From Trash To Treasure: 4 Ways To Transform Your Furniture

Rose Morrison

Feb 25, 2023

a brightly lit room with restored furniture in it

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Transforming old furniture into something new and fresh is the perfect way to take something from trash to treasure. You can easily find old dressers, tables and desks at local flea markets or thrift stores. You can then upgrade them into something aesthetically pleasing to fit your style and decorate your home on a budget. 

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint can take any piece of furniture from drab to fab. It’s amazing what something as simple as a new coat of paint can do to transform furniture. From dressers to coffee tables to the walls in your home, a fresh coat of paint can convert anything from trash to treasure. 

Depending on the furniture you will revamp, you should ensure that you prime your surface for painting. You should always prepare the wood on the table before you paint. Begin with sanding the surface and applying a primer to the wood. You can also sand the wood between coats for optimal coverage and a smooth finish. 

2. Rustic Or Vintage Inspired

Once you have your furniture painted the color you want, you can seal it with a protective sealant to protect it from wear and tear. Consider distressing it if you’re going to give your furniture a rustic vibe or a bohemian or authentic vintage look. 

You can distress any piece of furniture with chalk paint or by using some sandpaper to create a more rough around the edges appeal. There are many ways to distress furniture–it’s all about the vibe you want your furniture to have and how you want it to look!

3. Apply Some Wallpaper

Applying a sheet of wallpaper to your furniture can give it so much character. Pick a pattern of wallpaper that gives off the vibe you want and apply it to the top of a dresser or use it to make over a table. If you can’t find any wallpaper you like, use some tape or a stencil to create your own design on your furniture and then paint over it. 

Ensure that you apply a sealant for protection. Wallpaper adds a unique element to any furniture and you can easily strip it off to apply a new design or coat of paint, making it a versatile refurbish option. Ensure that you measure the wallpaper appropriately and use a smoothing brush to remove air bubbles on your desired surface. 

4. Upholster Your Headboard

If you don’t like your headboard or want a new one, consider revamping your old one. It’s relatively simple to do and could be a lot of fun! If you decide to get a new headboard instead of taking it from trash to treasure, you can turn your old one into a bench! If you have a wooden headboard, just take it apart and paint it to convert it into a bench to put in your entryway or garden. 

Upholstering your headboard can be done in as little as an afternoon. All you need is some foam, fabric of your choice, plywood, batting and a few tools. You can also add some fixtures for decoration along the edges of the headboard if you want. These fixtures can also act as a trim to hold your fabric in place on your headboard. You can then attach your headboard to the wall and voila! You have a brand new–or new to you–headboard! 

Taking Furniture From Trash To Treasure

Many of these techniques can be versatile and used for any piece of furniture you want to revamp or refurbish. Try some of these ideas to create the ambiance you want to achieve in your home without the cost of new furniture or renovations. It is possible to achieve your desired look on a budget–you just have to get creative! 

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