5 Tiny Home Ideas for Design Inspiration

Evelyn Long

Jan 18, 2023


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The tiny home movement has taken residential design by storm, allowing people to downsize significantly and simplify their lives by living with less. While this stylish micro-home isn’t everyone’s taste, the minimalist lifestyle comes with many benefits. For example, it’s much easier to take your tiny house on the road or operate them on the grid or self-sustainingly. 

Residents also tend to save a lot of money with a tiny house. According to The Tiny Life, 68% of homeowners have no mortgage to worry about, while 55% claim to have more savings than residents of traditional homes. 

However, living in a house that measures at most a few hundred square feet may have you wondering how you can maximize the space for ultimate comfort. 

Builders have many innovative ideas for making your small dwelling an extraordinary place to live. If you’re interested in micro-living, here are five designs that’ll make a tiny house feel more like home.

1. Tiny House On Wheels

Imagine waking up to mountains and falling asleep with a sea view. A tiny house on wheels allows you the luxury of mobility as you take your home with you wherever you desire.

Ideal for the adventurous person who prefers flexibility and an alternative lifestyle, you won’t be restricted to one location. Even though you’ll still need to find somewhere to park a tiny home, such as an RV lot or campsite, you’ll save on property taxes and land costs.  

2. Optimized Storage Space

When it comes to your belongings, you’ll need to get creative with optimizing storage space in your tiny home. Sure, you’ll find yourself living more frugally and needing fewer belongings; however, you’ll still need somewhere to store what you have. 

Make use of every nook and cranny in your tiny home. Cabinetry in the kitchen can hold plates and utensils, while a couch or bench seating might come with a hidden compartment with a lift top. Consider adding accessible storage underneath the floorboards—and, of course, let’s not forget storage space under the bed. 

3. Cozy Loft Areas

Tiny houses have limited space, making loft areas highly favored design features. Use your loft as a bedroom, lounge area or reading nook with a comfortable mattress, blankets and pillows. 

Incorporate one larger bed for two people or add two twin-size mattresses with a divider for more privacy. Your loft might include open shelving or a small built-in bookcase for your personal belongings. Depending on the layout and size of your tiny home, you might also have a staircase leading up to your nook or a ladder you can climb. 

4. Natural Light

Your tiny home will likely feel somewhat dark and claustrophobic without natural light poking through. When designing your tiny home, add plenty of side windows and perhaps even a few skylights to make the space feel more open and spacious. 

You won’t need as many skylights as you would in a traditional home, allowing you to save some money on installation. Skylights are also excellent for stargazing at night in the countryside or a forest. Likewise, side windows deliver gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape.

5. Roof Deck

If your tiny home happens to have a flat roof, installing a roof deck is a great way to utilize extra space. Add a ladder or pull-down staircase with safety railings and turn your rooftop into an area for sunset gazing, yoga, gardening and picnicking. You may even be able to squeeze in a small barbecue for outdoor grilling during the warmer months.

Residents interested in a rooftop area for their tiny home should plan the space early on in the design process. Consider the materials needed to support your roof, your access points and any safety measures you’ll require to ensure it doesn’t cave in or leak. 

Be Inspired by Tiny Home Living

How could you not be excited with so many tiny home ideas you can incorporate into your new house? Of course, these five suggestions are only a handful of features you can include in your design. Work with your tiny home builder to develop a plan that meets all of your minimalistic needs as you venture into your new lifestyle. 

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