7 DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Bedroom Remodel

Rose Morrison

Nov 4, 2022

a tufted materials bed a great example of diy headboard ideas

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Your headboard is one of the most impactful design elements in your bedroom. Unfortunately, they’re often quite expensive. It can be difficult to find one that matches the style and color of your room. 

The easiest solution is to make your own! Use the following list of seven DIY headboard ideas to create the headboard of your dreams. With a few simple supplies and a few hours of time, you can completely transform the look of your bedroom. 

1. Woven Headboard

For a more natural feel, you can create a woven headboard using materials like jute, hemp or natural-toned fabric. Construct a simple frame with thin wood planks and dowel rods. You’ll need a drill and glue to attach the rods to the planks. 

Next, use your natural fiber to weave back and forth through the frame. You can paint the wood first or seal it with a coat of polyurethane. This headboard can be screwed into the wall or held in place by your mattress.

2. Wallpaper Headboard

You can also try framing a square of bold wallpaper with painted trim behind your bed. Choose a print that appeals to you and measure it out carefully. Apply it to the wall using strippable wallpaper adhesive for easy removal later. 

Next, measure and cut wooden trim to frame your headboard. Paint or seal the trim, then use screws to attach it to the wall. Push your bed against the finished project to enjoy this unique, inexpensive headboard.

3. Wooden Headboard

Wooden headboards only take a few simple materials. Choose your desired measurements, then get three long planks and several wide, shorter ones. Sand the wood and stain it. Then, stand the tall planks up and screw the wide ones across them. 

For a fancier look, buy small wooden shims and a large sheet of plywood. Cut and frame the plywood, then stain it. Next, glue the shims in a herringbone pattern on the wood. Stain the finished product and place it behind your bed. 

4. Foam Headboard

For a plush hotel vibe, you can use half-circle foam or sliced pool noodles to create a fancy upholstered look. Use spray adhesive to attach the foam in strips to a large piece of plywood. Next, use more adhesive to smooth fabric over each foam round. 

You can use a stiff object to push the fabric securely into the creases. Run the foam strips vertical to add height or horizontal to add width to your space. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the back of the headboard. 

5. Tufted Headboard

This headboard looks plush and expensive and can be made out of any fabric you choose. Start by cutting plywood into the shape of your headboard. Next, use an acrylic spray to layer foam and then fabric on top. 

Use a staple gun to wrap the fabric around the back. Measure and mark where you want to add buttons. Then, use a screwdriver to attach screws and a washer straight through the fabric into the plywood. This will create the tufts. Finally, glue buttons on top of the screws. 

6. Slipcover Headboard

If you’re concerned about needing to wash a fabric headboard, this DIY is for you. Measure and cut your headboard out of masonite board. Layer styrofoam between the front and back pieces and add side strips to create a box around the foam. 

Next, lay the headboard on your fabric and trace out pieces for each side. Add an extra quarter-inch to your sewing line so there’s room to take the cover on and off. Sew the pieces together and slip the fabric over the frame. 

7. Fairy Lights Headboard

With a few fairy lights and some sheer material, you can create a dreamy headboard that helps you relax at night. Use command hooks to hang a curtain rod over your bed. Then, use more hooks or nails to hang strings of fairy lights in intervals under the rod. 

Put a sheer curtain on the rod over the lights and enjoy. To turn this into a canopy, simply add another rod onto the ceiling at the end of your bed. Run lights and sheer material across the ceiling, around the rod and then back to the head of your bed. You use long lengths of tulle to avoid breaks in the fabric. 

Easy Bedroom Upgrade With DIY Headboard Ideas

Making your own DIY headboard is easy and a lot of fun. Compared to the usual price of headboards, it’s also inexpensive. By changing this one item, you can increase the sense of comfort in your bedroom and help the space feel complete. 

Use these seven ideas to personalize your bedroom with a DIY headboard. Although some of these options are attached to the wall, others are secured by the weight of your bed. You don’t have to stop at one design idea– consider making several different options and switching them out seasonally. Happy crafting!

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