Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

Rose Morrison

Mar 15, 2021

Featured Image-Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

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When you come home, you want a space that beacons, “Welcome. Please, leave any worries and cares outside and relax.” How can you make your pad uniquely inviting? The answer is through art. 

You can transform your walls into a gallery that reflects your unique personality. The following 18 places can help you discover where to buy affordable art online and help you start your designer collection. 

1. Cost Plus World Market

If you have an eye for eclectic art from around the world, this store is for you. You’ll find Southwest, African, Indian and Asian-inspired pieces to fit any decor. Plus, you can complete the look with a few throw pillows and candles. 

artwork of cacti in a desert

Buy Organ Pipe Cactus Framed Canvas Wall Art: $129.99 at Cost Plus World Market

2. Minted

From soft, underspoken elegance to big, bold prints, Minted has something to suit the most discerning tastes. You get to select the frames, so you can create a matching wall gallery that makes guests feel like they stepped into a New York show. 

a pretty framed photo of pink clouds in a blue sky

Buy Colors of the Sky Limited Edition Art: $24 and up at Minted


Don’t stress over where to buy affordable art online. With the name of this website, you know you’ll find everything you need. Do you want a relaxing living room featuring cool blue tones? Here’s where you’ll find the ideal accent decor.

art of pretty blue lilies

Buy Indigo Starflame Lily, $18 and up at

4. Etsy

Does your taste run to the whimsical? From wondrous to wild, you can find something to enchant guests to your homestead at this online craft mart. You’ll find many one-of-a-kind items that will scream unique. 

a woman holding a framed photo of colorful pet art

Buy Puppy and Kitty in Bathtub: $8 at Etsy

5. 1st Dibs

If you’re a discriminating collector with deep pockets, check out 1st Dibs. It offers an eclectic collection of over 1 million pieces to make your decor sparkle. 

colorful abstract art in blue and green

Buy Swan Engraving Blue: $30,000 at 1st Dibs

6. 1000 Museums

The name of this unique art store says it all — it brings you museum-quality prints at a fraction of the originals’ price.  Your home can look like you spent millions at a Sotheby’s auction when you didn’t cast a single bid. 

black framed modern art

Buy Figure by Pablo Picasso: $16 and up at 1000 Museums

7. Poster Child Prints

Remember the days when you decorated your childhood bedroom and college dorm with posters galore? Do it the adult way with artistic numbers and stylish frames instead of that gummy wall clay — that never sticks. 

a black and white photo of nature sketched

Buy Honey Bunny (Mini): $45 at Poster Child Prints

8. Artstar 

Art helps you focus on the positives inherent in every crisis. Think about this testimony to the return of flora and fauna to areas otherwise transformed into concrete and steel by human hands. Let nature make a comeback in your living room. 

a colorful bridge photo with greenery around it

Buy The Return of Nature New York: $150 and up at Artstar

9. Print Collection 

Have you traveled this great land from sea to shining sea? Let your houseguests know that you have a wandering bone with a collection of prints featuring various national parks. 

a retro drawn image of mountains with "see america" written on it

Buy See America Grand Teton National Park: $16.99 at Print Collection

10. Society 6 

The art business is as tough to break into as music or freelance writing. Show your support for small, up-and-coming talent with a piece or two from Society 6. Its mission is connecting new talent with a place to showcase their works. 

a black framed photo of quirky tiger in grass

Buy Monkey Business Framed Art Print: $39.99 at Society 6

11. AHA

AHA seeks to make you feel more connected with your community through art. It represents global up-and-coming designers. If you like your decor to showcase an eclectic, inclusive vibe, you can’t go wrong here. 

art print of a variety of trees and descriptions of them

Buy Arboretum Art Print: $31 at AHA

12. Paintru

Your pet cat is your life, your world, your little snuggler after a trying day. Doesn’t she deserve to be immortalized in a portrait? Select your best picture of your furry friend — or any shot you adore — and transform it into art at Paintru. 

a black frame on a wooden stand with "custom image wall display here" on it

Buy Custom Printed Art: $185 at Paintru

13. MOMA Design Store

The famous museum remains closed due to COVID-19. However, you can still outfit your pad like Picasso with a print or other replica from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) home design store collection. 

a copy of modern wall sketched art

Buy Picasso Girl With a Mandolin Matted Print: $18.95 at MOMA Design Store

14. Tiny Showcase

If you want to highlight your love of your ethnic heritage, why not do so through art? Celebrate the spirit of women uplifting and supporting their fellow females with this framed photography. 

a photo of a collective of Black woman posing with each other

Buy Brown Women: $35 and up at Tiny Showcase

15. Uprise Art

Uprise Art strives to bring the gallery experience to you — a welcome perk in a COVID-19 world. Here, you’ll find masterpieces fresh off the artists’ easel waiting to adorn your walls. 

poster paper with blue abstract art on it

Buy Training Mission: $225 at Uprise Art

Transform Your Home Into a Gallery With These 18 Places to Find Affordable Art Online 

You don’t have to live with bland, unadorned walls anymore. Browse through any of the 18 places on our list to learn where to buy affordable art online and transform your home into a gallery-worthy exploration of the human creative spirit.

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