5 Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Peter Chambers

Nov 28, 2022


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Decorating the interior of a house can be a complex but fun adventure. You have countless options to choose from. Like a canvas, your living room is blank and ready for you to paint. The only thing stopping you from mimicking a house you see on HGTV is the monetary aspect. Don’t worry because this guide will show you five living room ideas on a budget you can readily implement.

1. Add Plants

One of the easiest ways you can spruce up a living room is with houseplants. When you add greenery, you create a warm, inviting atmosphere for anybody who enters the living room. If you want a houseplant, there are many options to select from. Some houseplants require little maintenance, so they’d be ideal for beginners. 

For example, the spider plant is an excellent choice for living room ideas on a budget. They don’t need direct sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about the window situation in your house. Also, spider plants are among many houseplants that can bring health benefits. These plants produce better air in your home by absorbing chemicals like formaldehyde.  

2. Hang up Artwork

If you want to liven up your living space, hanging up artwork is an excellent way to start. You could create your own art or purchase some decor from a crafts store. Paintings, drawings and other works of art can add a lot of personality to your living room. Artwork is one of the best ways humans express themselves, so find art that speaks to you and who you are.

Artwork in the living room can also bring mental health benefits. Seeing art on the walls can increase blood flow to the brain and give a dopamine boost. Paintings and other art can also relieve stress when you get home after a long day. Creating the artwork yourself can be therapeutic and give you something to be proud of when you hang it on the walls.

3. Create an Art Gallery

If you love art, one of the best living room ideas on a budget is to create a gallery wall. These can be a lovely centerpiece for your living room and make your space unique to you. You could construct a theme with flowing pieces of art or have a terrific mix of different art. You don’t even have to use conventional art. You could hang pieces of clothing, memorabilia, ticket stubs or anything you deem as memorable and wall-worthy. 

4. Paint Different Colors

Sometimes, you want to change things when designing your living room. An easy way to bring in new scenery is by painting the walls. This idea is practical if you have a small living room and are unsure what to add. Paint doesn’t take up space once you’ve finished the project. Or, if you don’t want to commit to wall color, you could add an easy-to-peel wallpaper. 

There are a few things to consider when selecting what paint to buy. If you want to be environmentally conscious, think about volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can contain various chemicals and emit dangerous gases into the air. Instead, find non-toxic paints. Some companies make water-based paints that emit no VOCs and have no odor. 

5. Buy Secondhand Decor

Buying secondhand furniture and decor is terrific for living room ideas on a budget. Check out thrift stores, Goodwill and other discount shops to see what they have. Going in person also means you can test out the furniture to see if it holds up to your liking. These stores are also excellent places to find homemade decor at a low price. What someone else discarded could be a piece of treasure for you.

Another way you can find secondhand decor is by shopping online. Traditional websites like eBay and Craiglist could be an option for you. Newer websites like Etsy often have unique homemade art and used furniture people try to sell. Or, you could try the Facebook Marketplace to find items closer to where you live. 

Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Decorating a home is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, not everybody has a million-dollar budget like some people you may see on HGTV. Living room ideas on a budget can happen, though. Check out these five tips for arranging a terrific living room without breaking the bank.

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