Need Furniture That Turns Into a Bed? Try These Top Picks

Evelyn Long

Sep 24, 2021


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When you have limited floor space, you may not want to take up a lot of it with a traditional bed. Fortunately, there are several different types of furniture that turns into a bed, adding functionality and saving space. You’ve likely heard of a Murphy bed, but there are many other options available, too. 

The average cost to build an addition on your home runs between $21,091 and $70,170. You can save a lot of money by making the most of the space you have and avoiding the need for additional rooms. One way to avoid adding on space is using pieces of furniture with multiple functions. Here are some ideas for furniture that turns into a bed.

1. Sofa Sleeper

a woman in glasses laying on a grey couch

The good old sofa sleeper has been around for decades. Most of the time, it serves as a place for family and friends to sit. However, if you have an overnight guest or need an extra bed for the night, you simply pull out the sleeper part and have a comfy spot to sleep.

One issue people sometimes encounter with sofa sleepers is an uncomfortable bar that makes the couch difficult to sit on. Make sure you try out the sofa and sit on it for a bit before you buy. No one wants to invest in a piece of furniture that is unusable for the purpose you intend. 

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2. Couch into Bunk Beds

a metal-framed bunk bed

Some of the newer pieces on the market feature couches that transform into twin bunk beds. By releasing a lock and rotating the frame, you suddenly have two spots for guests to sleep. This design also works well for teens who have occasional guests sleep over or a very small room to offer some space saving furnishings.

There are also sofas you can buy that come with converting kits to create two twin bunk beds. Get out and shop to see what’s on the market. Designers come up with new concepts constantly, so you never know what you might find. 

3. Murphy Bed

furniture that turns into a bed

Long used in studio apartments, a Murphy bed looks like a cabinet on the wall when folded up. The bed will take up some space on a specific wall, but many have storage on the sides, such as a cabinet. When folded down, the cabinet becomes a full-size bed. 

If you live in a tiny home or a small apartment, a murphy bed frees up floor space. You’ll feel like the square footage is roomier than it actually is. You can also build your own Murphy bed from the materials you prefer. Try to find something with function when you fold it up, such as a small shelf in front that folds out into a workspace. 

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4. Convertible Armchair

a grey cat sleeping on a cozy red chair

Similar to a sleeper sofa, there are cushy armchairs on the market that fold out into a twin sleeper. As with the sofa sleeper, make sure it is comfortable to sit in the chair for long periods. This is an idea solution for when you have an occasional overnight visitor or your children have cousins spend the night. 

Most of the time, they can use the armchair for reading or playing games. When someone stays over, they simply fold out the chair and have a spot for the person to sleep. 

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5. Ottoman Bed

three large colored ottomans to relax on

Combine this cute little ottoman that folds out into a twin-sized bed with a sleeper sofa and create tons of space for out-of-town guests. The ottomon serves as a place to prop your feet or set your dinner tray. But, when you need more sleeping spots, you simply fold it out and create a cot for whoever needs one. 

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Search Tiny Homes

One way to find furniture that turns into a bed and gain new design ideas is by looking at what people do in their tiny homes. Because space is such a premium in a small house, you’ll find innovative ideas you otherwise might not think of.

Look for ways to use your bed for more than just a bed to make the most from the space. Can you add a bench in the kitchen that converts into bedding, similar to a recreational vehicle? What options take the least floor space but give you more than one purpose for the furniture?

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