How to Soundproof a Room in an Apartment

Evelyn Long

Mar 28, 2023


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Do you find yourself eavesdropping on the neighbor’s conversations and worry they might be able to hear yours? It can be tough to find an apartment with thick enough walls not to listen to the everyday lives of your neighbors. That doesn’t mean you have to deal with the noise. There are simple improvements you can make that will help soundproof your apartment. Here is how to soundproof a room in an apartment. 

Step 1: Find the Weak Spots

Sound waves are similar to when there are fluid leaks. Certain areas of the apartment might be letting in sound more than others. It can come from holes, gaps or cracks or one neighbor might be noisier than the others. When you figure out the areas of your apartment that let in the most sound, you can start soundproofing.  

Step 2: Have a Book Shelf 

A bookshelf filled with books is a great way to create a sound barrier since they absorb some sound before it enters your space. When you have multiple shelves of books, it creates a barrier so the sound cannot get into your apartment as easily. It is an excellent choice if the sound leaks are from a shared wall in your apartment. 

If you get an extra tall bookcase with five or more shelves and fill them as much as possible, it works to block sound the best. Wooden bookcases are great for the ultimate amount of sound absorption. 

Step 3:  Try Soundproofing Panels or Curtains

Wall panels and thick curtains can create a soundproof home. You will need to hammer or drill holes into the walls to hang panels, but it will help with the overall sound issue. They need to be installed carefully and you may need extra fabric if you want to match the aesthetic of your home. Curtains work best when closed, so this is a great choice if the outdoor sound is the issue at night. 

Step 4: Add Carpets and Rugs

The thicker carpet or rugs you get the better it will absorb sound. These materials can lessen the sound of footsteps or things dropped in the apartment. If you have neighbors below you, it will help the sound issue for you and them. There will be fewer echoing and loud steps from the apartment to the apartment. 

You can even get decorations to resemble a rug but are a piece of cloth to put on the wall. They are called tapestries and come with many unique designs to match your style. 

Step 5: Noise Machines 

This might sound counterproductive, but it will help drown out the sounds from other people’s apartments. When you play white noise out of a machine, it drowns out what you can hear in your immediate environment. For some people, white noise is difficult to deal with. When paired with TV or music, the sounds can be overstimulating, so be sure white noise machines are suitable for you. 

Step 6: Seal Door Gaps 

Although it is just a tiny sliver between the door and the wall, if the air passes, then so can sound. The small spaces between your door can let in more sound than you want. You should seal them up to notice the difference between sound and temperature. 

How to Soundproof a Room in an Apartment 

If your landlord left your noisy neighbors out of the picture when showing you the place, it might be time to soundproof. Try these methods and you’ll notice your apartment gets significantly quieter.  


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