Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas for an Off-Beat Holiday

Evelyn Long

Dec 4, 2020

alternative christmas tree ideas

You might be totally ready to deck the halls and bring a bit of sparkle into your home this season. However, you might not have the space for a tree this year, you may be short on time to find the perfect one or you might be on the hunt for something a bit more environmentally friendly. Why not try one of these alternative Christmas tree ideas?

There are plenty of options that might just strike your fancy. From quick fixes to decked-out DIY projects, your Christmas cheer has so many directions it could go. All you need to do is pick your favorite.

1. Wall Christmas Tree

If space is your issue this year, a wall tree could be the perfect solution for you. As long as you have a bit of wall space with some room underneath for a few presents, you’ll be all set. Wall trees can use anything that strikes your fancy.

While pinning Christmas lights in the shape of a tree is a great start, you can fill the space with art, chalkboard decorations or even photos of you and your loved ones. This project is highly flexible, as it can be a family fun DIY or a quick afternoon project amid the busyness.

2. Driftwood Christmas Tree

If you’re a lover of all things eco-friendly and want to take sustainability to heart this year, this one is completely up your alley. Driftwood Christmas trees have a natural, rustic look that could work in a variety of settings — from your bohemian sanctuary to your quaint country home.

Driftwood trees are based on natural materials and can make for a unique collection of wood and sticks that you and your family collect together. This makes the tree personal and special.

3. Cake or Cookie Trees

If you’re looking to avoid waste, storage and other qualms of big decorations, you can try a tree that disappears naturally — into everyone’s bellies, that is.

Cake trees can work like a stack, and cookie trees can work on tiered plates or a simple pile. You can go with holiday flavors, even mixing up as many cookie types as you see fit. Include edible decorations that make it look more festive, and everyone will eat it right up.

4. The Book Tree

Book lovers all across the web will know about the book stack tree, and though it’s relatively straightforward, there’s so much you can do with it. Since all you need are your own books to make the stack, this one is perfect for a night in.

There are so many different stacking techniques you can try — so experiment and find one that’s just right for you and your style. You can even add lights or decorations if that strikes your fancy.

5. Seasonal Plants

You might have a bit more of a subdued, mature style, or you simply love to think outside the box. Whatever your reason may be, plant lovers of all kinds can appreciate alternative foliage options.

While a tree is cut down to go into your house, a poinsettia or amaryllis, for example, can stay potted among the presents and stockings. Look into the seasonal plants in your area and see what dazzles your spirits. This way, you can keep your plant long past the season’s end and even use it next year.

6. Christmas Ladder

While ladders may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of the holidays, they can make for a fun and funky design choice.

Ladders take much less time and effort than trees, but they still give that vertical angle and offer the perfect space for present stacking underneath. You can use lights, ornaments and twine to make it truly unique.

Get Creative With Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

While traditional Christmas trees are beautiful, you can go against the grain and find something unique this year. There are so many fun design choices and DIY options — no matter your style or skill level, you’ll find a tree that gets the whole house into the holiday spirit.

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