The 6 Best Paint Colors to Illuminate Dark Rooms

Evelyn Long

Feb 24, 2021


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If you’re dealing with a room that doesn’t get too much light, you don’t have to give up hope for a bright, cheerful space. If you’re looking to bring a bit of lift to your home, a fresh coat of paint can help you do just that. You can bring vibrant cheer if that’s your style, while on the other hand, you can also choose to work with the rich, moody tones you’ve been dealt and lean into the darkness.

What you do with your space is entirely up to you, and there are so many options out there to choose from. The purpose of the room, your personal taste and the decor you already own will all play a role in the direction you take with your room. No matter what you choose, a fresh color will transform your space. Liven up your space with these paint colors for dark rooms.

1. Off White

Painting a dark room a tasteful off white can bring a simplicity and sophistication to your room and set the scene for your other decor to shine. Lighter colors — especially white and tones like it — can make rooms look bigger and more spacious, so if you’re dealing with a room that’s small and dark, a simple off-white might just do the trick.

2. Pale Yellow

Just like white, pale yellows and lighter pastels can make rooms look larger. In addition to the lightness, yellow can also bring a sunshine quality to a room that’s lacking in natural light, perfect for a bedroom or office space in need of a bit of a pick-me-up.

Yellow and other buttery colors naturally reflect light, which makes any space look even more cheerful. 

3. Light Lavender

Lavenders and purples can bring a calming quality to any room. They’re soft, light and pleasant for the eyes. Light lavender is the perfect shade for a bedroom or nursery, with its soft and soothing presence fit to send anyone to sleep on a cloud of joy. If you’re looking for a bit of an uplifting renovation to bring your room back to life, this sweet hue could be the perfect idea.

4. Warm Brown

Sometimes, dark rooms are perfect just the way they are. Not every dark room needs to be lightened. Often, when a room is deep, dark and moody, there are ways to enhance those qualities and make the most of them. That being said, warm brown tones are a great option for achieving a rich depth in your space.

Browns and other earth tones can bring a soothing coziness that’s perfect for rainy days and evenings in. If you’re looking to paint a study, office, bedroom or cozy den, this could be the perfect shade for you.

5. Deep Red

Another option to utilize the dim lighting and moody ambiance is to go for rosy, rich colors to set the tone. Deep reds and other fiery colors can make a room feel beautiful, homey and a little bit spicy. If you’re looking for a little fun, try out red in the bedroom, or even the bathroom if you’re looking to go a bit unconventional.

Red is also a great color for encouraging socialization, so you can go for it in the den or living room to get the party started. Red can be cozy, sophisticated and elegant. If you’re looking to keep the deep tones in your room but still have a bit of space for play and creativity, red could bring the it factor you need. 

6. Grey

Grey is a perfectly versatile color that can go as light or as dark as you need it to. If you’re on the hunt for a neutral that doesn’t feel as earthy as browns, beiges or taupes, grey could be the perfect option.

Looking for a more industrial look and want to keep the darkness of your room? Go for a hard, steely grey. If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look to bring in some light, a softer grey in the off white family might be more suitable. 

Much like white, grey is a neutral colour that lets the decor do the talking, but it can still lift a space into looking clean and fresh if you want it to. 

The Best Paint Colors to Light Up Dark Rooms

No matter your goal for the space or the mood you’d like to set, there is a perfect color to suit the dark room in your house. You can keep it dim and cozy, or use a couple tricks to lighten and brighten. Your possibilities are endless from the moment you decide to get painting.

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