12 Best Pool Accessories for Summer 2024

Rose Morrison

Jun 27, 2024

pool donut float

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The summer season is here, and there’s nothing more exciting than a refreshing splash in the swimming pool. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool in your garden, now might be the perfect time to upgrade your pool accessories for the ultimate summer experience. Here are the 12 best pool accessories to ensure every family member and guest has a wonderful time.

1. Inflatable, Solar-Powered Swan Pool Float

swan pool float

There’s nothing like lounging while floating on a giant swan or unicorn. This solar-powered option is the perfect pool float if you enjoy night swimming. The lights automatically light up at night and change colors every 15 seconds, making your pool more pleasing to the eyes.

This fully inflated swan pool float measures 36 inches in height, 42 inches in outer diameter and 17 inches in inner diameter. It provides excellent support for both kids and adults.

$27.99 from Amazon

2. Floating Drink Holder

floating drink holder

Keep drinks and chips out of the water with an inflatable drink holder. With this item, you’ll never need to leave the pool to grab a bite or sip your favorite champagne. It can hold up to 50 pounds, meaning you can place a couple of bottles of beer, your favorite wine bottle, a smartphone, finger foods and wine glasses.

$26.97 from Amazon

3. Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

inflatable volleyball and basketball

Who says you can’t play pool volleyball and basketball? Transform a simple pool bonding into a fun-filled sports activity. This set is one of the best pool accessories, as it already includes inflatable volleyball and basketball equipment. It also comes with two weight bags to help keep the inflatables in place. Play with your friends, or let the kids make a splash while using these toys.

$32.99 from Amazon

4. Swimline Rosé Wine Bottle Pool Float

Rosé Wine Bottle Pool Float

Lounge on the quintessential summer drink bottle as you sip your afternoon drink. This Rosé pool float might be the cutest addition to your pool accessories collection. The clear top construction is UV resistant and designed to keep you cool while enjoying your time on the water and under the sun. The cap part of the pool float serves as a pillow headrest for added support.

$28.45 from Amazon

5. WowWee Baby Shark Squirt Toys

Baby Shark squirt toys

Make your kid’s summertime more fun with these Baby Shark squirt toys. While originally a bath toy, they can also be used to make their pool time fun. One pack includes Baby Shark, Chucks, Goldie and William. They also come in perfect sizes for small hands that can help develop sensory and motor skills. These toys also have no chemical smells, making them safe for your little one.

$15.45 from Amazon

6. Submersible LED Lights

submersible LED lights

These submersible lights can instantly transform your pool into a party area. The set has strong magnets, suction cups and a waterproof structure that you can use as inground pool lights or night lights for outdoor decorations. You can control these lights using a Radio Frequency (RF) remote. It features 16 colors and multiple modes, such as flash, fade and smooth. You can also set a timer for the lights, providing a hassle-free experience.

$29.98 from Amazon

7. CoasTeering Robotic Pool Cleaner

robotic pool cleaner

A typical swimming pool is teeming with germs, bacteria and — unfortunately — trace amounts of poop. While chlorine can help eliminate these matters, it can’t kill all of them. Having contact with a contaminated pool can lead to swim-related illnesses, such as diarrhea, skin rash, cough, ear infection and eye pain.

A robotic pool cleaner can help reduce the risk of contracting these diseases. It’s a great investment, especially if you have kids who like to spend hours in the pool. This gadget effectively cleans the swimming pool by picking up dust, leaves, sand and other debris that can spread bacteria. 

Remember that this tool only supplements your cleaning efforts, not replaces them. Pour around three parts per million (ppm) of chlorine and bromine into the pool before using it. Test the pool to ensure the chemical levels aren’t too high and won’t smell strong.

$119.99 from Amazon

8.  Non-Slip Flooring Mats

non-slip flooring mats

Invest in safety to enjoy fun pool moments without worries. Even with constant reminders of “no running” around the pool, running on wet pavement makes slipping easy. With around 7,000 non-fatal swimming-related accidents happening yearly, investing in non-slip flooring mats around the pool area is crucial.

This item is made of durable and waterproof Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It also has drainage holes to keep walking areas clean and dry, helping prevent dangerous accidents. In addition to the pool, you can also use it in the garage, door hall and garden to keep the outdoors safe for everyone.

$79.90 from Amazon

9. Pool Fountain With Lights

pool fountain

Purchase these cute and colorful pool fountains to make hot summer days more enjoyable. These accessories offer two spray modes — max mode for tall water spray and dynamic mode for indirect spray. These pool fountains also function as LED lights, featuring seven light modes that add color and enjoyment to your evening parties. 

$39.85 from Amazon

10. Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker

portable pool speaker

A pool party is never complete without good music. This waterproof speaker can be fully immersed up to three feet for about two hours underwater. It delivers immersive, dynamic sound with full bass, allowing you to enjoy quality music from day to night. The best thing about this is that it doubles as a colorful pool design, offering eight color-changing modes to make your night swimming more enjoyable.

$39.99 from Amazon

11. GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong

lounge beer pong

Elevate your pool party with an inflatable beer pong table. It has cup holders on both sides, so you and your guests can play the classic game in the water. The package also comes with three ping pong balls — you only need some cups to kickstart the fun in the pool. This versatile inflatable table can also be used as a floating lounge for days when you want to relax alone.

$29.99 from Amazon

12. Pool Float With Water Cannon 

float with water cannon

Here’s an upgrade to the standard pool floats. This large tank pool float has a water cannon that allows you to shoot water toward your friends. The gun fills itself with pool water so that you can fire anytime, while the seat has two leg holes, allowing you to navigate the water comfortably while playing around. Buy one for each family member and have an unforgettable playtime.

$35.99 from Amazon

Shop for the Best Pool Accessories

Make pool time an unforgettable experience for everyone this summer. Which of these pool accessories are you most excited to purchase today?

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