5 Stunning Master Bathroom Designs

Rose Morrison

Oct 26, 2021


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A master bathroom can get transformed into your private oasis with the right master bathroom designs at play. Alongside the kitchen, bathrooms are one area of a home that can greatly increase its resale value after renovating it.

Many new home buyers search for properties with newer bathrooms and kitchens. If you plan on selling your house soon, investing in a new bathroom could help you make more money after closing. It makes sense, right? In the meantime, you can enjoy your new bathroom and the sleek design that you choose. A master bedroom must be equipped with an equally nice bathroom.

Here are 5 stunning master bathroom designs for your next home renovation.

1. Contemporary Master Bathroom

a stunning master bathroom design

One of the most popular design styles today are contemporary master bathroom designs. With clean lines and minimal decor, these bathrooms are sleek and modern. A contemporary bathroom values simplicity over extravagance, making them ideal for those who want to keep their homes tidy and uncluttered. In addition, this style of bathroom is more open by design. 

A contemporary master bathroom design will contain smooth, hard surfaces like tiled walls and floors to maximize floor space. Lastly, this Master Bathroom design typically uses neutral colors for decorative items, such as beige and white.

2. Luxurious Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom design is the best upgrade for your home because it provides a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The bathrooms offer comfort and relaxation while also providing an opportunity to escape the stresses of daily life. 

Luxurious bathrooms contain high-end fixtures like marble or granite countertops, custom cabinetry, glass showers, heated towel racks, heated floors (in colder climates), water closets with bidet functionality, and designer lighting systems (for mood-setting). Choosing the design will also allow you to enjoy spa-like amenities like aromatherapy diffusers or candles and, of course, a good sound system to help you relax.

3. Rustic And Cabin-Like

The rustic and cabin-like decor is not only beautiful, but it also evokes a sense of being in nature, which can be soothing to those suffering from anxiety or depression. The rustic look doesn’t have to get limited to the walls; a vanity that resembles an old-fashioned wood stove, or a cabinet made of logs, for example, can carry the cabin theme into the furniture.

Cabin-style bathrooms are ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors because they transport you back to nature even when you’re at home! Besides, rustics are also suitable for those who prefer modern conveniences such as walk-in showers with built-in bench seats, as they combine the rustic look with the modern feel.

4. Spa-Inspired Bathroom

The spa-inspired bathroom is a beautiful master bathroom design that allows homeowners to unwind in the comfort of their own homes. The design provides the ultimate in relaxation, with luxurious finishes and beautiful fixtures.

You can bring spa elements into your home in various ways, whether you make small or large changes. For example, make your walk-in shower an enclosed one with sliding doors, add a whirlpool tub to enjoy while reading a book on Sunday afternoon, or cover your walls in soothing wallpaper with subtle patterns.

5. Modern and Sleek

white ceramic bathroom with a white window

The modern and sleek look is elegant and fresh, and it will work in any home, regardless of style or size. With this design choice, you can feel relaxed and comfortable knowing you’ve chosen a modern bath for your home. It’s simple to clean, so it’ll look good even after hours of use! Modern baths are more than just a fashion statement; they’re also functional.

Choose What Speaks to You

Even if you have a small bathroom, there are ways to make it feel more spacious and open. The right lighting fixtures and strategically placed mirrors that provide multiple views of oneself at once can be highly beneficial.

These five options will make your jaw drop if you’re looking for updated master bathroom designs. You can add value to your house, which will help when you go to sell your property later on. Not to mention, you can enjoy a stunning new design. Although each design is unique, they provide a luxurious experience that many homeowners seek when transitioning to a modern style. Whether you prefer something more contemporary or rustic and cabin-like, you’ll find something to your liking here.

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