Are Granite Countertops Going Out of Style?

Peter Chambers

Feb 26, 2021


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Granite countertops have seemingly been all the rage in kitchen and home design for the past decade or more. Was granite a strong yet ultimately passing fad? Are granite countertops going out of style, or will granite countertops bounce back and stick around? 

Granite offers plenty of colors and textures, though the stone has a relatively defined look. You can tell when a counter is granite, or meant to look like granite. It’s pretty much the default for formulating a modern kitchen design or remodel. 

Are people beginning to question the hype? Or is it pointless to fix what doesn’t seem broken? Well, that depends on the industry, the economy and of course trends and style.

Why the Love of Granite Countertops?

Grey granite countertops in a modern kitchen

The granite boom can be attributed to a few unusual factors. Some decor trends emerge naturally, but the granite countertop trend can actually be traced back to a few key factors. Namely, the lowered cost of shipping, heightened production of granite and the housing boom. 

Italy used to control most of the granite market, but when Brazil entered the game it became much more accessible. Combined with lowered shipping costs and a boom in the housing market — complete with new building and remodels — it all just sort of fell into place.

This isn’t to say that granite is bad quality or doesn’t deserve the praise. It’s long lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a good investment for your home, but it was also simply given a prime shot to sweep the market.

The Quartz Takeover

quartz countertops in a green kitchen

One of the new materials taking the home design industry in recent years is quartz. While it can skew a little more expensive — though that can vary by retailer — it’s also a much less porous structure than granite, which makes it more sanitary and easier to keep clean over time.

Quartz also offers a cleaner, more sleek aesthetic look, and is less likely to stain than granite due to its less porous nature. It’s available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns similar to granite, though the look is a bit different, offering unique characteristics like veins or even more flashy sparkles depending upon the specific stone you choose.

Mixing Materials for a Unique Alternative

wooden kitchen counters with white tile

If you’re a little torn on answering the question “Are granite countertops going out of style?” for yourself, you might not have to commit to just one stone. There’s a lot to be said for mixing materials within your home and even within the same room. You can use one material for the counter and another for the island, which is a popular choice for those looking to include a specific material in their space without breaking the bank.

You can even look into unconventional materials to include in your space. Reclaimed wood, metal, soapstone and recycled glass are all materials that make great countertops. They offer a unique, unconventional look and often work well for different purposes. For example, wood is perfect for a kitchen island where your main task is cutting and chopping — the knife marks can even give it character.

But the beauty of including an unconventional material is that it doesn’t have to dominate your kitchen. In fact, it can create more of a pop if you simply include it in bits while leaving other surfaces dressed in their regular materials like granite or quartz. Plus, since you can find plain quartz slabs, they can truly let the statement island or material shine.

Opt for Character Rather Than Pattern

a binder of granite samples for countertops

While you can find quartz or other stones and slabs that mimic the speckled tone of granite, it’s all up to your personal style. In reality, quartz and other materials offer an array of patterns, colors and textures that can bring a ton of character to your kitchen. Whether you go for plain quartz or find something with sweeping designs, going against the granite grain often means you can find unique countertops with a splash of character. 

Unconventional material combinations, splashes of color in the stone or stark plain colors can all bring a sense of fun to your kitchen.

Is Granite Over in the Modern Kitchen?

When you’re struck with the question “Are granite countertops going out of style?”, keep in mind that whether you want granite in your home is ultimately up to you. While it’s totally fair game if you love granite, it’s always good to know your other options, too. Go for quartz, reclaim some old wood or stick with old reliable. Your kitchen is your domain.

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