5 Best Dusters to Make Your Home Sparkling

Rose Morrison

Apr 13, 2022


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For most homeowners, a spotless home can have you feeling stress-free and overjoyed. Even cleaning the house might be therapeutic at times. Yet, when it comes time to dusting, most homeowners don’t enjoy it as much. 

According to the American Lung Association, 80% of Millennials are aware of the impacts dust exposure has on their overall well-being. However, only 38% of Millennials dust their homes regularly.

It may be the most frustrating part of cleaning since dust is always the most difficult to remove from your house. On the contrary, using some of the best dusters can truly make a difference. And while dusting may not be the highlight of your day, the particles can be a health hazard.

Pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen, dust mites, food crumbs and insect droppings are all components you can breathe in from the air. If prolonged, the exposure can contribute to allergens, asthma and even mental health problems. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours each day removing these unpleasantries.

However, if you’re concerned about dust in your home, make cleaning simpler on you with the best dusters — so you can get that sparkly clean feeling again.

5 Best Dusters to Clean Your Home With

1. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

You might favor this as the best duster for your home as it’s functional and reusable. After a good dusting session, you can remove the head and throw it in the washer. A reusable duster means zero added expenses and no excuse to put cleaning off since you won’t run out of disposable dusters.

What’s great about the OXO Good Grips duster is how lightweight and comfortable it is to use. The duster extends from 24 to 52 inches long for hard-to-reach surfaces, making it easy to clean difficult areas like ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets.

The duster also has a 270 degrees rotation, locking into place at various angles. Moreover, the head has microfibers on all sides, covering larger areas with one swipe. The microfiber head will trap just about anything — no particle stands a chance. 

Ensure you maintain upkeep by avoiding bleach when you wash it since this product can damage its fibers. Air-drying is best suited since the manufacturer recommends you don’t use heat to dry.

2. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty 6 Foot Super Extender

Dusting is no longer a huge feat when you turn to Swiffer. If you’re a fan of a brand new, clean duster every time you dust, the Swiffer brand is it. The electrostatic fibers pick up thrice as much dust as many other brands. In addition, the kit can extend up to 6 feet long, which is why you’ll like it if you have hard-to-reach areas in your home.

Furthermore, the 360 degrees dusters pivot and lock into place so you can grab it and start swiping from all angles. This Swiffer starter kit includes the handle and four duster refills — which you can find online and in most major retailers. However, the disadvantage to using disposable dusters is that it’s not the most eco-friendly solution.

You might like this duster since it’s heavy-duty, and you won’t have to move items around as it’s flexible enough to fit between tight spaces.

3. BOOMJOY Microfiber Feather Duster

The BOOMJOY duster will satisfy your dusting needs as it’s enriched with various features, making cleaning a breeze. You’ll enjoy dusting with this product since it has a flexible, microfiber head — absorbing dust with static cling. So, you don’t have to think about leaving any particles behind. 

What’s more, the steel pole easily extends to 100 inches which is fantastic for high ceilings, tall lamps and out-of-reach corners. The duster head is quite flexible since you can bend it to any angle you desire while reaching for difficult areas. You’ll also find this duster to meet your high expectations — it has a scratch-resistant head and leaves no fibers behind.

Unlike the Swiffer brand, this duster is reusable, and you throw it in the washer after you finish dusting. However, it’s recommended you air-dry, so be careful not to put it in the dryer.

4. DocaPole Dusting Kit 

If you think one type of duster isn’t enough to get the job done, Docazoo’s dusting kit might be right for you. This heavy-duty cleaning kit includes three unique dusters, which you can use by hand or with an extension. The pole extends from 5 to 12 feet long, allowing you to reach up to 20 feet in your home. 

The first duster includes a Chenille microfiber head for maximizing your dusting needs. It’s perfect for light fixtures, window sills and fireplace mantles. Plus, it has a flexible stem, so you can bend it easily while cleaning — and it stays in place.

Next, this kit comes with a Grip n’ clean microfiber duster for easily removing dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places. You can remove it afterward to wash it and let it air-dry. 

The last head is a cobweb duster, which is lightweight — but easy to use when dusting calls for more than what you bargained for in a dirty home. This head is easy to clean, too. You can wash it by rinsing it off with water and soap — and letting it dry. 

Between all three dusters, you can simply switch them out for all levels of cleaning.

5. HIWARE Window Blind Duster Brush

Blinds are no longer an issue to clean when using the HIWARE brush for all your windows. If you dislike cleaning your blinds, you definitely won’t now. Cleaning your blinds will be your new obsession since it’s easy to use for smooth dusting. After spraying down with a dust cleaner, capture dust in every crevice using the tong-like tool. What’s more, you can clean two blinds at once from top to bottom — making dusting even faster than ever.

Although this product is not well-suited for large surfaces, it does get the job done with its microfiber sleeves. Once you finish cleaning, you easily detach the sleeves and place them in your washing machine. This duster is easy to maintain and will keep your blinds looking fresher than your traditional cleaner.

How to Determine Which Duster is Right for You

As busy as you are, finding time to clean can be a challenge in your schedule. You may not want to spend too much time on household chores when you could be relaxing. Buying the best dusters can be the solution, especially when they can ease the work of cleaning. The only question is, which duster is right for you?

Depending on the size of your home and how dirty it gets, these are the factors you’ll need to consider:

  • Pole length: Are there hard-to-reach places inside your home? Consider the stature you’ll need for cleaning fans, ceilings, shelves and more.
  • Adjustability: Having a duster that can shorten or elongate to reach every level of your home is something to think about when purchasing a duster.
  • Durability: Dusters can get dirty after each use. A detachable head safe for washing can prolong the product’s life. Consider this metric and how long it can withstand cleaning before you go out and purchase another.
  • Value: How well does the product perform its duty? You can base this factor upon looking at reviews to help your decision.
  • Price: The best dusters shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Unfortunately, scammers do exist. Whether for premium or single-use, an individual duster shouldn’t cost you more than $20. 

Keeping Your Home Clean With the Best Dusters

You may not love dusting now, but you will with the best dusters listed here. Keeping your home sparkling clean shouldn’t have to be a chore. When you buy a duster that’s right for you, cleaning is simple and reduces its time to do the job.

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