7 DIY Renovation Projects to Tackle This Summer

Rose Morrison

Jun 6, 2022


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With summer comes sunshine and the energy you need to complete renovation projects around your home. Although some renovations are substantial and costly, you don’t have to start there. Many small DIY projects can have a big impact on the look and feel of your house. 

DIY renovation projects range from applying new paint to switching out hardware. Small updates can completely transform your home because details add up to create the complete impression of a space. Here are seven ways to update your home easily and inexpensively this summer. 

1. Paint Your Front Door

You’ve probably heard this tip before because it’s a good one. Repainting your front door should only take an afternoon and requires very little equipment. You’ll need a small can of paint, a reliable brush and some tape to protect glass panes. You should prime your door if you’re going to paint it a lighter shade

Black, gray and neutral beige are some of the most popular colors for front doors right now. However, the front door is also the perfect place for you to display a little personality with a bolder color. The door will be easy to repaint if you ever decide that it’s time for a more neutral tone.

2. Add Texture to Walls

An easy way to update your living space is with wainscotting or crown molding. These details add character and an elegant finish to any room. However, trim like wainscotting can be expensive because many people value it. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid this expense while achieving the same look. 

The most inexpensive option is to combine wooden architectural elements with a can of white paint. You can measure and add trim and strips of wood to create a paneled feel that reaches about halfway up your walls. Then, tape off the top of the trim and paint everything white so that it looks like one piece. 

3. Replace Outdated Hardware

This DIY project is simple but will bring big results to your space. Home decor has moved away from polished brass finishes, instead favoring silver, antique or black finishes. Update your kitchen and bathroom spaces by switching out cabinet pulls and faucets for newer models. You can order inexpensive hardware online to reduce the cost. 

If your home has round doorknobs, consider switching those out for more modern lever handles. You can also replace stained light switch covers with fresh plates in neutral colors. Try to stick within a consistent color palette, but vary some of your hardware to avoid an overly matchy feel.

4. Plan Simple Landscaping

Many homeowners are overwhelmed with the prospect of landscaping. While it’s true that this can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The first step for improving your curb appeal is simply to clear the yard of debris and make sure the grass, bushes and trees are appropriately trimmed. 

Once your yard is clear, take a step back and consider the whole picture. What’s one thing you could do to improve the space? For many homeowners, adding grass seed makes the most sense. You could also define flower beds with a rock wall or turn a flat space into a fenced garden. In addition to looking nice, your landscaping should meet your outdoor needs. 

5. Update Indoor Lighting

Replacing light fixtures can have a huge impact on your home. For one thing, bringing more light to a space can improve your mood and energy while at home. Although natural sunlight is best, you can choose energy-efficient bulbs that replicate sunlight while saving you energy costs. 

If you don’t have a chandelier in your home, you should consider installing one. Chandeliers instantly elevate a space and bring a feeling of intentionality to your home. Make sure that you turn off your electricity before switching fixtures. If you’re uncomfortable working with electricity, you should hire a contractor for this job. 

6. Create Curtain Rods

For some reason, curtain rods can be very expensive. To avoid the cost of dressing all your windows, you can get creative and find cheaper options. For example, some homeowners use inexpensive pipe or electric conduit rods to hold their curtains up. You can paint these rods any color you need to match the space and buy separate finials to make them look finished. 

Home decorators who are more whimsical could consider using slim branches for curtain rods. Each of these rods will be unique and they’ll bring a touch of nature inside your home. You will probably be able to get them for free. However, do be wary of any insects you may bring inside with them. 

7. Repaint Faded Items

Paint is an easy solution for many home remodel projects. If an item needs to be refreshed but you don’t want to entirely replace it, you can probably paint it. Although it will take some elbow greases, putting on a fresh coat of paint can make items look as good as new for a fraction of the cost.

Before you repaint anything, it’s important to clean it thoroughly. Some examples of items you can repaint include walls, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, trim, fences and ceiling vents. Once you start repainting items in your home, you may find it difficult to stop. For the amount of money and time that painting takes, the results can be amazing. 

Simple Renovations This Summer

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a month-long project involving a sledgehammer and drywall. You can update your home with simple changes that are quick and inexpensive but have a big impact on your space. Use this list to get started and refresh your home this summer season.

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