10 Best Backyard Remodel Ideas

Rose Morrison

Jan 15, 2023

backyard remodel

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Backyards are perfect for enjoying a coffee on a warm summer day. If you have children, they’re a great space for kids to run around in and get exercise. For those who enjoy entertaining, it’s ideal for larger gatherings. So, here are some of the best backyard remodel ideas. 

1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space 

With less ground space, consider looking upward. If you have carpentry skills, you can DIY a tiered garden bed. Using wooden materials will complement nature well. This can give your space a beautiful look and reduce ground-level clutter. 

It also allows family members and guests to move around more easily. Plant some colorful flowers to liven up your space. If you aren’t that crafty, you can purchase vertical garden beds. 

2. Add Built-in Seating 

Seating is essential for a comfortable space. However, furniture can take up lots of room within a smaller area. So, install built-in seating around your yard. You can use the center space for tables or just leave it open. Adding a rug and some lighting can also liven up the backyard. 

Here are a few different seating options to consider:

  • L-shaped bench
  • Curved bench 
  • Garden seating
  • Stonewall seating
  • Deck-perimeter seating 

3. Install a Floating Deck

Instead of having your patio directly off your house, consider placing it in the corner of the yard. If you have a smaller yard, this can give the illusion of a larger space. You can add a table and comfortable chairs to create the perfect relaxing area. 

You can also add a hammock to make it stand out even more. You can even stain the wood and add a pergola for extra shade and style. Keep in mind this project is costly, and you will need to obtain a permit first. It can cost around $4,380-$10,080 to install the deck. 

4. Use a Mix of Ground Cover Materials 

Using the same material for complete landscaping can be boring. Mixing up the ground cover is a good backyard remodel idea to create a visually appealing space. You can use a combination of pavers, rocks or turf. You can even use plants to cover the ground. 

Here are a few common options: 

  • Oregano
  • Chamomile
  • Thyme
  • White clover 
  • Lily turf 

5. Use Multipurpose Materials

You want to use all the space efficiently for those with a smaller backyard. So, consider how you can combine features. For example, a fence can also act as a vertical garden bed. In addition, add some hooks to hang gardening supplies. 

You can add a water fountain to a shaded area. Another idea is to turn a concrete patio into an inground-fire pit. Fire pits are excellent for bonfire nights and increase your home’s resale value. 

6. Add an Inground Plunge Pool 

A large pool may not be within the budget and can be harder to maintain. However, a plunge pool takes up limited space. So, you can cool down on a warmer summer day without feeling crowded. This pool is shallower and designed for lounging. 

It will be a costly up-front purchase of about $20,000. Although, if you live in a humid climate, it could be worth the investment. Just be sure to brush the walls daily to remove algae and dirt. 

7. Add On to the Side of the House

Even if you have a smaller backyard, you can expand to the side of the house. Add a pathway and privacy fence to create a secluded area. You can also add comfortable seating and lighting, such as decorative lanterns. 

This also gives you more room in the back to add standout features, like a fire pit. Plus, you’re not wasting space and letting weeds grow around the house.

8. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are the best backyard remodel ideas to increase resale value. However, it can cost between $2,700-$10,000 to create. Keep in mind the kitchen can be minimal, with simply a grill and seating area. If you want to get fancier, you can include a pizza oven, a television or outside fans. 

It’s also an ideal place to host dinner parties or enjoy a summer meal with the family. Plus, if you cook regularly, it gives you a change of scenery. 

9. Define Spaces 

Your backyard is used for multipurpose, such as kids playing or dogs running around. So, define these different spaces using hedges, flower beds or fencing. This can make the area feel more organized and less chaotic. Plus, it will be more visually appealing. 

Here are a few areas you can create:

  • Lounging zone
  • Gardening station
  • Pet yard
  • Kid zone
  • Section for grill and wet bar

10. Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An ADU is an additional living space on a single-family lot. So, adding one to your landscape design provides an enclosed outdoor space. You can use it as a home office, guest suite or workout area. 

If you don’t want to build it from scratch, prefab units are an option. Just remember to obtain a permit and follow local zoning laws. Also, make sure you have the time and money to start the project. 

The Best Backyard Remodel Ideas

Your yard is a place to relax and entertain, so you want it to be functional and cozy. You can do many different things, like adding seating or an outdoor kitchen. Consider trying at least one backyard remodel idea to revamp your space. 

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