What is a Gas Plumber? And When You Need One

Evelyn Long

Jan 26, 2023


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Natural gas is a valuable resource used in many buildings around the world to heat and fuel various sources. However, it’s a tricky gas that can get complex and even dangerous. If you experience issues with a natural gas line or appliance, it’s time to involve a gas plumber. 

Here’s everything to know about gas plumbers, including what issues they can correct and how to be one yourself. 

Who Are Gas Plumbers?

Just as a water plumber handles pipes and water lines, these ones handle natural gas and its associated lines and apparatuses. 

Natural gas fuels many home appliances and heating and cooling devices that make your home comfortable with convenient features. 

You should only work with natural gas if you have professional experience. Without the proper skill and precautions, you and your household could suffer from natural gas poisoning or an explosion. These serious consequences aren’t worth trying to save the cost of hiring a professional. 

Gas plumbers are contractors with certification and experience handling natural gas projects and can safely complete the installation, 

What Problems Should They Handle?

Gas plumbers can handle a variety of projects involving natural gas lines. You should call a plumber for issues involving gas-powered dryers, stoves, heaters, water heaters, air conditioning systems and grills

If you suspect a line leak or break outside your home, contact your utility provider, who should send a plumber to investigate. 

The smell tells you if there is a leak in or around your home. On its own, natural gas has no odor. Since it’s also colorless, the lack of identifying features could be extremely dangerous. To mitigate this; gas companies add the harmless but smelly chemical mercaptan. It creates a “rotten egg” smell that lets you know when something is wrong. 

If you smell natural gas, contact a gas plumber or your gas provider immediately, put out any open flames, do not use lights or electronics and leave home until a professional gives you further instructions. 

How to Become a Gas Plumber

A gas plumber can be a lucrative career for many people in the construction industry. It’s an important job that can help a lot of people. 

While every state has its qualifications, a gas plumber typically needs a high school diploma and an apprenticeship before they get licensed. By networking with industry professionals, you can find the right apprenticeship to learn the ropes of being a gas plumber. 

Once you get a license from the state, you can begin building a client base and performing the work you trained for. 

The average gas plumber makes $58,000 a year, while some make an income of  $88,000. 

Choosing a Gas Plumber for Your Next Project

Many contractors exist to handle your home repairs, and a gas plumber is an important resource if you have natural gas coming into your home. 

As tempting as it is for you or a friend to try and repair gas issues, resist the urge. Natural gas works require a professional with the knowledge and experience to handle this dangerous but necessary energy source.

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