5 Accent Wall Ideas to Make Your Room Pop

Evelyn Long

Mar 15, 2023


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 An accent wall is a great way to create a focal point in a room, warm it up or make it more interesting. 

We often think of accent walls just meaning a different solid color on one wall, but there are many other possibilities. Here are 5 ideas for creating unique accent walls. 

1. Wallpaper

You can choose many different types of colors and patterns through wallpaper. 

Wallpaper, or temporary wallpaper, is one of the easiest ways to give your home a new look, since it’s often a one-step solution and low-maintenance. You can use plaster but many types of wallpaper are now peel-and-stick. 

Ensure your wall is clean and the power to your outlets off. Then, follow the instructions for your purchased wallpaper to smooth it on the wall. There are so many possibilities from classic patterns, modern flairs and picturesque scenes. Removable peel-and-stick wallpaper or decals are excellent choices for a child’s bedroom, since their taste is likely to change as they grow. 

2. Stone 

If you like the idea of exposed brick but you don’t want to damage your walls to get it, consider a faux-brick accent wall. These walls are the perfect way to add some natural elements to your room and are a great framing device for fireplaces and bookshelves. 

One of the easiest ways to achieve the look is to purchase stone paneling or small stones and place it on cement boards. To do this, you’ll want to secure your boards to the wall before using cement or a heavy-duty construction glue to attach your stone. 

The best part about creating a faux-stone wall is that you decide the colors, shapes and pattern of the rock. It’s also easier to change if you decide you want your old wall back.

3. Chalkboard 

If you have kids or just want to have a little fun with your home, consider making a chalkboard accent wall. 

You can find chalkboard paint online and at home improvement stores. Simply clean your wall and apply a few layers to create the perfect surface for writing and drawing. If you don’t want to worry about covering it one day, you can paint pieces of plywood and adhere them to the wall instead. 

For some extra fun, you could get magnetic chalkboard paint that kids can put their paper drawings on and move magnets around. 

4. Mural 

If you want to add artwork to your room, consider painting a mural accent wall. 

Nature scenes, fun references and room enlarging illusions can be larger than life when not confined by a frame. They can also seamlessly add to the room since it isn’t sticking out from the wall. 

You could hire an artist or have fun doing it yourself with stencils and templates. The good news with paint is that you can cover it if you end up disliking it. 

5. Geometric

A geometric pattern is way to make a painted wall more interesting. By using painters tape and at least two colors, you can create a fun pattern. 

Create your design using triangles, squares or other geometric shapes. You can use complementary or contrasting colors to make your wall visually interesting. 

Having a pattern, even if subtle can be more interesting than a solid color. 

Creating an Eye-Catching Accent Wall 

Accent walls are great for bringing life to your home. Whether through adding different colors or textures, you can break away from the solid color accents of the past and make your home stand out.

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