Top She-Shed Must-Have Items

Rose Morrison

Nov 13, 2020

she shed must haves

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Did you get in on the she-shed craze? Maybe your name isn’t “Cheryl,” like in the State Farm commercial, but you nevertheless deserve a room of your own. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s a she-shed primer. It’s like the female version of a man-cave, but it’s typically a detached structure. Like the gentlemen, ladies vary their purposes for these tiny getaways. Instead of choosing between a game room or study decor, they might do anything from outfitting a personal yoga studio to building a craft barn. 

She-sheds also offer women a place to socialize without the presence of men. No matter how much you love your spouse or partner, it’s sometimes refreshing to get away and gab with a friend. 

Since a she-shed can serve many purposes, you can customize your lair. However, the 50 items below bring style to fitness rooms and doctoral study areas alike.  

1. Balconara Self-Watering Window Box 

brown woven self watering window box

Your she-shed exterior welcomes you inside — why not make it speak the language of flowers? If you tend to forget your houseplants, this self-watering model will keep your peonies perky with minimal maintenance. $68.99 at Wayfair

2. Holmo Floor Lamp With LED Bulb 

tall, white floor lamp for a she shed

LED lights last considerably longer than traditional bulbs, and they cast a more flattering glow.  You can tuck one of these stylish lamps in any corner and illuminate your entire space. $12.99 at Ikea

3. Albury Freestanding Electric Fireplace 

white electric faux fireplace with TV

On frigid winter days, you want to keep your tootsies toasty in your she-shed, but connecting it to your home’s HVAC system can prove problematic. However, this freestanding electric fireplace keeps your cave comfortably warm without taking up excess space. $199 at Home Depot

4. Whirlpool Mini Stainless Steel Refrigerator 

silver whirlpool mini fridge

You don’t want to have to stroll back to your kitchen to refill your glass. With this mini dorm-style refrigerator, you’ll always have your favorite beverage chilled and waiting to slake your thirst. $109.99 at Target.

5. Alessio Loveseat 

a must-have plush, comfy cream love seat

You need the perfect place for intimate girlfriend gab and lazy Sunday afternoon naps. You’ll find it in this Alessio loveseat that won’t take up excess space but offers a cozy spot for speaking and sleeping. $479.99 at Ashley

6. OXO Brew Electric Tea Kettle 

a silver and black electric kettle with boiling water

When you want an extra cuppa on a chilly morning, you don’t want to have to dart back across the dewy lawn in your bare feet. Save yourself from the cold with an electric tea kettle that keeps your brew warm and ready. $79.99 at Amazon

7. Drinking Gray Kitty Wine Bottle Holder

a cat wine holder looking like it's drinking from the bottle

You’d never give your tabby a taste of your tempranillo, but this adorable bottle holder adds whimsical style to your she-shed decor. Plus, when your best friend and neighbor pops by, you can raise your glasses effortlessly. $20.95 at Houzz

8. Butler Vance Cottage Bookcase

wooden bookshelf

Maybe you can’t fit your entire library in your she-shed, but you want to keep a few volumes handy for curling up for a quiet read. This tiny bookcase holds just enough titles to give you variety and space for a houseplant or two. $76.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond

9. Lorelei Bifocal Reading Specs

floral bifocal reading glasses

Do your eyes grow bleary by days’ end after working on the computer? If you still want a quiet place to unwind and complete a crossword without overhearing your spouse’s news broadcast, invest in these bifocal reading specs to help you see the clues. $19.95 at Readers

10. Wood Slice Coffee and Crafts Table 

an oddly shaped wooden craft table

If you occasionally knit in your she-shed, you need a place to keep your yarn and other supplies handy. This stylish coffee table doubles as space to work on creating that afghan you plan to give as a holiday gift. $229.99 at World Market

11. Snake Plant Laurentii Houseplant 

a spiraling green snake plant in a terra cotta pot

Snake plants require relatively little maintenance, making them ideal for the novice green thumb. Plus, they clean indoor air, keeping your she-shed smelling fresh. 

12. Essential Oil and Diffuser Gift Set

a variety of essential oils with a diffuser

You want the air to smell welcoming, but you can’t bake cookies in your she-shed. Plus, paraffin wax candles can release harmful toxins. Stay clean and “scent”sational with this essential oil and diffuser set instead. $63.73 at Oneself Wonderful Scents

13. Antimony Boho Fabric Square Pouf

a beige woven fabric footrest

Sometimes, a woman needs to kick up her weary dogs. Do so in style with this fashionable alternative to a traditional ottoman. $112.99 at Overstock

14. A French Fries Understand Throw Pillow

a french fries decaled white throw pillow

When you curl up for your nap, you need a place to rest your weary head. Dream of your favorite fast-food treat on this whimsical throw pillow. $21.65 at RedBubble

15. Jasper Area Rug 

a brown plush shag rug

If you throw down a yoga mat in your she-shed, it helps to have a soft surface for doing inversions. Have no fear of headstands with this plush shag area rug. $65 and up at Rugs Direct.

16. Exotic Garden Blackout Curtains

dark floral curtains

Everyone needs a nap sometimes, so escape to your she-shed and shut out the sun for the ultimate nap. Get a colorful, bold print to make your windows an extra useful statement piece. $119 at Society6.

17. Edison Bulb String Lights

stringed Edison lights

Lights should create ambiance while brightening the room, which is easy to do with Edison bulbs. They show off exposed filaments for a retro vibe that reduces stress as soon as you walk into the room. $79 at Pottery Barn.

18. Breville Bambino Espresso Machine

a stainless steel espresso machine

Perk yourself up with a little espresso brewed right in your favorite spot at home. Fit an espresso machine on a counter or a shelf for instant access to your favorite caffeinated beverage. $300 at Williams Sonoma.

19. Artificial Potted ZZ Plant

a stone potted plant with greenery

You don’t need a green thumb to add a little life to your she-shed. Place an artificial potted plant in an empty corner to fill the vertical space that might otherwise prove challenging to decorate. $199 at Crate and Barrel.

20. Bambi Craft Tower

a white craft tower with shelves and drawers

Whether you love to paint, sew or make paper art, you’ll benefit from a craft tower. Organize all your supplies and pin your ideas onto a built-in corkboard so no matter when you find time away for yourself, you’re always ready to create. $435 at Wayfair.

21. The Buddy Bed

a grey dog bed with a golden retriever laying in it

Your pup may follow you into your she-shed for extra time together, so give them a comfortable bed. They’ll relax in padded comfort that mimics the shape of a dog’s natural den. $190 at Toby & Ace.

22. Hacienda Candleholders Set

tall vintage-looking candle stands in different heights

Lighting candles isn’t enough to set the mood for tranquility. They also need matching bases to transform into a decorative piece that adds another layer to your room. $150 at Grandin Road.

23. Yoga Mat Wall Rack

a yoga mat wall organizer with three yoga mats on it

Yoga becomes much less stress-relieving when it creates a piled mess in your corner after every virtual class. Hanging a yoga mat wall rack in your private space prevents clutter by making organization easy and instant. $139 at Anthropologie.

24. Uxbridge Smart Bluetooth Speaker

a bluetooth speaker shaped like an amp

The best way to enjoy any space is to fill it with music. A smart Bluetooth speaker will connect to any of your devices whenever you want to have a dance party by yourself or play background music while your friends are over. $200 at Target.

25. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

a pink arm woven blanket draped over a white chair

The chunky knit blanket trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Get one for your she-shed so you have something that’s the perfect weight for cuddling and keeping warm during your favorite movies and TV shows. $72 at Overstock.

26. Secret Storage Ottoman

an open grey storage ottoman

An ottoman will soften your sitting area and give your feet something to rest on, but it can also double as storage space. Keep extra shoes, blankets or board games in your ottoman to remove any clutter from your private space. $182 at Ashley HomeStore.

27. Agate Charcuterie Board

a crystal geode cheeseboard

Invite your friends over for the holidays or host a girls’ night and provide the perfect snack arrangement with a charcuterie board. The agate base and gold trim make it a decorative statement piece whenever you’re not using it. $78 at Anthropologie.

28. Automatic Wine Opener & Preserver

an electric wine opener with a glass of red wine next to it

When you want to relax, the last thing you should worry about is struggling to open a wine bottle. An automatic opener makes it easy to pour a glass of your preferred wine and even makes the bottle last longer if you don’t finish it in one sitting. $60 at Wine Enthusiast Catalog.

29. Wire Wall Organizer

a metal wall organizer with various trinkets

Wire organizers make your space more customizable. Rearrange miniature shelves and baskets to accommodate whatever you need to organize on your wall. $26 at Amazon.

30. Blaire Smart Storage Desk

a white desk with many drawers and office supplies

Your future desk should inspire your creative side and streamline your productivity. A smart desk will give you extensive storage space and built-in electrical outlets so you never have to deal with low batteries. $1,200 at Pottery Barn Teen.

31. Curved Terrace Side Table

a golden metal side table in a pink room

Add a little mid-century flair to your she-shed with a curved side table and metallic edging. You’ll always have a place for lamps and coffee mugs next to your new couch or accent chair. $200 at West Elm.

32. YouCopia Tea Bag Stand

a tea organizer with yellow and purple tea bags

Enjoy a hot mug of your favorite tea without the hassle of searching for a new tea bag in the back of a cabinet. A stand organizer shows off your collection and gives you a heads up whenever you’re running low. $25 at The Container Store.

33. Top Fin Half Moon Fish Tank

half crescent fish tank

If plants aren’t your thing, a sleek fish tank will add life to your she-shed without requiring experience with taking care of fish. Adopt a few goldfish or guppies who are always ready to hang out when you need time away from the world. $90 at PetSmart.

34. Infinite-Use Air Fryer

a silver air fryer with fried inside

Who can say no to endless fresh French fries and perfectly crispy chicken tenders? An air fryer makes it easy to satisfy any fried food craving without any bulky plastic appliances ruining the aesthetic of your space. $120 at Kohl’s.

35. Faux Fur Slippers

pink fluffy slippers

After getting home from your next pedicure, slip into a cozy pair of faux fur slippers! They’ll keep your feet warm and elevate your loungewear with a touch of luxury. $29 at Nordstrom.

36. Possini Euro Marten Hanging Mirror

a gold rimmed geometric mirror

Mirrors open up a room by creating the appearance of more space. Hang one with a geometric design that matches other interior design elements to expand even the smallest corner of your she-shed. $300 at Lamps Plus.

37. Pivoting Power Outlet Strip

a black pivoting extension cord in a circle shape

You never know what you’ll need to recharge next. A pivoting power outlet strip gives you multiple plugs for all of your electronics that you can reach from any angle in the room. $30 at Amazon.

38. Authentic Decorative Books

a variety of books tied together with twine

Decorative books fill any shelf without requiring you to read them first. Find a set in a color that matches your existing furniture or decor so they fit right in with your space. $100 at Havenly.

39. Pet Cords Protectors

a bag of pet cord protectors

If you have more than a few cords in your she-shed, you might worry that your dog or cat might chew on them while they’re bored. Pet cord protectors extend the life of your chargers by insulating the cords with material that they can’t piece with their teeth. $16 at Amazon.

40. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

white wallpaper with slanted lines design

Splash a little color and character around your she-shed without jumping into a multi-day paint job. Peel and stick wallpaper is a quick way to redesign your space without committing to anything permanent or ruining your walls. $57 at The Home Depot.

41. She-Shed Sign

a sign with she shed written on it against a greenery wreath

Men get to hang signs that warn people not to enter their man caves, so why not get a sign of your own? It’s a decorative way to claim your space and celebrate the hard work you put into designing it. $10 on Etsy.

42. Gold and Glass Hexagon Shelving

golden metallic hexagonal shelving

Honeycomb shelves are the latest way to add flare to your walls and maximize storage space. Set up your favorite framed pictures and trinkets on the eye-catching shelving arrangement to claim a new design look for your room. $70 at World Market.

43. Indoor Herb Garden Box

a weathered wooden herb garden with herbs

Anyone who wishes they had a backyard garden can still grow plants with an indoor herb garden box. The rustic wood fits with most design schemes and adds relaxing herbal aromas whenever your plants begin to sprout. $38 at True Leaf Market.

44. Gallery Wall Picture Frame Set

a black framed gallery wall with black and white photos

Filling empty wall space might feel intimidating, but gallery wall picture frame sets show you exactly how to hang photos like an expert. Swap out new photos over the years for a long-lasting decorative addition to your she-shed. $50 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

45. Coffee Table Bucket List Book

a book titled "The Bucket List"

Every coffee table deserves a centerpiece, like a book with a colorful jacket. Use it as an ice breaker by picking a book that starts conversations and deepens your friendships. $35 at Anthropologie.

46. Decorative Set of Vases

a variety of ceramic pots in different colors

The right vase will look great in your room throughout every season. Arrange a decorative set on shelves and countertops so your bouquets sit at different heights and match whatever seasonal decor you pull out of storage. $28 at Crate & Barrel.

47. Liz Clairborne Matching Bathroom Towels

a variety of multicolored bath towels for a she shed

If your she-shed has a bathroom, you have to have matching towels. They’ll refine the small space and add texture to a room that’s typically empty and cold. $11 at JCPenney.

48. Xbox S With Controllers

A white X Box S with a controller

Spend your next girl’s night battling monsters and conquering new worlds with the latest video game console. You’ll have endless options for fun and exploration without ever leaving the couch. $490 at Newegg.

49. Billyjack Bar With Wine Storage

a dark brown wooden bar stand with wine storage

Store wine, liquors and all your fanciest glasses in a trendy, modern indoor bar. The clean lines and marbled surface work with any existing decor and prevent clutter with extra drawers for wine stoppers or barware. $225 at Wayfair.

50. iRobot Roomba i7+

a black roomba with a phone and a port

You’ll never have to vacuum your she-shed with an automatic vacuum robot that swivels around every furniture leg. It recharges itself, too, so you don’t have to look at piles of pet hair or crumbs while you wait for the battery to get up to speed. $800 at Lowe’s.

How to Choose a Location for Your She-Shed

The best location for your she-shed is the one that works with your current space and budget. Don’t take out a loan to build an extra room onto your house if you already have a small office or screened porch. Consider which places in your living space make you feel most comfortable or at peace. You’ll narrow down your options and start decorating your favorite spot in your home.

Furnish Your She-Shed With These 50 Must-Have Items 

You want your she-shed to drip your signature style. Get a head start on your decor with these 50 must-have items. 

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