The Best Gaffer Tape Options for 2024

Evelyn Long

Jul 18, 2022

The Best Gaffer Tape Options for 2022

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Gaffer tape is one of the most versatile materials at home or the construction site. It doesn’t easily unstick or break, so acquiring a roll ensures success in your next do-it-yourself (DIY) project. You’re only a click away from restocking on trustworthy tape.

What Is Gaffer Tape?

Gaffer tape contains cotton cloth and heavy-duty material. It’s pressure sensitive and provides strong adhesive properties for any project. Gaffer tape looks similar to duct or electrical tape, so confusing the types is easy. Remember that gaffer tape contains cloth, and duct tape has plastic. Another distinction is gaffer tape leaves no residue, whereas duct tape will leave some behind.

You’ll likely see gaffer tape in your friend’s summer DIY project or construction sites across town. This material has numerous functions, such as taping cables behind the couch or underneath the rug. Moving furniture can be a hassle, so use gaffer tape to secure these pieces in your truck or moving van. People also use gaffer tape to fix leaks or broken toys. It might not be a permanent fix, but it’s good enough to hold until you can find a better solution.

Gaffer tape is also fitting for the artistic people in your life. Imagine moving into your first apartment and putting your personal touch on the place. You can use gaffer tape to create decorations and jewelry to make the living space your own. 

What Are the Best Gaffer Tape Options?

Gaffer tape is helpful for nearly any project you have in mind, so it’s worth your time and money to check out the best products on the market. We’ve listed these five options to get you started. 

1. Vertall Black Gaffer Tape (30 Yards)

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Vertall’s gaffer tape is straightforward and offers the essentials you know and love, coming in black and white options. One roll provides 2” by 30 yards and is a budget-friendly option at under $15 per roll. This tape is easy to use, no matter your project. Vertall’s gaffer tape is more than capable of fixing a leaky faucet or your kid’s broken toys. 

Price: $13.99 at Walmart

2. Neon Fluorescent Gaffer Tape (60 Yards)

A little bit of color won’t hurt anybody. If you’re looking for colorful gaffer tape, this fluorescent version from DGS USA is up your alley. DGS gives you numerous options for color, including green, yellow, pink and orange. When shopping, you can choose a 30-yard or 55-yard roll, so pick the option that best suits you. If you plan for frequent use, consider the larger roll.

Price: $17.99 on Amazon

3. Standard Grade Gaffers Tape (60 Yards)

Do you have a big project coming up? Are you in charge of supplies for your construction company? Inventory managers often look for ways to cut costs and come in under budget — especially with modern supply chain disruptions. One way to stay ahead is to get gaffer tape in bulk. 

Tape Jungle offers an excellent package of 24 rolls for under $11 per roll. Each gaffer tape roll has hand-tearable strips ideal for labeling or quickly fixing anything you need. You can stick with one color for all 24 rolls or select up to three for your order.

Price: $259 at Tape Jungle

4. WOD Low Gloss Gaffer Tape (60 Yards)

Electrical or duct tape can be annoying when it leaves behind residue from the adhesive. Are you worried about tape compromising your art projects? WOD’s gaffer tape has low gloss and provides easy and clean removal on most surfaces. The manufacturer says the tape is most suitable for minimizing its visibility. WOD’s tape is non-reflective, so it blends in with most backgrounds.

Price: $29.99 at Amazon

5. 3M Premium Burgundy Gaffers Tape (54.6 Yards)

Do you need a lot of gaffer tape, or do you just really love this material? If you need hundreds of rolls, look no further than 3M’s premium burgundy gaffer tape. Orders begin at a case of 288 rolls, but you can order thousands at a time. Each roll measures just under 55 yards and is ideal for construction sites and colossal DIY projects.

Price: $58.58 per roll at Lighting Supply

Tips for Applying Gaffer Tape

If you’re applying gaffer tape for a project, here are a few ways to make it more effective.  

Apply on a Clean Surface

When dust and debris are on a floor or table, it can stick to the underside of the tape, making it less effective. Gaffer tape should stay in place during use and easily removed when you finish your project. However, particles sticking to the underside can make your tape prematurely break away, defeating its intended purpose. 

Before placing your tape, clean your surface with a solution that won’t leave residue behind, such as vinegar and water or another natural cleaner. 

Weigh Down One Side 

You’ll need to apply your tape for the best coverage tightly. If you’re alone, weigh the first end you place with a book, speaker or other solid object. Doing so lets you keep tension as you lay out the rest of your piece, helping the stickiness stay equally distributed. 

Reinforce in the Opposite Direction 

You can strengthen the hold on your items by reinforcing your gaffer tape. Horizontally placing a long strip of the tape can make it stronger by adding small pieces vertically along it. The extra tension and adhesive will amplify the effect of your original work without making it harder to remove. 

Use Scissors to Cut It 

While it’s possible to tear apart gaffer tape, you should only do so if necessary. Pulling it apart requires a lot of force, which can strain the tape’s fibers. It can weaken your tape and a jagged cut with threads sticking out isn’t aesthetically pleasing. A quick and blunt cut with scissors eliminates the excess force and provides a clean line. 

Tie Together Cords/Cables Before Taping Them 

Gaffer tape is a standard solution for improving safety and aesthetics around a home. You can use it to tape down multiple cords and cables at once. However, bringing them together with cable or zip ties makes the tape more effective. Lamp cords and HDMI cables can shift as you lay the tape, making it hard to ensure a tight seal over them. By using ties, you can keep everything neatly together as you tape it down.

Finding the Best Gaffer Tape

When in doubt, slap some gaffer tape on it. This material has been reliable for construction workers and go-getters working on DIY projects in their garages. Look for long-lasting gaffer tape that never leaves residue behind and works with labeling tools to achieve your goals. These five selections will get you started with whatever you have in mind.

Original Publish Date 7/18/22 – Last Updated 11/24/23

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