Making the Case for Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Evelyn Long

Jan 27, 2021


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Many people design their kitchens with the intention of clean, sleek and sophisticated design — but sometimes this plan causes a void of color. That doesn’t have to be the case. Whether your style is whimsical and adventurous or refined and classy, colorful kitchen cabinets can bring a sense of life and enthusiasm to your space.

Going bold with your cabinets provides the opportunity to make them a focal point while still working with the rest of your kitchen or living environment. You can use your favorite reoccurring hue from your home as a dash of inspiration, or find something brand new that excites you. Different colors invoke their own moods and energies, which you can keep in mind when selecting the color you’re craving.

With colorful kitchen cabinets, you can splash your hue of choice everywhere for a bright monochrome, or you can let the cabinets shine by tossing neutrals everywhere else. There are so many choices, so there’s bound to be something that works for you as you bring a splash of color into your life.

In the Pink

aesthetic pink colorful kitchen cabinets

While pink is often associated with primarily feminine spaces, there are so many shades and hues that make pink a great option for any space. Nothing says bold like hot pink or a sweet ballet slipper color, but millennial pink is sophisticated, soothing and light. It’s even said to be the neutral of pink — perfect for a food preparation haven. 

Paint the Town Red

bright red kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen
Interior of a kitchen with dining room

Red is bold, loud and vivacious. If you’re looking to get excited about your kitchen, red might be a great idea for your next cabinet coat. You can go deep with darker, more maroon tones or spring for a delicious cherry red. Red cabinets have the ability to feel both classic and modern, which can help them work with any style preference.

Get the Blues

a clean kitchen with blue lower cabinets

There are so many shades of blue to choose from. Blue can be a naturally calming color, bringing a serene and relaxed mood to your space. You can even go for an entirely blue kitchen, using different tones and shades to add depth and dimension. While navy blue can create a twist on more neutral kitchen designs, a bright sky blue can open up the space, making it feel airy and light.

Go Green

dark green kitchen cabinets with glassware

Green might not be everyone’s first choice in kitchen coloring, but it can present so many opportunities. While shades like olive and sage can create an earthy environment for your mealtimes, brighter, more vibrant greens like chartreuse and turquoise can offer a unique pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Green is unique, no matter how you slice it, and you can take it in so many different directions.

Bright, Bold Orange

bright orange cabinets in a grey kitchen
3D Rendering

Orange is a color that perks you up and wakes you out of your slumbers. It’s energetic and brings enlivening moods. Orange cabinets can bring vintage vibes or a more contemporary swing to your kitchen. You can go for a deep, burnt orange for a more subdued aesthetic, or slather on the sunny, bright and bold tones for a retro flair. Orange can live in harmony with other earth tones, or bring a stark and bold look against black and white. Really, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t Fear Colorful Cabinets

Bringing some color into your kitchen is a great way to spice up your space, and your cabinets are the perfect fixture to host your new hue. Whether you’re going with a classic favorite color or trying something completely new, color is nothing to be afraid of! Pay attention to your emotions, preferences and moods. What do you want to bring into your space?

With so many colors in the rainbow, you have the freedom to let your creativity soar. 

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