6 Creative Tricks for Decorating a Studio Apartment

Evelyn Long

Aug 16, 2021


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While having your bed in the living area might make you feel like you’re a bit short on space from time to time, you can still have big design goals for your studio, no matter how tight of a fit you’re in. Small spaces can even make for fun, creative choices you wouldn’t otherwise think of. Whether you’re simply looking to make your space feel bigger or you want to capture those homey vibes, there is so much you can do when it comes to decorating a studio apartment.

No matter what your style and taste are, you can find design solutions that work for you and your space perfectly.

1. Get Lofty

a lofted bed for a studio apartment

One of the biggest questions that comes to mind when decorating a studio apartment is where to put the bed. While couch beds and wall beds are all well and good, a loft could be the perfect solution, especially if you have some upward space. You can add a sleek ladder, a staircase with built-in storage or even a desk space underneath your sleeping perch.

Adding a loft bed works to give you the sleeping space you need while freeing up room on the ground for your living activities. While it may take a bit of extra effort and planning, it can make a studio space feel more like a duplex or a one-bedroom apartment.

2. Put Up Some Barriers

a bookshelf as a creative trick for decorating

If you don’t have all that much headroom, or you simply like the ground right underneath you when you sleep, you don’t have to sacrifice boundaries and privacy. There are so many ways that you can make a bit of division between the sleeping area and the rest of your living space. You can hang a curtain, set up a foldable screen or even use a bookshelf to create a wall of sorts.

While these privacy options create a sense of separation for your living area, they can also make your “bedroom” feel like a cozy sleeping cove where you can tuck yourself away for a good night’s rest.

3. Go for the Cozy Look

a cozy decorated studio apartment

Maybe you don’t mind having a small space to work with while decorating a studio apartment. If that’s the case, lean into it by going for an all-around cozy aesthetic that makes your whole apartment feel like a comfortable sanctuary. You can make the bed the centerpiece, layer rugs and pile on textiles or set up fairy lights for dim and cozy lighting solutions. Nobody says you need a big space to be happy. In fact, feeling compact and comfortable can totally light up your life.

4. Decorative Storage

wall mounted storage decor

One challenge of studio apartment living is the lack of storage space available for all of your life’s possessions. But having a compact corner doesn’t mean you have to toss all of your belongings or go for ugly plastic containers. Try to think about your storage as simply another way to decorate.

For example, we recommend checking out these rustic wooden floating shelves available on Amazon. They add a lovely farmhouse vibe to your apartment while also giving you more space to store your plants and knick-knacks.

From floating shelves to stackable bookshelves to hanging bicycle racks, there are so many options for using your storage as so much more than a place to put things. It can bring character to your little home.

5. Big Art

large art hanging in the living room

While a small space might make you feel like everything should be tiny, there are no rules. That being said, there’s no reason to fear big art, murals and decor in your studio apartment. In fact, big and bold art can work to tie smaller spaces together. You can go for large posters, framed pieces or even wallpaper that makes a splash. If done right, it can create a sense of cohesion throughout your apartment and even make it feel a bit more spacious and less cluttered.

6. Don’t Fear Color

colorful wall gallery in a funky living room

While neutrals might be your thing, you also don’t need to live in fear of some lively color if that’s what you really love. Bright colors can bring any apartment to life and create a sense of fun and whimsy within a space. You can go for a bright hue on the walls, dashing furniture and vibrant artworks with patterns you love. Use a base color or simply mix and match hues as you see fit. The sky is the limit.

Decorating Your Cozy Corner

No matter your style and how small of a space you’re in, you can find creative ways to make it feel like home. Whether you plan to create some separation or embrace the studio life, your apartment can feel beautiful, sophisticated and absolutely you.

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