The Best Affordable Mattresses of 2023

Rose Morrison

Aug 11, 2023

the best affordable mattresses

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Sleep is a vital part of our physical and mental health, so everyone should value the importance of their bed quality. However, in today’s unstable economy, many families can’t afford a decent mattress and don’t know when they should buy one. That’s why we put together a list of the best affordable mattress options for all households. Find the mattress that fits your budget and get your sleep back on track!

best affordable mattress - nectar memory foam mattress

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar has been one of the most budget-friendly mattress companies since its creation in 2016. People from podcasters to product reviewers can’t rave enough about the advances Nectar makes in the mattress industry.

Its memory foam mattress is perhaps its best product. A queen bed with two pillows, sheets, a comforter and five layers of memory foam costs $700. It also has sizes ranging from twin to split king. No matter which size you buy, its memory foam will cushion your joints as you sleep so you don’t wake up with discomfort in the mornings.

Price: $700 from Amazon

best affordable mattress - lucid infusion mattress

2. Lucid Gel Infusion Mattress

Lucid’s gel infusion mattress is one of the best affordable mattresses around at $340 MSRP. Its gel foam eliminates heat and minimizes motion transfer – making it perfect for couples. The quilted top creates a smooth, luxurious surface that makes it feel much more valuable than the price tag. It also arrives rolled up in a narrow box, so it’s easy to carry through doorways and tiny living spaces to the bedroom of your choosing.

Price: $340 from Amazon

best affordable mattress - sleep innovations mattress

3. Sleep Innovations Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

The cooling memory foam mattress from Sleep Innovations maximizes breathabilty with its triple-layer design. You could start sleeping on a 10-inch bed of memory foam with a soft knit exterior that ventilates any warmth accruing each night. It also supports the spine in any sleep position, so it’s perfect for those who toss and turn in their dreams. It costs just $300 MSRP, making it one of the best affordable mattresses out there.

Price: $300 from Amazon

Cool Gel Chill

4. Cool Gel Chill Mattress

Treat yourself to the luxury of a 14-inch mattress made with pressure-relieving memory foam. The foam doubles as a cooling agent to prevent nighttime sweats. As the mattress conforms to your body each night, it cushions your spine to provide the best rest possible. Savvy shoppers also appreciate the 10-year warranty that comes with every purchase. When you unbox your new mattress and roll it across your boxspring, it’ll breathe to life while you release a deep breath of relief.

Price: $500 from Amazon

Siena Classic

5. Siena Classic Mattress

The classic Siena is as well-rounded of a mattress as they come. With five layers of premium gel-infused memory foam and medium firmness, it’s ideal for all sleeping positions and has fantastic motion isolation. You’ll get a free 180-night trial to determine if it’s a good fit, which is more than many leading mattress companies. As long as your Siena mattress gets 24 to 72 hours to gain its full shape, you’ll gain the ultimate relaxation experience every time you turn the lights off at night.

Price: $400 from Amazon

Linenspa Hybrid Memory Foam

6. Linenspa Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for something less firm, Linenspa’s hybrid memory foam mattress is a great option. It has a luxurious toxin-free foam so it won’t clash with your sustainable lifestyle. It also rearranges its foam to cradle your body while you sleep. It’s perfect for people who like to sink into the bed while they sleep and it’s super affordable, with a $299 to $529 MSRP range.

Price: $418 from Amazon


7. Molblly Mattress in a Box

Shoppers often worry about accidentally purchasing an expensive mattress made with fiberglass. It’s a cheap material that resists flames, but it can drop tiny glass shards around your bed if the fabric becomes torn.

Molblly gets ahead of that problem by skipping the fiberglass fabric altogether. The flame-resistant fabric covers two inches of memory foam and a one-inch layer of plush bedding. That’s all on top of a five-inch base, making it an excellent mattress for those who need a higher bed. It all comes in one simple box and fits any bed frame.

Price: $200 from Amazon

best affordable mattress - DreamCloud Hybrid

8. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud has the tallest mattress on the list. It utilizes five essential layers and various foams that reach just over 14 inches in height. This structure provides a luxury-level support system, from the cashmere quilted foam on top to the customizable innerspring on the bottom. DreamCloud’s hybrid is undoubtedly in the running for the best affordable mattress available.

One mattress, two pillows, sheets and a comforter usually cost $999, but you can get them for $800 if you take advantage of DreamCloud’s current discount.

Price: $800 from Amazon

best affordable mattress - Sealy Cocoon Motion Isolation

9. Sealy Cocoon Motion Isolation Mattress

The Cocoon motion isolation mattress provides a soft and supportive sleeping surface that’s perfect for people who toss and turn. Sealy also utilizes a “phase-changing material” on its stretch-knit cover that absorbs and eliminates body heat, helping you stay cool throughout the night.

Don’t worry about affording pillows and sheets in addition to your mattress purchase. Sealy includes them with every product, so you’ll get everything you need for a night of heat-free rest.

Price: $600 from Amazon

best affordable mattress - Dynasty CoolBreeze

10. Dynasty CoolBreeze Mattress

Dynasty uses a standard four-layer structure with CertiPUR-US memory foam, except for one additional detail — more gel density per square inch. Denser foam means a firmer and cooler mattress to protect the sleeper from heat, aches and pains during the night. You can even request a mattress with extra firmness if you want.

See why Dynasty Mattress has everyone talking about the future of sleeping in comfort. Air gel is the future of mattresses and it’s already here for those who take advantage of Dynasty’s budget-friendly prices.

Price: $570 from Amazon

Everyone Deserves a Quality Mattress

People struggle to afford many household items, but a mattress should not be one of them. Sleep is just too important. Everyone deserves a quality mattress. Each of these options is a worthy candidate for the best affordable mattress. Ditch your old clunky mattress and change your sleeping habits for the better!

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