How Top Energy Efficient Appliances Can Change Your Life

Rose Morrison

Jan 23, 2021

energy efficient appliances

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Everyone knows that using the top energy efficient appliances will decrease their carbon footprint and impact the environment. They might not know that these appliances can also lower their bills and revolutionize the way they live. Integrating smart technology into homes has been an increasingly popular trend. Renters and homeowners are looking for ways to simplify their life and streamline their properties. The answer is investing in eco-friendly appliances with smart capabilities.

Wondering if you’re ready to make the switch? Here are a few ways top energy efficient appliances with smart features can change your life and home design.

What Is Smart Technology?

When you ask for a definition of smart technology, you’ll likely receive a wide variety of answers. Some people believe it’s anything that connects with the internet or a mobile phone. Others prefer a more all-encompassing definition, believing that SMART stands for self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology. In truth, it has become a catch-term used to describe any device with some level of automation and intuitive interface. 

Many smart devices connect via Bluetooth, LTE or Wifi, providing user access and control remotely. However, appliances do not need to connect to other devices to be described as smart. At its most basic definition, a smart object goes beyond the normal and offers greater value to the consumer.

How Does It Affect You?

Smart technology can simplify your life and ease your daily routine. You can set appliances to start automatically and receive alerts when something requires repair or has completed a cycle. While some people may think these advantages will lead to laziness, the truth is that it will give homeowners more control over their time.

If you’re a real estate developer or architect, it pays to consider how much humans will rely on this technology in the future. As smart devices have grown in popularity, smart homes have garnered serious attention.

What Are Energy Efficient Appliances?

Most people have heard of Energy Star ratings, but what does this certification mean?

The top energy efficiency appliances have an Energy Star rating that verifies their standards. In essence, that certification proves that the product is a top performer and offers excellent energy efficiency and performance. Devices with this label are better for the environment and your wallet. When an appliance uses less water and energy, you have fewer expenses to cover at the end of the month — potentially saving thousands of dollars over time.

Most Popular Energy Efficient Smart Appliances

Why not have the best of both worlds? When you search for smart appliances with Energy Star certification, you’re investing in eco-friendly products that will streamline your daily routine. Therefore, if you’re looking to add value to your home, these machines are an excellent place to start.


If kitchens are the heart of a home, then the refrigerator would be the blood keeping everything moving. You use it to store food, medicine, beauty products and everything in between.

Unlike a dishwasher or washing machine, the refrigerator stays on 24/7, which means it is continually drawing electricity to operate. Consequently, if there’s one device worth upgrading to a smart energy efficient model, it would be your fridge.

Models offer features like smart cooling systems, InstaView Door-in-Door panels and smartphone compatibility. Other styles offer built-in Family Hubs that allows owners to see inside of their fridge from anywhere. The Family Hub also includes music and TV streaming and can integrate with other appliances.

LG Smart Refrigerator $4,800 from Amazon

Bosche Smart Refrigerator $3,699 from Amazon

Samsung Smart Refrigerator $2,469 from Amazon


Have you ever opened your dishwasher only to find your plates were still dirty or covered in watermarks? Thanks to smart technology, that doesn’t have to happen ever again. Brands like Miele are pioneering innovative systems that evaluate your dishes and then use the optimal settings and detergent to provide a clean and picture-perfect finish. They’ll look great, and you’ll feel good knowing your cycle didn’t waste electricity or water.

Modern smart Energy Star rated dishwashers also offer features like Digital Leak Sensors. Additionally, you can control some styles using an app, allowing you to put your appliance to work at any time.

Miele Smart Dishwasher $1,899 from Aj Madison

GE Smart Dishwasher $1,189.99 from Best Buy

Samsung Dishwasher $529 from Lowes

Washing Machines

Who wants to listen to their washing machine while relaxing at home? Most people would rather run the cycle when they are out of the house and come back to clean clothes. Thanks to smart technology, it’s now possible to operate your washer from anywhere. Other exciting features include SpeedPerfect for 40% faster washing times and adaptive wash technology with active bloom. 

Samsung Smart Washing Machine $1295 from Amazon

Whirlpool Smart Washing Machine $1,199 from Home Depot

Bosch Smart Washing Machine $1,549 from Lowes

Making the Best Selection

With so many incredible options, it may feel challenging to narrow your selection. Listed above are some of the top energy efficient appliances with smart technology, but you should always choose the style which works best for your lifestyle. Ultimately, if you look for the Energy Star qualification, you’ll be guaranteed an environmentally-friendly product that will save you money for years to come.

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