17 Best Garden Hoses for the Summer

Evelyn Long

Jun 13, 2022

Best Garden Hoses for the Summer

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You’ve put so much work into your garden, so it should thrive in any season. You can time your seedlings and fertilize them regularly, but plants will struggle to grow if they don’t get the right amount of water. These are the best garden hoses for the summer because they can keep your soil moist even during periods of extreme heat.

1. HULOSAN Leakproof Garden Hose

Most plants won’t grow right against your house, so you’ll need a lengthy hose to reach your garden. The HULOSAN polyester hose can stretch up to 100 feet with enough water pressure. Use the spray nozzle’s nine functions to give your plants the correct amount of water exposure for their growth stages. The leakproof washer will ensure that you don’t accidentally waste a drop.

$47.67 from Walmart

2. Rocky Mountain Soaker Hose

Anyone with an eco-friendly lifestyle will be interested in learning more about Rocky Mountain Radar’s soaker hose. It conserves 70% more water than standard hoses by getting the water directly to the roots of any plant. It also flattens when turned off, so it’s easy to store in tight closets or small sheds.

$31.95 from Amazon

3. Flexizilla Lightweight Garden Hose

The Flexizilla hose can support any use you might have for a garden hose. They are a bright green, so you’re almost sure not to lose them on the lawn. Flexilla also comes in a variety of lengths for any gardener — you can buy ones from 3 feet long up to 100 feet. Its polymer material allows it to always lie flat, so it never kinks and doesn’t stay coiled after periods of unuse. It also resists mold growth. The inside of the hose uses anodized aircraft aluminum as well, so kids and pets will remain healthy if they accidentally drink from the nozzle.

$40.78 from The Home Depot

4. Dramm ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose

Extensive gardens need heavy-duty hoses. Dramm’s ColorStorm line won’t disappoint. The cover resists cracks that often occur due to weathering and use. It can withstand hot water up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and coils effortlessly in any storage unit. Stretch it up to 50 feet to water every last inch of this year’s plants.

$74.99 from Ace Hardware

5. Flexi Hose Lightweight Garden Hose

You shouldn’t have to stop gardening when watering your plants begins to cause back pain. The Flexi Hose lightweight model is easy to handle because it only weighs two and a half pounds. Two millimeters of thick latex prevents tears and leaks while keeping the product light and helps it withstand 12 bars of water pressure while you’re using one of the eight spray nozzle functions.

$59.99 from Amazon

6. Bionic Force Anti-Gravity Garden Hose

The Bionic Force team is so confident in their anti-gravity garden hose model that they provide a one-year warranty for every purchase. It uses tough polymer construction to expand as needed avoid coiling while in use. The high-performance material also ensures that you can use it in sub-zero or scorching temperatures to prepare or tend to your garden whenever necessary.

$35.95 from Amazon

7. Pottery Barn Coil Garden Hose

Pick a garden hose that matches your personality by browsing the four colors offered with Pottery Barn’s coil hose. It contracts into a compact coil that hangs easily on a hose rack or hook. Plants and family pets will also enjoy clean water from the FDA-grade polyurethane material. Attach the brass nozzle to whatever hose attachment you prefer or use it by itself to take care of your garden.

$59 from Pottery Barn

8. GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

Gardners can choose from four different lengths when browsing the GrowGreen expandable garden hose. Water pressure naturally lengthens the tubing and it automatically shrinks when the water turns off. The latex tubing never knots and won’t fray when dragged against hardscaping features. It also comes with a storage bag, so it never causes an unsightly mess in your home.

$44.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

9. Briggs and Statton Premium Rubber Garden Hose

Briggs and Statton is a household brand well known for its quality hose products. Their heavy-duty rubber hoses come in numerous lengths and colors. It won’t crack or melt when used in temperatures between -25 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit either. The rubber washer will also provide a watertight connection no matter when or how long you need to use your hose.

$39.76 from Amazon

10. Walmart Flexible Garden Hose

All 75 feet of Walmart’s flexible garden hose expands and contracts with hardly any effort. It comes in four colors that each feature seven built-in settings. You can mist spray new seedlings or jet spray bugs off your fruit trees. It’s also budget-friendly, which may be what you need after recently planting your new seasonal garden. Your hobby doesn’t have to break the bank with supplies like this.

$13.99 from Walmart

11. FLEXON Light Duty Garden Hose

You might feel intimidated by the many garden hoses available at stores and online. You might be new to gardening or only have a few plants to water. If that’s the case, the FLEXON light duty hose could be what you need. The three-ply hose and nylon reinforcement make it perfect for weather conditions and daily use. It’s a straightforward hose that gives users everything they need without cutting down on length or versatility.

$21.55 from Amazon

12. Miracle-Gro Soaker System

Many gardeners already rely on Miracle-Gro for their plant care needs, but you may not have heard of their soaker system. It comes with a female and male fitting so you can separate them into two different hoses if that’s what your garden needs. The hose also uses 65% recycled matter, so it will fit with your sustainable lifestyle if reducing your carbon footprint is your top priority.

$49.99 from Amazon

13. Gilmour AquaArmor Lightweight Hose

The AquaArmor technology in Gilmour’s latest hose model automatically works out any kinks that might occur while you’re out in your yard. It’s 50% lighter than standard hoses and lasts 10 times longer, so it’ll be easy on your back and last for years. It can cover gardens up to 50 feet wide and rounds out when the water turns on so it’s even easier to soak root systems.

$73.80 from Amazon

14. GroundWork Pro Series Farm & Ranch Hose

Homesteaders need durable hoses, so GroundWork makes a rugged Farm & Ranch model. It can handle over 500 pounds of force per square inch (PSI) for all your gardening and farming needs. Heavyweight reinforcements ensure that the hose won’t burst, so you don’t have to worry about using it gently. The octagonal design also prevents kinks between the crush-proof aluminum couplings.

$89.99 from Tractor Supply Co.

15. Tough Guy Water Hose

The Tough Guy water hose uses thick rubber to insulate your garden’s water in cold and hot weather. If you accidentally step on the fittings, don’t worry — they’re crush-proof. It’s perfect for landscaping and gardening, so you don’t need multiple hoses to take care of your yard. Attach any nozzle you prefer to the universal fittings whenever you need to water plants, fill your pool or soak seedlings.

$90.81 from Grainger

16. LINEX Garden Soaker Hose

For those looking for the best garden hose for flowers, bushes and vegetables, you might want to look at the LINEX Garden Soaker Hose. A soaker hose has a seam along the body that allows water to drip, evenly watering your plants. The LINEX has a kink-free plastic inner core and is made with recycled vinyl, making it a sustainable option for those who would like it.

$13.99 from Amazon

17. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Garden Hose

As the name states, this hose is made of EDPM rubber, which the company says protects it from damage and cracking. The fittings are nickel-plated brass that should remain crush-resistant for years. It also has a hexagon shape for easy grip, lengths from 50 to 100 feet and stays flexible up to -25° Fahrenheit. This is an excellent option for those who want extra caution for their lawn care as they print each hose with “CAUTION TRIPPING HAZARD” — an excellent feature for any place with customers.

$42.18 from Amazon

Find the Best Garden Hoses

These are some of the best garden hoses for the summer, so consider them while looking for new gardening supplies. No matter where you live or what sized garden you have, these hoses can meet your plants’ needs while staying within your budget. Compare their various features to find the best version for your garden this year.

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