The Best Table Lamps for Your Home (Updated for 2023)

Evelyn Long

Nov 24, 2023

best table lamps

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The best table lamps are manufactured in various designs and come with multiple functions you may not even realize you need or want. With so many options available, you might consider other things a table lamp can do for you aside from delivering enough light.

For example, how do you intend to use the table lamp in a specific room? Is it meant to brighten things up during the evening? Do you plan to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book? Are you looking for it to include more advanced technology? Maybe you just want something striking or aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You’ll also want to think about the size and height you need to fit the table correctly. These little details will help you filter through limitless options and choose the best table lamps, all conveniently purchasable through Amazon.

1. Yarra-Decor Touch Control Bedside Table Desk Lamp

If you need a narrow table lamp for a small home office desk or night table, the Yarra-Decor Touch Control Lamp may be just what you’re looking for. This lamp stands at a height of 15 inches and has a base of 5.5 inches — the perfect fit if you’re trying to save enough space to do your work. 

With a sleek, modern design, this table lamp takes only minutes to assemble and offers neat features, such as touch control, three brightness levels and two USB charging ports for your phone or other devices. 

Anyone who doesn’t have extra light bulbs at home will also appreciate this lamp because it comes with an E26 bulb. You’ll instantly have the warm glow you want in your home without a trip to your local home goods store.

$24.99 from Amazon

2. WINICE Seabed Starry Sky Projector

Kids will love this projector lamp that transports them to a cosmic sanctuary, making them feel like they’re floating through space. The Seabed Starry Sky Projector has four brightness levels and 360° rotation, six film scenes and various light-shining modes, including combination and slow fade. Parents will also appreciate the use of low-voltage LED lighting that won’t hurt their kids’ eyes.

Not only is the Seabed Starry Sky Projector perfect for a child’s bedroom, but it’s rechargeable using a USB cord. That means you can bring it with you when you travel, allowing your kids to drift peacefully off to sleep at hotels or while camping.

$49.98 from Amazon

3. JONATHAN Y Seagrass LED Lamps

The JONATHAN Y Seagrass LED Lamps are perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner. They include energy-saving light bulbs with a life span of 25,000 hours and a classic bespoke aesthetic.

Seagrass around each base adds an earthy interior design touch to seaside households or bohemian homes. They also clean up beaches by using the ocean’s unwanted grasses as decor.

The cylinder bases of these lamps are sturdy and come from artisans who hand-weave the natural, textured look. Additionally, it comes with beautiful linen shades. You won’t need to pay that extra price for costly lamp shades which often keeps people from upgrading the lamps around their homes.

$215 from Amazon

4. Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp

Perhaps one of the most innovative designs for students, the Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp is a multi-functional light that saves plenty of space. It comes with a USB charging port for powering your phone, as well as a clock, calendar and LCD screen.

Anyone with a small desk will appreciate how the lamp’s base doubles as a pencil holder. Use it to store all of your writing utensils in one convenient place without using more valuable free desk space.

Adding to its uniqueness are its multi-angle rotation and a 256-color touch-spectrum ring that changes the hue and tone of the base’s nightlight. It’s a well-made lamp that serves multiple needs, all for a single purchase perfect for office desks, college students and anyone working from home.

$45.99 from Amazon

5. Regency Hill Farmhouse Traditional Table Lamp

The Regency Hill Farmhouse Traditional Table Lamp comes in a set of two and delivers a timeless look that will cozy up your home for years to come. At the height of 25 inches, the base’s antique bronze finish warms up a room accompanied by a lovely, beige linen shade that illuminates a soft vanilla tone. 

These are some of the best table lamps — clean and neutral enough to work in any space, including your living room, study or bedroom. See how they’ll fit with your home’s existing interior design. The subtle bases and neutral lamp shades match most decorating schemes, so you won’t need to look far for lamps that work with what you already own.

$59.95 from Amazon

6. Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lantern Lamp

For those who prefer industrial home fashions and are looking for something a bit more distinct, the Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lantern Lamp might just do the trick. At 18.75 inches high and 5.75 inches at its base, it’s the perfect lamp for a side table that demands something more minimalistic. 

The simple, curved shape complements the antique-looking, clear glass shade, beautifully adding a hint of refined sophistication. Choose between four finishes that best meet your decorative taste: matte iron black, matte white, chrome or copper. 

To enhance the lamp’s industrial flair, you may want to use a vintage or Edison-style lightbulb — not included. However, they’re available in numerous online and in-person stores. See if you enjoy the appearance of an Edison bulb or if you’d prefer an eco-friendly LED bulb instead. Either way, you’ll gain more lighting around your living space in a design that matches the industrial look you love.

$39.99 from Amazon

7. Signature Design by Ashley Syler Eclectic Table Lamp

Table lamps are meant to add zhuzh to your home just as much as they’re supposed to boost the room’s lighting. Whether your decor is more modern, natural, contemporary or traditional, switching things up with an eclectic table lamp will add plenty of interest to your living area. 

The base on the Signature Design by Ashley Syler has geometric squares made of faux wood and brushed silver metal, giving it a museum-like visual appeal. Perfect for revamping your bedroom night tables, these lamps come with a three-way switch for your preferred lighting tones.

When people see these lamps in your home, they’ll feel like they walked into an art museum. It’s a modern touch to any home with framed paintings, portraits or printed art pieces.

$170.98 from Amazon

8. Chrislie Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp

Mid-century modern furnishings are back on trend with vibrant colors, curved designs, and melded raw or fabricated materials. Weave architectural intrigue into your living room with the Chrislie Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp. 

The gold and pecan-tone wood base fuse indoor and outdoor design — classic to the mid-century motif — while a cream linen lampshade adds subtle texture and softness. 

Sometimes living spaces feel or look cold. They might have exposed brick or bare floors lending to that feel. Lamps like the Chrislie Mid-Century Modern models add warmth through their glowing wood tones. When you turn them on in the evenings, the soft lighting will make your living space even more inviting. It could solve the interior design challenge you’ve been trying to tackle with other things like rugs and framed pictures.

$159.99 from Amazon

9. Safavieh Lighting Collection Ice Palace Table Lamp

Lighting is an affordable way to enhance the look and feel of your home. Permeate a sense of luxury throughout your common area with the Safavieh Lighting Collection’s Ice Palace Table Lamp. Ideal for a living room end table, this lamp sits 24 inches high with a base of 15 inches. 

You’ll feel like you won the lottery when you look over at the three crystal blocks propped upon a shiny chrome base, adding breathtaking elegance to transitional interiors. Additionally, the lamp includes a rectangular white linen shade for glowy illumination. 

It’s a striking lamp design that stands out from anything available at local stores selling household goods. The bases will become miniature focal points wherever you place them, making your home a conversation piece and a well-designed living space.

$93 from Amazon

10. JONATHAN Y Emilia Mirrored Mosaic LED Table Lamp

Integrating modern and contemporary decorative styles, the JONATHAN Y Emilia Mirrored Mosaic LED Table Lamp is another eco-friendly option that is sure to make a stylish addition to your common living areas or bedroom. 

This table lamp uses LED lightbulbs with a lifespan of 25,000 hours and is also compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart outlets. 

The lamp itself is 26 inches high and includes a teardrop base that measures 16 inches. The lamp base also has a mosaic mirror pattern that reflects additional light into the room. To top it off, a simple white linen lampshade transforms this lamp into a statement piece.

$133 from Amazon

The Best Table Lamps to Liven Up Every Room in Your Home

It can be challenging to find the perfect table lamp with so many options in front of you. However, no matter your style preferences, there is a lamp for everyone. 

When shopping around, consider where you plan to plug your lamp in, how much room you have on your table, if you need only one or a set and what your budget is. It’ll make the process much easier and you’ll end up with a table lamp you love.

Original Publish Date 12/31/22 — Updated 11/24/23

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