How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet: Top 5 Methods

Evelyn Long

Oct 28, 2022

fluffy white dog lying on carpet whose owner needs to know how to get dog hair out of carpet

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Dogs and carpets don’t mix well. Yet, if you can’t bare to live without one or the other, you’re likely dealing with a very hairy problem. Even if your precious pet’s fur doesn’t bother you, the sight and smell might ward off friends and family. Luckily, your situation is far from hopeless. You just need to learn how to dog hair out of carpet. There are many ways to accomplish this, most of them involving everyday household items. 

1. Hair Brush

Have an extra hair brush lying around? Give it new life as a cleaning tool perfectly designed to remove unwanted dog hair. You’ll need something with straight bristles, preferably metal. Please don’t try to use the brush for your hair and to clean your carpets — no amount of washing will make that rotation sanitary. 

To remove pet hair from your flooring, run the brush over the same area a few times, going in different directions. Most fur should stick to the bristles, so you’ll need to empty it once in a while to avoid difficult-to-remove tangles later. Ball up any loose hair left on the carpet and throw it away as well. 

2. Pet Vacuum

Standard vacuums on the market aren’t intended for extended use on pet hair. Using it in that way can drastically reduce the efficiency and life of your machine. 

On the other hand, a pet vacuum knows how to get dog hair out of carpet. You don’t need any different techniques, just a more targeted machine. While this is the most expensive method of the bunch, a pet vacuum really is a must-have for pet owners.  

3. Squeegee

Basic hand squeegees are good for more than just cleaning windows and your shower. You can use one to pull your dog’s hair from carpeting. Surprisingly, this tool can remove fur beyond just the surface level. 

Work in short, rapid strokes for the best results. The squeegee will bring all the hair into a nice pile which you can pick up with your hands and toss or suck up with a vacuum. Keep the tool on hand for touchups every once in a while. You can also use it to help dry your carpet after washing. 

4. Lint Roller or Tape

When all you need is a surface clean on a small area, something sticky like a lint roller or tape might be your best bet. Both of these items are affordable and probably something you already have on hand. 

Simply run the lint roller across the carpet and replace the sheet once it’s no longer sticky. Alternatively, wrap the tape around your hand a few times and use the same process to attract hair. 

5. Fabric Softener

Using fabric softener will do the job and add a pleasant scent to your home as well. The key to this technique is to dilute the product with water in a separate spray bottle. You won’t be able to rinse the fabric softener out unless you steam clean your carpet, so using the barest amount of softener will cut unnecessary build-up. 

Spray enough solution to make the carpet damp but not wet. Let it dry for a few minutes, and then run your vacuum like normal. The fabric softener clumps the hair together and holds it that way after it drys, allowing your vacuum to pick up the fur more efficiently. 

Give Your Carpets a Refresh

All these methods work well at removing most pet hair from your home. It will require some elbow grease and time, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. If you aren’t willing to put in the work or don’t have the time, you might consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner who knows how to get dog hair out of carpet. Their tools and techniques will be even more effective and leave you with fresh-looking floors you’ll want to show off.

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