What to Do With an Extra Room: Spare Space Ideas

Rose Morrison

Jan 25, 2021


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You can use a spare room for almost any purpose – whether you want to create a guest bedroom or a kids’ playroom, it’s all up to your needs. However, because this empty space can be so versatile, it’s not always easy to know where to start. If you’re stumped, it’s smart to consider what space would work best for your lifestyle.

Here are a few ideas on what to do with an extra room.

1. A Quiet Library

a woman sitting on a wooden floor reading books in front of bookshelves

There’s no better use for your space if you’re an avid reader. You may think libraries only exist inside old mansions, but it’s possible to build your own cozy nook at home. You don’t even need too much room. Soon enough, you’ll have a quiet space to relax whenever you want to escape with a book. You can also use this room as an office if you have enough space to add a desk.

There are many ways to build a bookcase for your library. You could try built-in nooks or simple shelves to house your books. After you install it, it’s time to add some furniture and accessories. Try to place at least two chairs inside the room. This way, there’ll be enough space for more than one person to read. Feel free to incorporate bean bags for your kids, too.

Then, add a side table with a cute lamp. Arrange your books on the bookcase so the spines face outward. You can stack them vertically and horizontally for a little variety. You can also incorporate candles and other trinkets to tie the room together.

2. A Craft Room

a sewing graph with a variety of art supplies and sewing stuff

Are you a crafty person? An at-home craft room can provide a dedicated space for you to paint, sew and more. You won’t need to keep your supplies tucked away inside your garage or basement. Instead, you’ll have enough room to keep up with your favorite hobby. How’s that for a functional area?

Start with counter space. You should estimate how much you’ll need to complete your projects. You could try a large table or a smaller desk – whatever makes the most sense for your chosen hobby. Make sure you have several storage options to keep your supplies organized. You could also add a computer if you like to download design outlines or search for inspiration online.

3. A Home Theater

a white Epson projector resting on a table and powered on

Why not use your spare room to build your dream home theater? You don’t need much space to construct a media room that works for your family. If you don’t have a dedicated TV space, your family likely watches TV wherever you normally gather, like the family room. You can create a more peaceful downstairs area when you move your TV and other video electronics to a separate room.

You can easily build a media console if you want to try a DIY project. It may also be a fun idea to try a projector for a genuine movie theater feel. Add a sectional for a comfy space where everyone can relax and view. Other elements like a small bar cart can be a fun way to store food and drinks for film nights.

4. A Fitness Center

a variety of gym equipment in a room

Whether or not you’re a fitness enthusiast, it may be beneficial to turn your spare space into a home gym. This environment can give you the extra push you need to stay healthy all year. If your kids play sports, it’ll also help them pursue their fitness goals throughout the seasons. With a few simple tricks, you can create a functional home gym without a massive budget.

Aside from added equipment, you won’t need to make too many changes to your space. If you already have a carpeted floor, keep it. It’ll provide an extra layer between you and your mat as you work out. Feel free to add an area rug if you need a softer surface. Then, it’s time to add whatever equipment you need. You can incorporate any design aspects you’d like – or keep your room plain and to-the-point. 

Don’t forget to keep a speaker on hand for your favorite workout jams. If you’re not sure what to do with an extra room, it’s always a smart idea to think about your goals. If you want to become more fit, there’s no better solution than a home gym.

5. A Home Office or Study Space

a simple. neutral home office with a desk and an endtable

You don’t have to work remotely to benefit from a home office. This area can help you escape whenever you need to finish a project or send some emails. It could also be beneficial to turn your spare room into a study space for your kids. You won’t have to dedicate your kitchen table to homework sessions any longer.

In any case, you’ll want to start with a desk. Choose an arrangement that fits your needs – if you require space to keep diagrams and other documents, it’s smart to buy a desk with a wider surface area. You can also install shelves or cabinets to store items you don’t want to clutter your desk space. Remember to accessorize with art and other trinkets to put a personal spin on things.

If you want to build a study area, you can take the same approach as you would for the office – but you’ll want to take a more communal approach. Try a large table with a few chairs, as well as individual cabinets or lockers where your kids can keep their specific supplies.

Transform Your Extra Room With These Fun Suggestions

If you don’t need a guest bedroom, it’s time to have a little fun with your spare space. There are so many options, whether you’d love to have a home library or a fitness center. Try these ideas if you’re not sure what to do with an extra room.

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