10 Tips to Make Gardening Easy

Peter Chambers

Apr 20, 2023


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Admiring your fully-grown garden is satisfying, but it takes effort to get there. If you’ve wondered how to make gardening more manageable, you may be glad there are solutions. You might have a better time motivating your plants to grow with these easy gardening tips. 

1. Start Small

An easy way to start is to plant a small garden. It will require less effort than a large one, and you can expand it as you get more comfortable. If you only plant a few things to start, you’ll have a better expectation of how much effort your garden requires. 

2. Pick the Right Plants

All plants require different levels of care. For example, you must harvest fruits and vegetables at different times. Additionally, some flowers require shade, while others need full sun. Picking the right plants can make caring for them and harvesting any produce easier. If you choose plants with the same needs, you can care for them similarly. 

On top of that, many benefit when grown close together in specific ways. For example, people plant garlic next to potatoes because it repels aphids. Plants assisting each other gives you more time to relax.

3. Save Space

Whether planting vegetables or flowers, you’ll sometimes run out of room. Decide on the layout before you start to save space in your garden. If you’re careful, you might end up with some extra room. 

Ensuring you have space in your garden can make planting and tending easier. If you space all your plants correctly, they’ll have more room to grow. Even indoor plants need it. Picking a large enough pot may help your plant grow and save you from repotting. 

You can plant your garden vertically to save space. Grow climbing plants beside fences or walls to get them off the ground, or use a trellis, hanging planters or a wooden pallet. 

Hanging your plants off the ground may protect them from disease and infestation, and it looks great. You may have to ensure they stay stable as they grow, but keeping any produce off the ground is worth it. 

4. Have a Plan

Planning how and what you’ll grow is an easy gardening tip. Start by deciding on your plants. Even if you know what you want, you should still pick how you’ll plant them. You can use cuttings, seeds or pre-grown plants in your garden. 

Since seeds grow fast with low maintenance, many people choose them for indoor gardens. Cuttings might work well if you want to plant herbs since they grow quickly in water. Pre-grown plants are your best option when you want to save time. 

Whatever you plant will be annual or perennial, meaning some will return each year, while you’ll need to replant others each time. Since they grow without replanting, annuals can make gardening easier. 

Will you want vegetables this year? Plan for the produce you want, and determine when you’ll have to harvest it. The same goes for flowers. How long will they bloom? Knowing what happens ahead of time can help with the next steps. 

5. Set a Schedule

It’s tempting to tell yourself you’ll garden when you have free time, but it may be easier to set a schedule. You should choose when you’ll water, weed and check on the plants. It might make it easier to tend to them because you’ll get into a routine. 

6. Make It Automatic

Watering plants can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large garden. If you water them automatically, you may free up a lot of time. A sprinkler system might be the easiest way to do this. However, you can make an automatic watering system if you don’t have one.

Save empty milk cartons or large jugs. Fill the containers with water and turn them upside in the soil next to your plants. Make sure the container’s opening is under the dirt. The water should come out of the container slowly over time, saving you from watering as frequently. 

7. Trim Plants 

As your garden grows, you’ll see plenty of new leaves, stems and flowers. Plucking and trimming can encourage your plants to focus their growth and strengthen them over time. 

You can choose which parts should grow because the excess energy goes to whatever you don’t cut. For example, trimming tomato plants while they’re growing often makes them produce bigger tomatoes because the plant can spend more energy on current tomatoes instead of new ones. You might have an easier time getting your plants to grow if you trim them.

8. Make Your Own Fertilizer

Since you likely have a constant supply of kitchen scraps, it can be easy to make your own fertilizer. To do so, you can compost eggshells or used coffee grounds. It can increase nutrients in the soil and help it hold water, keeping your plants healthy longer.

You can also use leaves, twigs and lawn clippings in your compost. Most natural waste decomposes well. It’s supposed to make plants grow bigger or faster, so it may save you time when you don’t have to tend to them as much. 

9.  Have Water Nearby

Even if you automatically water your plants, it could be easier to have water nearby. Instead of carrying full containers to your garden, fill them up once you’re there. If you plant your garden away from home, ensure the hose can reach it. 

10. Transfer Your Plants

Growing new plants inside before moving them outside can make gardening easier. 

When you grow seeds indoors, you protect them from weather, bugs and extreme temperature. Because of this, they’ll likely be stronger and able to handle high temperatures and dry soil better. 

Start growing them a few weeks before taking them outside. They’ll be close by when they’re inside, making caring for them more accessible. After you transfer them, they’ll likely be strong enough to handle storms and pests. It could save you time since you’d have to prepare them for weather or temperature changes less often. 

Gardening Made Easy

Gardening takes time, so making minor changes is helpful. These easy gardening tips show you a few ways you can make gardening more manageable. Planning how you’ll plant and care for your garden could be beneficial. Planting, weed pulling and pruning can be rewarding when gardening is easier.

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