Our Favorite Fall Decor Items

Rose Morrison

Nov 6, 2020


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If you’re gearing up for all the warm fuzzies of sweater weather, you’re probably readying your home for the change in season, too. Even adding a few sweet personal touches can prepare any residence for the chilly weather with ease. From falling leaves to pumpkins all around, there are numerous brilliant ideas to pull from so you can make your home warm, comfortable, and stylish with fall decor. 

No matter your taste, you can find a few things to catch your eye as you explore the fall decorating ideas of 2020:

1. Farmhouse Pumpkin Pillows

two plaid colorful pumpkin shaped pillows for fall decor

Throw pillows make everything a little comfier, so why not go full speed ahead with these sweet pumpkin-shaped joys? The plaid and gingham both scream fall. These guys might just make you want to dash to the nearest pumpkin patch!

$19.99 from Country Door

2. Faux Pumpkins

Multiple pumpkins of different sizes for decor

If you don’t love pumpkins made of textiles, why not go for something a bit closer to the real thing? These fake pumpkins come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find the perfect setup for your home. Put them outside or leave them around your interior for a natural and casual fall look.

$16.50-$49.50 from Pottery Barn

3. Witchy Moon Phases Candle

a person holding a white candle with moon phases

If you totally love the witchy vibes of fall, this moon phases candle is the perfect accessory to make any room glow. This candle will radiate good vibes throughout any space.

$19.99 from WishcraftGoods on Etsy

4. Artificial Goldenrod Wreath

golden wheat wreath for autumn

What autumn decor list would be complete without a seasonal wreath? This one is unique and beautiful with its golden wheat colors and carefree, natural shape. Let it flow in the wind on your doorstep or simply keep it on an interior door. It’s all up to you.

$28 from Target

5. Chicken Wire Baskets

chickenwire basket

These adorable baskets work great for casual storage. Enough with the plastic bins — toss your mail, clutter or odds and ends in these farmhouse-inspired baskets instead. Even your smallest details can be aesthetically pleasing.

6. Gold Fiesta Throw Blanket

gold and orange tassled throw blanket

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy, quality throw blanket, this might be the perfect piece for your autumn couch or bedroom. Between the warm tones and earthy texture, you’ll fall in love with this blanket. The mix of orange and yellow is inviting but still subtle. You can start with this one late in the summer and let it carry you through the season. 

$110 from Jungalow

7. Natural Agate Wind Chime

wooden windchime next to sunflowers

From agate crystal’s warm tones to the witchy vibes it brings, this wind chime is the perfect addition to your natural decor this fall. Wake up to the sun shining on it in your room or let it chime in the fall breeze outside. This piece can truly work anywhere.

$26 from Ebb & Flow

8. Pumpkin Spice Everything Sign

wooden fall decor sign with "pumpkin spice everything" on it

Can anyone blame you for loving pumpkin spice? It’s a yummy way to signify the start of the season, so why not go all out and put it on your wall with an adorable sign? This rustic look can work on any wall and spice up a kitchen or breakfast nook, offering one of the cutest fall decorating ideas of 2020.

$12 from Big Lots

Fall in Love With Your Home

Autumn offers such a beautiful range of colors, styles and textures to dive into. Let your heart guide you in your fall decorating ideas this year, and soon you’ll have a home that’s whimsical, warm and wholly yours.

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