Decorate Your Tree With These Unique Christmas Ornaments

Rose Morrison

Dec 1, 2020

unique christmas ornaments

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Christmas is a great way to spend quality time with your family while cozying up by the fireplace. The holiday wouldn’t be complete without the perfect tree, but years of using the same ornaments might make you feel a little bored with the same old style. Luckily, we have suggestions to jazz up your holiday decorations with some offbeat ideas.

Decorating the tree with ornaments can be a fun family bonding activity. You probably already have your lights and garland ready to be strung out along with your traditional colored bulb ornaments. But what about exploring some unusual ornament ideas?

7 Distinctive Ornaments That Will Make Your Tree Stand Out

This Christmas, consider adding more unique Christmas ornaments to your tree. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Metallic Ornaments

brightly colored metallic unique Christmas ornaments

Many people place red and green colored ornaments on their Christmas trees. To make your tree more unique, try adding metallic embellishments to create a gold or silver accent. Also, think about using other colored ornaments besides reds and greens, such as purples.

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2. Pinecones

silver glittery pinecones on a tree

Consider adding pinecone ornaments to your tree to make it more individualized. Glittering or sparkling pine cones can make your tree look even more special. These baubles allow you to stray from standard Christmas decorations, such as Santas and snowmen.

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3. Disco Balls

a variety of hanging multicolored disco balls

Another unique Christmas ornament is a smaller-sized disco ball. These decorations can make your tree sparkle and shine while bringing in a sense of fun. They also add a natural color to complement the brighter red and green ornaments already on your tree.

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4. Candy Decorations

a woman holding candy canes in a heart in front of a lit tree

Candy baubles can add a sense of sweetness to your overall Christmas design. Try adding some lollypop, peppermint, or gingerbread house ornaments to your tree! These decorations also incorporate classic Christmas colors, such as red, but are still unique.

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5. Feathers

a variety of light feathers with darker tips

To help fill in those gaps in the branches of your tree, consider adding feathers. They also add a layer of fluff, making your tree even more unique. Feathers also provide a different texture than your traditional plastic ornaments.

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6. Flowers

a group of red poinsettias

Consider placing a few flowers in between the branches to add a more natural look to your tree. You can either keep it classic and stick with a single color scheme or mix it up and have multiple color schemes at once to create a statement piece.

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7. Homemade Ornaments

homemade cotten ornament

Here are some homemade bauble ideas to try:

  • Vintage paper ornaments: Customize these decorations by cutting out unique shapes and adding your personal design touches to them.
  • Popsicle snowflake ornaments: Enjoy a popsicle and then turn the leftover popsicle sticks into a classical Christmas symbol, with just glue, embroidery thread, and paint.
  • Colorful rhinestone baubles: Take your plastic ornaments and simply attach rhinestones and ribbon to add a more personalized touch. 
  • Gradient decorations: Add spray paint to solid color bulbs to create a gradient color design for your traditional Christmas trinkets. 
  • Twig decorations: To make these decorations, go outside and pick up sticks from the yard. Then use embroidery thread and glue to create unique patterns and shapes, such as stars. 
  • Rudolph ornaments: To stick with the Christmas theme, take a plastic Christmas bulb and add a face, ears, and a red nose to it.
  • Paper Candle designs: Instead of using the traditional plastic clip-on candles, consider making your candle design out of paper.

Best Places to Shop for Your Unique Christmas Ornaments 

To make your tree stand out, you need to know the right places for more individualized ornaments. Here are some stores to consider.


This store offers a wide selection of Christmas ornaments in all different styles. Due to its larger selection size, you are more likely to find something that matches what you’re looking for. It also has affordable prices and a more straightforward online selection process.

West Elm 

This shop provides monochromatic ornaments to help match your personalized decorations. They also have more fun options, such as hipster pug, to make your tree stand out. Their prices are higher, but their brand encompasses a more unique style than more traditional retailers.

Cost Plus World Market

They offer various quirky ornament options to make your tree more customized, from festively dressed Christmas pigs to Santa riding a rocket. They also provide milder decorations such as nutcrackers and stars. Their prices are reasonable as well.

Bed Bath and Beyond

They offer collectible ornaments from in-style brands such as Waterford, Lenox, Swarovski, Wedgwood, and Spode. These ornaments made out of crystal or china provide an elegant aesthetic to your Christmas decor. To add that individual touch, you can also personalize certain items, such as graduation ornaments.


This is the perfect place for finding unique Christmas ornaments. They provide crafty decor that can make your tree more customized. Suppose you have a specific design in mind? This is a good place to start looking. Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes the seller to deliver your purchase varies, so plan accordingly.


If you’re looking to craft your own ornaments, Michael’s has the supplies you need. It also has a well-organized online site to make purchasing from home more convenient. If you are not as crafty, their selection also has some partially customized, wood-cut, or plaster ornaments that you can color. 

Decorating With Unique Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the tree is a popular Christmas tradition. There are the lights, garland, brightly colored bulbs, and the star on top. However, if you want your tree to stand out from your neighbors, try incorporating unique Christmas ornaments, such as metallic bulbs, candy decorations, pinecones, or homemade ornaments, into your design.

Consider shopping at local retailers like Target for a more comprehensive selection or more personalized brands such as Etsy to find the right fit for your Christmas decor. Then, there are always craft fairs and smaller boutique shops. Starting your search early can help you uncover the perfect ornament every time!

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