever obsessed with Alice in Wonderland or Anne of Green Gables, cottagecore could be your dream style.

From fluffy lamps to checkered tablecloths, vintage details will feel right at home here. Try out a kitchen or dining area with this fun aesthetic, and let your cozy vintage furniture shine. Specifically, light wood works great here.

Get Old-Fashioned With Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is the perfect way to bring little touches of the past into your space, and there are so many charming ways to do it. No matter your style, you can find a place for your favorite old staple and bring some flair into your home.

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