11 Study Space Essentials for Creating the Perfect Study Corner

Evelyn Long

Aug 25, 2020

study space essentials

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With more people working and studying from home than ever before, creating an optimal study environment can be a valuable asset in your home and life. You can create a study corner that works for your needs with top study space essentials, even if you don’t have a designated office space in your home. Everyone deserves a place to buckle down and feel productive, and you can build one in the bedroom, basement, or wherever you have room!

No matter where you put your study space, you can give it personality with just a few touches. Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with what you already have, make your space work so you can get to work. Here are some study space essentials:

1. Linnmon / Alex Desk

IKEA white desk

This desk is a fan favorite among fans of basic, simple design. With drawers that offer ample storage and a wide, clean surface for all your study needs, this desk is the perfect canvas for all your productivity.

$109.99 from IKEA

2. Carbon Loft L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped office desk to create the perfect study corner

If you’re building an office space or study cove in a literal corner, this could be the perfect base to build it on. It’s minimal, sleek, and great for laying out all the study materials you need for a productive day of hard work.

$221.99 from Overstock

3. Executive Office Chair

executive office chairs

Chairs are foremost among the list of study space essentials for a reason — comfort for long hours of work. This swivel chair is stylish, comfortable and sturdy, making it perfect for you to sit and study or work for as long as you need to. Its clean lines and intriguing shape can also contribute to a cozy, homey aesthetic. 

$209.99 from Wayfair

4. Renberget Office Chair

black home office chair

If you’re hunting for a comfortable, affordable office chair, this could be exactly what you need. It’s a classic swivel chair that goes great at any desk so you can sit and study for hours.

$49.99 from IKEA

5. Desktop Organizer

grey multi-sized desktop organizers

Once you have a place to park yourself and all your supplies, you might need to think about how you’re going to organize. A compact desktop organizer gives you a place for everything without taking up too much space on your desk, and this tidy system does just that. Toss in your cell phone, pencils, paperclips, or anything else you may need.

$11.99 from The Container Store

6. Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard

dry erase calendar

If you’re using your workspace every day, chances are you’ll need something to keep your schedule in check. Hang this dry erase calendar whiteboard above your desk as a reminder of each day’s events. When the month is done, simply wipe it clean and start anew.

$28.99 From Wayfair

7. Tambour Printed Cork Board

home office corkboard with a white printed design

Let’s say bulletin boards are more your style — no problem. Hang this stylish, white-framed cork bulletin board above your study zone so you can fill it with assignment reminders, to-do lists and bright ideas. It’s simple, modern, and highly customizable.

$22.86 From Home Depot

8. Desk Task Lamp

three desk lamps in black, bronze, and purple

Studying can often take you into the wee hours of the night. Or perhaps you’re an early riser, always ready to start your day at the crack of dawn. No matter when you wake, a task lamp is a necessity for any study space to keep your eyes healthy and your study sessions that much easier. 

$29.99 from Target

9. LED Lamp and Pen Holder

LED lamp with a pencil holder

If you need something to brighten your space fully, look no further. This LED light has your desk covered no matter the time of day, and it includes a pen cup at its base. This lamp is perfect for those individuals working with minimal space, as it tackles storage and lighting all at once.

$25.99 from Amazon

10. Two Tier Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Shelf

floating wooden shelf with miscellaneous items

Speaking of storage, an office or study space often means books on books on books. Even if you only have a few, sometimes one or two shelves are exactly what you need to store the essentials and keep the clutter off your desktop. These charming shelves are sure to bring a cozy look while they do the trick.

$27.80 from Walmart

11. Twinkle Fairy Lights

fairy lights with polaroids clipped to it

Study space essentials don’t all have to be serious. Sometimes, a bit of ambiance is the perfect thing to get you in the mood to cozy up with a cup of tea and study. Fairy lights make a space feel warm and inviting, which will keep you coming back with enthusiasm.

$11.99 from Amazon

Hit the Books With These Study Space Essentials

No matter what you study or where you’re working, a calm, organized environment is optimal for accomplishing everything you need from home. When you stock your surroundings with all the study space essentials, you’ll feel the straight A’s coming in no time.

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