Our Favorite Room Dividers for Studio Apartments

Evelyn Long

Feb 8, 2021


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While studio apartments can help renters save money, it’s not like they’re the most spacious places that exist. In fact, it’s often tricky to figure out how to create a home that’s both functional and private – especially when there’s hardly any separation between rooms. Fortunately, all’s not lost! A room divider can transform your square footage woes. Take a look at these useful room dividers for studio apartments.

1. Threshold Aruba Blackout Curtain Panels

white panel curtains hanging against a beige wall with white moulding

You may already use blackout curtains for your windows, so it probably won’t surprise you that they also work perfectly as room dividers. They’re thick enough to provide adequate privacy from the sun – and guests who happen to stay over. Additionally, blackout curtains offer a simple, elegant touch that can complement your current design scheme.

These blackout curtain panels from Threshold are durable and inexpensive, so they’re an obvious pick for those on a budget. They offer a few neutral color options that pair beautifully with all home decor!

2. World Menagerie Shoji Panel Room Divider

a white divider with black grid lines in a studio apartment

Here’s a classic room divider for your studio apartment space. A panel screen room divider can be an easy way to create privacy whenever you need it, as they’re foldable and mobile. You won’t have to worry about any installation if you choose a smaller, light-weight room divider.

This panel screen room divider by World Menagerie provides a Japanese-inspired look that’s ideal for small spaces. Its panels allow for complete privacy, but they don’t completely block out sunlight. You can arrange it straight or folded. This option would be a smart choice if you want a simple room divider to break up your space.

3. IKEA KALLAX Shelf Unit Bookcase

a black open shelf unit dividing an open room

A bookcase can truly transform a room into a stylish and functional space. You can take a unique approach when you use bookshelves as room dividers. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to make your studio apartment feel more private.

This shelf unit offers many cubbies for books, candles, pictures and other trinkets that you can use to decorate a room. If you push one side of this bookcase against a wall, it’ll extend outward as a half-wall to create division. For example, you could place it between your kitchen and bedroom for a cohesive look.

4. Red Barrel Studio Scholl Storage Cabinet

a very tall, light brown cabinet for school storage

A storage cabinet like this pick from Red Barrel Studio can be a practical divider for your home. As you know, studio apartments don’t often come with too much storage. Why not use a tall, freestanding cabinet as a solution for both your space and privacy issue? It’s a practical solution that can work wherever.

You can use one or two storage cabinets to stow extra clothes in the bedroom or store pantry goods in the kitchen. Either way, you can enjoy more defined rooms as well as enough storage for your belongings. You can arrange them as you would with a bookcase, as they’re tall enough to mimic a wall.

5. HomeArtStickers Modular Wall Panel Screen

a favorite room divider with a modular design

A hanging room divider allows for a more built-in look since you have to install them with hooks. Each piece connects to create a makeshift wall that naturally separates one room from another. You can arrange them however you please and take them apart once you move.

This Etsy shop sells beautifully semi-permanent solutions that you can use as room dividers for your studio apartment. You can choose from either black or white. There are also other designs listed on the store’s home page. All options are slightly see-through, so it may be best to use them as a divider between your kitchen and living room.

6. Sauder Dakota Pass Computer Desk With Hutch 

a dark, painted wooden computer desk workspace

If you work or study at home, you probably need a dedicated space to complete assignments and store supplies. A desk with vertical storage shelves can serve as another practical room divider for a studio apartment. You can complete your tasks, all while the solid vertical compartments create distinct division between spaces. 

There are many small desks with hutches, but this pick from Sauder includes other drawers and cubbies for your storage needs. It’s tiny enough to fit inside a studio apartment, but it still provides much-needed separation. You could even pair this desk with another room divider solution to divide your kitchen, living room and bedroom accordingly.

Try These Effective Room Dividers for Studio Apartments

If you want to break up your studio apartment into divided rooms, try these creative solutions! You don’t have to choose a traditional room divider – instead, there are many practical options that’ll suit your lifestyle.

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