10 Cabin Decor Ideas

Rose Morrison

Jan 5, 2023


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Cabins are fun family vacation spots and good places to escape reality for a little. Whether you want a more modern or rustic space, it’s always nice to do a quick makeover. There are multiple ways to add character, from painting to decorations. Here are ten cabin decor ideas to consider. 

1. Paint With Light Colors 

Painting your walls white can provide a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The lighter hues help bring in natural light and make the space feel larger. If you want to reflect natural elements, you can also go for light blues or greens. Add neutral and comfortable furniture in grays or browns to match the walls. Adding fluffy white rugs can add a sense of warmth, as well. 

2. Create a Rustic Vibe 

Natural decor, such as wood planks, exposed beams, and stone fireplaces, creates a rustic vibe. You can also add some fur rugs or blankets to give off a traditional cabin feel. You might even want to sprinkle in natural accents of leaves and plants. Another thing to keep in mind is to mix in texture through woven blankets or grainy wood. Also, look for handmade furniture from your local thrift store. 

3. Add Some Darker Colors 

Mixing in darker elements is one of the essential cabin decor ideas. Adding darker accents will contrast the lighter colors nicely. Plus, it can create a dramatic and more modern space. Paint a wall or exposed beam black. If a wall seems like too much, you can start by painting the interior of your built-in shelving. Also, warmer colors like oranges or browns can create a cozier setting. You can also add darker colors to decor elements, such as window borders or chairs. 

4. Let In the Natural Light

Since you’re surrounded by nature, let the light in. Having a space that includes plenty of windows is one of the best cabin decor ideas. Natural light can boost your mood and provide vitamin D. Also, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful mountain or lake views. The view is perfect for when you’re sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or entertaining. Also, you waste less energy by taking advantage of sunlight to complete daily tasks.

 5. Repurpose Materials 

Your cabin is the perfect place to add upcycled and repurposed decor. To create a rustic vibe, use mounted antlers. Also, you can use a refinished door as a headboard. It can add more texture to the room and be a unique focal point. You can repurpose old mason jars to display plants as well. Recycling items helps the environment and saves room in your design budget. 

6. Have an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan can make the space feel more inviting. It also makes it easier to get around, especially if you have a larger family or guests staying over. Parents can also watch their kids playing in the living room while cooking dinner. To create an open plan, consider knocking down walls or raising the ceilings. Another way to obtain this setup is to have minimal furniture and clutter. 

7. Install a Fireplace or Create a Fake One

A fireplace is a crucial design piece for any cabin. It allows you and your family to cozy up on colder nights and is the beautiful focal point. However, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still create a similar ambiance. Use your television to load a fake fireplace onto the screen. You can even surround it with log effect fabric to enhance the mood. 

8. Use Freestanding Decor in Your Kitchen 

Cluttering the walls with decor can make a space feel more cramped. Instead, add freestanding units, such as vintage dressers, kitchen islands, and butcher blocks. These can give the room a more relaxed feel while providing storage. To go along with the rustic theme, include natural textures, such as a wooden cutting board. Shop at vintage stores and flea markets to find unique items. 

9. Build a Reading Nook 

Do you enjoy reading or just relaxing on your phone? A cozy nook area is a perfect place to curl up on a lazy afternoon. Pick a comfy chair and add plenty of pillows and blankets. You might also want to add a soft rug to cushion the wood flooring. In addition, add a lamp for extra reading light and old crates for storage. 

10. Use Softer Lighting 

Lighting can make a room feel cozier. Soft, low lighting works well in a cabin. Switch to warmer light bulbs or ones that change shades. You can even string up some twinkly lights for a softer effect. In addition, switch to LED bulbs, which use 75% less energy than incandescent ones. You can also add some character with rustic chandeliers, antler lighting, or lanterns. 

Cabin Decor Ideas

Decorating your space is a fun way to show character. There are many ways you can brighten up the room through paint and lighting. So, follow these cabin decor ideas to make your space stand out. 











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