The Ultimate Spring Home Refresh Checklist

Olivia Elsher

Mar 11, 2024

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The cold winter air is finally dissipating. The stale atmosphere from snuggling under blankets for months is shifting to something more energetic. Spring is on its way, which is the perfect time to embrace the motivational kick you will feel as the days get longer. How can you leverage a spring home refresh to make an inviting, joyous space? Here is the checklist you’ll need to spark some ideas but customize them to your needs, lifestyle and space requirements.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is associated with spring cleaning, so it is the most obvious place to start. Plus, subsequent spring home refresh activities feel better when the house is disinfected, clutter-free and sparkly. You’ll feel more motivated to keep up the momentum. What is all involved with spring cleaning?

It truly is what you make of it. You may not need a fully involved deep cleaning if you’re a clean person already. If you spent most of the winter focusing on family, self-care and relaxation, perhaps a few more tasks need attention. Regardless of how extensive you want to make the spring clean, do not feel you have to do it in one day. Take it room by room, spreading the cleaning out over a week or two, so you don’t burn out. 

Are there areas that annoy you, like the dusty bathroom baseboards or oil buildup on the kitchen backsplash? You should prioritize tasks you are more resistant to and will provide the most mental relief. For example, cleaning gutters is crucial before spring rains arrive. This is more important than mopping kitchen floors, which you might do regularly enough.

Here are a few overlooked places in the house you may want to add to a spring clean:

  • Detailing the oven
  • Polishing wood furniture and floors with lemon oil
  • Clearing the fridge and cabinetry of expired food, condiments, supplements and medication
  • Wash rarely cleaned linens, like curtains and throw pillows
  • Disinfect pet furniture, notably litter boxes
  • Vacuum and flip couch cushions and mattresses
  • Dust knickknacks
  • Wipe windowsills, glass, ledges and edges
person vacuuming cushion

Make the Space Brighter

The beauty of spring is the chance of more sunlight. The exposure makes people feel happier and calmer, so a spring home refresh should focus on maximizing light. If you keep a darker house because you have blackout curtains or few natural light opportunities, be creative in making your home a bit brighter. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a habit of drawing curtains every morning upon waking.
  • Thrift table lamps to place in darker parts of the house.
  • Add fairy lights.
  • Add a pop of white décor to liven up the room, such as a tablecloth or piece of art.
  • If you have dark wallpaper or paint, do a white accent wall.

Making a room brighter doesn’t necessarily mean letting the sunlight in or adding all-white furniture. Pops of color will also suffice. 

Add More Greenery

Plants refresh the home in more ways than one. Many indoor plants have air-purifying capabilities, improving the health and wellness of everyone in the home — just be sure they are pet-friendly. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Rubber plants
  • English ivy
  • Chinese evergreens
  • Snake plants
  • Peace lilies

However, be sure to include natural plants over fake ones. Though they are aesthetically pleasing and require no upkeep, you’ll gain more benefits from caring for a growing flower instead of buying something made of fossil fuels.

As a bonus, you might feel invigorated to start a garden this year. This is the best time to prep your garden area for the first plant of the year.

home greenery

Move the Furniture

Does a room feel closed off, or are you bored with its appearance? Maybe you always bump into a specific corner of a table or chair. Then, it’s time to shake things up. Move furniture around, even if it’s just a little bit. It can make a home you’ve lived in for years suddenly feel exciting and new.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the ideas of feng shui, there is a lot to learn from these ideas. Intentional furniture placement is vital to being happy in your space. The more open and curated the home feels, the better you will feel.

Do a Fun Renovation Project

If you have the time and resources, spring is a delightful time to start groundwork on a renovation project. Does the guest bath need a new sink and mirror? Are you breaking down a wall to make more space in the storage area? At the very least, you can call a contractor to get the ball rolling.

You can even do a small decoration project, such as creating a gallery wall or painting the kitchen cabinets. Anything you can do to personalize the home instead of making it look like a generic photo out of a magazine will make you feel even better. Are you an artist? Mount your pieces with pride. Have a friend who makes talented and sentimental birthday cards every year? Display them on the fridge or a corkboard.

Get Rid of Unwanted Belongings

Decluttering is one of the best ways to open a space up and remove negativity. If there are objects that stress you out or bring up bad memories, get rid of them. If you are holding onto old gifts because of guilt or are ashamed of having too many clothes, tackle these projects and donate leftovers. They are better off going to homes that will use them.

Host a Gathering

After spending so much time making it clean and beautiful again, you’d be surprised how good it feels to share your home with loved ones. Liven up the energy of the space by celebrating with everyone. Throw a dinner party or host a movie night. Have excellent conversation, enjoy delicious food and bask in the community atmosphere of the house.

dinner party

Other Small Changes

Not every spring home refresh task is a major one. There are tiny ways to get a little kick of newness, including:

  • Changing the doormat
  • Labeling storage bins
  • Light candles or start a diffuser
  • Rinsing drains with baking soda and vinegar
  • Switch out the centerpiece at the dining table
  • Adding hooks for keys or bags
  • Replacing old shower liners
  • Changing water filters in fridges and sinks

The Breath of Fresh Air You Needed

A spring home refresh might be the spring in your step you need to have a fresh start. What are you most excited to tackle? No matter how your checklist looks, you will feel a sense of accomplishment to carry you through the rest of the year.

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