4 Small Projects That Make Your Home Appear Bigger

Rose Morrison

Mar 16, 2021

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This is a guest post by Alex Capozzolo

Living in a cramped room or small apartment can make you feel stressed out. You may feel anxious, craving a change and fresh air. Maybe you’re considering a change in your living situation because of this. You may even be thinking of selling your home because it feels too tiny. However, there is hope for your current abode. The good news is that it’s possible to improve your home’s appearance regardless of its location or square footage. You can make your living area spacious and airier. It doesn’t matter whether you own a studio or a single-family home.

Here are our tips for you:

What Do You See in a Spacious and Well-Decorated House?

a large, ornate, well-lit ballroom with chandeliers

Imagine a grand luxury property. Visit the place in your imagination, and notice the small details that matter.

What do you see?

  • Lots of sunlight pouring into rooms through the backyard, and lawn
  • All rooms are well-painted in neutral colors. Prepare to see various shades of white pigments and other soft colors. Notice the cleverly used contrasting colors on one wall of the room or the hallway. You can try shades of red and blue along with other neutral tones to open up space in your house.
  • Don’t be surprised to see stripe patterns appearing every here and there. Whether it’s the furniture or the wall-paint texture, you’ll see stripes that give more vertical space to the area.
  • Notice, there are fewer, but grand décor’ items. Look at the beautiful chandeliers and big light bulbs that decorate the ceiling. The vase on the glass table looks classy but doesn’t make the room look cramped.

You can use the same style and ideas to open up space inside your home. Here is how:

Invite More Natural Light in Your Home

a neutral decorated room with natural lighting and greenery and a wooden desk

Bright homes have good energy, and they seem more inviting. It adds a great atmosphere to a home and can help you resonate with more buyers if you try to sell your home later on. Various artificial lightning tools are available if your property doesn’t get enough sunlight. Natural light is always better because of its effects on human psychology and productivity level.

a neutral wooden decorated dining room with natural light flooding in from the window

The rule of thumb: You need to light up every corner of the house!

If you have windows, don’t overload them with heavy (or dark) curtains or drapes. Try light-colored, sheer curtains or window blinds that provide privacy, but don’t block the sunlight. If you’re planning to undertake a renovation project, consider investing in high-up or clerestory windows. Both designs are popular and will bring a lot of sunlight to your house.

Colors Matter

How should you paint your interior?

Try light shades of cream, blue, brown, and green color. Softer colors are more inviting, reflect more light, and create an illusion of ample space. In contrast to that, dark colors (unless used in contrast), absorb light and give the impression of a constricted space.

a modern white kitchen with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances

Reduce the Clutter

Once you have more air and light in the house, you can think of storage spaces. You need to reduce the clutter by at least 30%. For a good reason or bad, our homes tend to become cluttered as time passes. It’s not possible to let go of everything, but you can take away some items. Take baby steps to improve your house and set a goal to reduce the luggage by 20%-30%. That should increase space in your home.

Built-in storage cabinets can be a good investment. Folding tables, hidden storage capacities such as a chest that acts as a coffee table or a bed with built-in storage can make your home appear bigger. You can hide personal items, and your home will look clean and clutter-free.

Give Your Vision the Space to Travel a Distance

Move/remove any furniture items that are blocking the pathways. There should be enough room to walk comfortably. Often homes become cramped because of bulky furniture items. For a small house, you need inexpensive furniture with exposed legs.

a minimalist modern small kitchen to make your home appear bigger

Another idea is to paint the furniture in the same color your interior is painted. The furniture items will blend in the area, thus giving you more visual space.

There are various ways to make your home appear bigger. Don’t lose hope when you first walk into a place that appears tinier than you expected. By adding color, lighting, and decorations you can increase the visual depth of your house. It may take some creativity and vision to enhance a home’s look. These small projects will make your place feel larger than ever before.

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