The Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $10

Evelyn Long

Jul 10, 2020

kitchen gadgets under $10

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to save time in the kitchen. In fact, some of the best kitchen tools are the most affordable. Whether you’re looking for a genuinely useful gadget or just something fun that will liven up the kitchen, you can discover some truly cool stuff across the Internet. You can even find some of the best kitchen gadgets under $10.

Here are the best kitchen gadgets under $10. They’ll up your food storage abilities, make dinner prep easier and reinvent the way you cook burgers and vegetables alike. Let’s jump in.

1. Reusable Produce Bags

Etsy reusable produce bags

$5 from Etsy

Do your part in keeping the environment clean and ditch plastic grocery bags for good by using these reusable ones instead. They’re made of stretchy cotton and come in a variety of colors, including mauve, emerald green and dandelion yellow. Plus, each one features tote handles for easy carrying. 

2. Bag Clips

bag clips shaped like animals

$4.99 from Amazon

If you keep reaching into your snack cupboard to find stale chips, obviously your roll-down-the-bag or tape-it-closed method isn’t working. It’s time to buy some bag clips. Luckily, these little woodland creature clips have your back, keeping your bags sealed tightly so your snacks stay fresh. These particular clips come in a pack of six. 

3. Citrus Juicer

yellow citrus juicer

$9.99 from Amazon

Tired of hand-squeezing lemons and cleaning up sticky spills? Try this one-of-a-kind citrus juicer. The reamer fits snugly atop a 2.5-ounce cup and features a pour spout for mess-free juice collection. Plus, the container has measurement markings so you only have to squeeze until you hit your target amount. Easily disassemble this gadget for cleaning and reuse again and again. 

4. Leaf Tea Infuser

four tea steepers in red, blue, pink, and yellow

$8.95 from Steepedintea

Looseleaf tea is classy and delicious. However, it can be a hassle to brew, requiring you to pull out the teapot, strainer, spoon and mug to make just one cup. Simplify the art or tea-making and save time with this leaf tea infuser. The gadget functions like a spoon with an infuser attached to the bottom. It’s made of silicone and stainless steel. 

5. Pot Clip 

two pot clips to hold spoons

$7.99 from Amazon

Never lose your spoon or spatula to a pot of noodles again with these handy pot clips. Simply clip the stainless steel gadget onto the edge of a pot and place your utensil in the double silicone hooks in between stirs. The small pads attach firmly without scratching your cookware, are rust-resistant and have a heavy bearing capacity. 

6. Stuffed Burger Press

burger press with a burger being demonstrated

$9.99 from Amazon

Stuff your patties with cheese, onion, mushrooms, seasonings or whatever your heart desires with the burger press. This gadget’s nonstick coating makes the process easy. Plus, it comes with 100 wax papers to prevent your freshly made patties from sticking to one another in the fridge or freezer. When you’re done pressing, simply place the device in your dishwasher to clean it. 

7. Spiralizer

spiralizer for vegetables

$9.99 from Amazon

You’ve probably heard of the spiralizer by now, especially if you’re a big fan of zoodles. This nifty kitchen tool works like a pencil sharpener to turn any vegetable into a noodle. Dual stainless steel blades allow you to choose between thick or thin strands to accommodate your recipe.  

8. Can Colander

a teal can colander draining tuna

$7.48 from Amazon

Are you tired of draining cans of beans or even tuna with your bare hands? There’s an easier way to remove liquid: the can colander. This tiny gadget fits perfectly over most sizes so you can strain your food safely and effectively. It’s also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and reuse. 

9. Corn Stripper

corn stripper around a half stripped ear of corn

$8.39 from Amazon

This gadget just might be the best invention since sliced bread. The corn stripper quickly and efficiently removes kernels from the cob so no one ends up with corn between their teeth and butter on their hands. Simply slide the device onto your corn and slide it down the cob to quickly strip the good stuff off. Piece of cake. 

10. Garlic Peeler

a green garlic peeler

$9.95 from Amazon

Anyone with even a bit of experience in the kitchen knows what a nightmare peeling garlic can be. Those suckers are small and require a lot of time and patience. However, if you don’t have either of those, this silicone garlic peeler can help. Simply place your cloves inside, roll and voila. You have beautiful garlic ready for dicing. 

11. Leaf Herb Stripper

a silver herb stripper with a green handle with multiple sized holes

$7.99 from Amazon

Picking individual leaves off your rosemary sprigs is time-consuming and downright annoying. Even if you work slowly and patiently, you’ll probably still end up with bits of stem in your herbs. That’s where this handy herb stripper comes in. The stainless steel gadget strips the leaves right off your herbs. Its practical design features eight differently sized holes so you can strip everything from chard to tarragon.

12. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

a green and black avacado slicer and de-pitter

$6.99 from Amazon

Cutting, pitting and slicing an avocado can be tricky and requires multiple utensils. Skip the creamy green mess and use this slicer instead. This gadget has a soft, non-slip grip and is made of plastic so you can make avocado toast safely and efficiently. You can even use this versatile tool to cut kiwi, dragon fruit and other soft fruits and vegetables.

13. Cookie Scoop

A silver cookie scoop with "mavondra" written on the handle

$7.99 from Amazon

If you’ve ever made cookies only to have half the batch come out burnt and the other half doughy, you need a cookie scoop. This handy tool ensures all your cookies are the same size so they turn out perfect every time. Don’t just limit yourself to cookies, though! Use your stainless steel scooper to make meatballs, melon balls or perfectly round ice cream scoops. When you’re done using it, just pop it in the dishwasher.

14. Apple Corer

An apple corer with a red handle next to a green apple

$8.89 from Amazon

Whether you’re slicing apples to put in a salad or dip in peanut butter, you’re going to want this apple corer. Don’t waste your time cutting around the center of your Jonathan Gold and Granny Smiths. Simply twist the corer into the apple, twist and pull. Then, you can slice away without worrying about hitting your apple’s rock hard center. You can even use this tool on pears, potatoes and other foods to make cooking and baking a snap.

15. 6-in-1 Jar Opener

A black and red can opener

$8.99 from Amazon

Even the most macho of men struggle to open a pickle jar from time to time. When that lid just won’t budge, rely on this jar opener to do the dirty work for you. Pull open pull-tabs, slice open bags, tear off safety seals and twist off bottle caps with this one tool. The ergonomic handle allows for a secure grip, and food-grade materials mean you can put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

16. Lemon Sprayer

a person spraying from the citrus juicer on a lemon

$8.49 from Amazon

If you don’t want to juice an entire lemon, this little sprayer will come in handy. Spritz fish, salads, chicken and more by simply screwing the sprayer into the top of your lemon and pushing the dispenser. This particular set comes with a large and small sprayer, so you can use them in everything from limes to grapefruits. When you’re done spritzing, simply place your fruit in the fridge with the sprayer still attached.

17. Stainless Steel Food Scraper

Two stainless steel food scrapers

$9.99 from Amazon

Who needs knives and spatulas when you could use a food scraper? This set of two allows you to cut, scrape, crush, shred and divide your food — no matter what you’re making. The edges also feature one-inch marks for accurate measurements. When you’re done cooking or baking, simply place these scrapers in your dishwasher for quick and easy cleanup.

18. Pasta Measurer

A pasta measurer with 2 portions being demonstrated

$6.99 from Amazon

There’s no such thing as too much pasta. But you also don’t want to waste noodles, so you should try to gauge the right amount before you throw your spaghetti in the pot. This tool from Amazon helps chefs measure exactly how much they need for the perfect Italian meal.

19. Cut-Resistant Gloves

A person wearing grey cut-resistant gloves while cutting a pineapple

$7.99 from Amazon

What’s scarier than handling a big knife in the kitchen? This fear can inhibit you from cooking some delicious dishes. Luckily, cut-resistant gloves can help. This kitchen “tool” can give you the peace of mind you need to expertly slice into meats, fish, and other tricky food products.

20. Spider Strainer

A silver spider strainer with "Helen Chen" written on the wooden handle

$7.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Colanders are great for straining everything from vegetables to linguini. Still, they’re not always the most convenient tools to use. If you need a smaller contraption, spider strainers are incredibly useful, whether you want to remove chicken from hot oil or preserve some leftover pasta water.

21. Reusable K-Cups

Four black reusable K-cups

$8.95 from Amazon

If you use a coffee pot that takes K-Cup pods, you’re creating a decent amount of waste. It may be convenient, but you should do your best to avoid throwing away plastic. Try reusable K-Cups instead. These pods just require some ground coffee — and then you can use them exactly like a regular K-Cup for a cup of coffee.

22. Mini Measuring Glass

Tiny measuring glass

$9.55 from Amazon

While measuring spoons are pretty simple to use, they can still be a little tricky to handle given that there’s more than one attached to the ring. That’s where a mini measuring cup comes in handy. These are basically shot glasses with markers you can use to measure out teaspoons and tablespoons.

23. Fruit Zester

A silver fruit zester with a black and red handle

$6.57 from Walmart

It’s time to stop using your cheese grater to zest lemons and limes. Instead, you can grab a zester to use for all your fruit zesting needs. This way, you can add even more flavor to desserts like cakes and pies. If you ever misplace your cheese grater, you’ll have another tool you can use to add some parmesan to your dish.

24. Kitchen Shears

Black "KitchenAid" kitchen shears

$7.99 from Amazon

If you don’t already have a handy pair of kitchen shears, you should definitely consider picking them up. This tool is fantastic to have whenever you need to cut through anything, whether that’s herbs, meat or lettuce. These scissors are the perfect addition to your knife block, and you’ll quickly find yourself using them for almost everything.

25. Foldable Cutting Boards

Three flexible rectangle cutting boards in green, teal, and fushia

$5.69 from Amazon

It’s not the easiest task in the world to balance a heavy cutting board over a hot pan — but that’s what you have to do when adding chopped ingredients to your meal. Fortunately, foldable cutting boards offer an awesome solution. Within seconds, you can fold the cutting board in half, easily dumping the ingredients into the pot or pan.

Investing in a More Efficient Kitchen

If one of these kitchen gadgets caught your attention and you don’t have it yet, whip out your wallet and get it — especially if you can already envision a great way to put it to use. After all, life’s too short to waste time.

Want to learn other ways to make your kitchen more efficient? Check out our articles on how to organize your kitchen cabinets and how to declutter your kitchen!

kitchen gadgets under $10

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