The Best Gaffer Tape Options for 2022

Evelyn Long

Jul 18, 2022

The Best Gaffer Tape Options for 2022

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There are many ways to use gaffer tape in your home or on construction sites. It should never fail by unsticking or breaking, so check out the best gaffer tape options available to ensure your success. You’re only one click away from restocking on trustworthy tape.

What Is Gaffer Tape?

Gaffer tape is often confused with electrical or duct tape. It looks similar because it’s heavy-duty and features a colored coating on the non-sticky side.

Most people use this type of tape to organize cables underneath houses or within walls. You could also use it to create visual cues for where to place equipment, drill for upcoming work or quick repairs in place of duct tape.

Anyone with a creative spirit might also use their gaffer tape for more artful reasons, like color-coding camera gear or marking places on stages for scenery.

What Are the Best Gaffer Tape Options?

It’s confusing to know which gaffer tape is worth your time and money. Streamline your choices by checking out the best options available right now.

1. Vertall Black Gaffer Tape (30 Yards)

One roll of black tape is the classic way to solve any electrical or household problem. Vertall’s matte cloth roll features premium quality that doesn’t fail. It can handle work from stage production to networking — all at a budget-friendly price.

Price: $13.99 at Walmart

2. Ultra Matt Fluorescent Gaffer Tape (60 Yards)

Splash a bit of color into your life with fluorescent tape in green, yellow, pink and orange shades. With 30 yards at your disposal, the colorful anti-glare strips can do any job. The surface is also safe for ink, so go crazy with permanent markers or pens to label whatever you’re working on. Whether you’re organizing electrical cords on new lamps or marking spots at a construction site, this tape won’t let you down. 

Price: $15.81 at DG Tape & Case

3. Standard Grade Gaffers Tape (60 Yards)

Big projects require tons of supplies. This collection contains 24 rolls for expansive jobs with long-term taping needs. The hand-tearable strips are perfect for recognizing spots for video editing or tiny pieces used for labeling gear.

Price: $259 at Tape Jungle

4. WOD Low Gloss Gaffer Tape (45 Yards)

Worried about leaving residue behind on surfaces or art projects? WOD’s low-gloss tape won’t permanently leave sticky messes on anything after removal. It’s also extra thin without losing any gripping power. Use it for everything from binding books or repairing stuff in your house without the fear of permanently ruining whatever it sticks onto.

Price: $19.08 at Tape Providers

5. 3M Premium Burgundy Gaffers Tape (54.6 Yards)

There’s no end to what you can do with burgundy gaffer’s tape from 3M. The trusted brand has been around for ages and makes high-quality products that get the job done. This is the best deal for anyone who needs to invest in a colossal tape supply for expansive projects or construction sites. Orders start at 288 rolls per customer.

Price: $51.54 Per Roll at Lighting Supply

Find the Best Gaffer Tape

No matter what project you have in mind, gaffer tape can help solve most problems. Look for long-lasting tape that never leaves residue behind and works with labeling tools to achieve your goals. These selections won’t fail whatever purpose you have in mind for them.

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