Best Sheets for Summer: 8 Cool Stylish Options

Evelyn Long

Feb 7, 2023

unmade bed with the best sheets for summer on top and bedside tables on either side

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Summer is fast approaching, which means you’re likely in need of the best sheets for summer weather. You should get your best sleep all year round, so consider finding the most comfortable sheets with these options. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable so you’ll never struggle to fall or stay asleep.

1. Mellanni Deep Pocket Sheets

Your sheets should keep you from overheating and stay in place. The Mellanni deep pocket sheets tuck around mattresses without coming loose if you’re tossing and turning. Whether you prefer a firm mattress to support your back or have a thick mattress topper, these microfiber sheets won’t disappoint.

$50.97 from Amazon

2. Coolmax Smart Technology Sheets

When you’re ready to put your favorite winter blankets away and sleep under a lighter quilt or comforter, switch your sheets to a pair with Coolmax smart technology. The moisture-wicking fabric will pull your sweat away and make it evaporate faster, leaving cool fabric behind. 

$37.99 from Amazon

3. Bedsure Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets might be the perfect addition to your bedroom if you have a boho style or have eco-friendly values. They’re also great at keeping you cool while you sleep because the woven fibers are more breathable than cotton alternatives. Whether you wash them once a week or move frequently in your sleep, these sheets will stand the test of time and keep you comfortable.

$44.99 from Amazon

4. Sleep Zone Cooling Sheets

The Nanotex technology in Sleep Zone’s sheets regulates your body temperature while reducing how much sweat remains in the fabric each night. When you have the best sheets for summer weather and feel more rested, you’ll have the energy for things like decorating your empty walls or planning your next home renovation project.

$29.99 from Amazon

5. Secura Luxury Sheets

Sleeping on 1,800-thread-count sheets could transform your summer nights. Secura’s luxurious sheets use the same thread count to make hypoallergenic fabric with microfiber breathability. Your summer evenings are about to get so much better this year by trying out this new type of fabric.

$26.99 from Amazon

6. Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Sheets

Elegear’s sheets have patented Arc-Chill fibers on both sides, so they’ll keep you and your mattress cool. You’ll get a pair of sheets with twice the moisture-wicking ability, which might be what you need to stay asleep if you normally wake up sweaty.

$69.99 from Amazon

7. Lanest Housing Silk Sheets

Affordable silk sheets might seem hard to find, but not anymore. Latest Housing makes sheets with silk that absorb your air conditioning, creating a cool surface for sliding into sleep. They’re also machine washable for easy long-term care.

$30.99 from Amazon

8. Comfort Lab Sheets

Cotton sheets normally trap heat, but Comfort Lab produces a broader weave that allows more breathability. They’re also hypoallergenic so your skin won’t get irritated if you’re sensitive to fabrics. Trust your sleep to these sheets and you’ll enjoy a deeper slumber in a softer cotton bed.

$59.99 from Amazon

Find the Best Sheets for Summer

Picking the best sheets for summer weather can require time and research. Traditional sheets might trap too much heat and make you wake up in a pool of sweat. Try any of these to rest better this summer, even during the hottest nights.

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