7 Home Staging Tips to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Rose Morrison

Dec 21, 2020

home staging tips

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Staging a home can increase its value by one to five percent when compared to similar properties on the market. The purpose of staging your residence is to help buyers imagine how the space could work for them. Empty rooms make the visualization process complicated because most buyers won’t know how it scales to their furniture.

In other words, when they see a spare bedroom, they might not be able to picture it as an office or guest bedroom without the assistance of furniture. With that in mind, use these home staging tips to boost the speed of your home sale.

1. Start With a Blank Slate

There are two primary options when it comes to staging a home. The first is that you remove everything from the space and bring back items crucial to the design. This option is best for houses without occupants.

If you intend to live in your home while it is still on the market, then you must choose option two. The second option is to remove clutter and hide the mess before any potential buyers arrive for a viewing.

Prospective buyers should be able to picture themselves in the space. To make this easier, turn your residence into a blank slate by removing personal photos or artwork. Erase any signs of religion or political preference. These homebuyers may not share your views, and these items could unintentionally offend, costing you an offer.

2. Eliminate Personal Items and Clutter

If you’re not starting with a completely blank slate, then this step will help you make the most of your existing decor. In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 83% of buyers’ agents said a properly staged home helped buyers see the property as their future residence.

Start by removing personal photos and anything highly unique, such as the bowl your child made for you in Girl Scouts. Limit decor to things that are generic and not taste specific. 

Then, start decluttering. Extra furniture and belongings make rooms look small and crowded. Some buyers have a hard time seeing past the stuff to the bones of the house. Box up and store any clutter out of the way. Rent a storage unit if necessary, and store items off-site.

a grey house with nice curb appeal to make your home sell faster

3. Create Curb Appeal

The age-old saying that first impressions are lasting impressions is accurate when it comes to buying a new property. The first thing you want a buyer to do when they arrive at your doorstep is to look out and think, “Wow, that’s beautiful!”

Curb appeal invites people to look inside your home and explore. If your house looks like a dump from the outside, then buyers will assume it is also lackluster inside.

Use these four quick tips to boost curb appeal instantly:

  • Clean your doormat.
  • Have a freshly mowed lawn.
  • Wash the siding and sweep the porch.
  • Use simple planters with flowers and greenery to accentuate the entrance.
  • Clear away clutter and debris.

4. Set the Scene

A patio could become the morning coffee spot. Built-in shelves could create a book nook, and the spare room could act as a cozy office. Yet how are buyers ever supposed to imagine this if the rooms are empty?

Set miniature scenes throughout the home to enhance a prospective buyer’s imagination. These mini setups will create a cohesive design and mood throughout the space. Utilize lighting to make kitchens and bathrooms feel brighter and bedrooms more intimate.

Your staging should answer a buyer’s question before they can ask. Instead of making them wonder how they should use an awkward corner, stage the area with a purpose to give them a sense of ease. With your staging, every room should have a clear function.

Use staging shortcuts to ensure the space presents at its best. Long curtains that hang closer to the ceiling give the appearance of a larger room. Likewise, less is more when it comes to furniture and accent details.

Bulky furniture can make a room feel small, but thoughtful accents will provide the right amount of detail without making the space feel cluttered.

a white paint roller on a wall

5. Choose Neutrals With Pops of Color

If you decide to repaint interior walls or ceilings, stick to neutral color palettes. This may be one of our easiest home staging tips to remember. This will appeal to the greatest number of buyers, increasing the chances of your home selling quickly.

Use decor and accent pillows to add pops of color throughout the house. This will bring brightness and style to your design but is not permanent for people who have different design preferences.

6. Keep Items Elegant and Fresh

Imagine your home is a hotel. Obviously, people have stayed in the hotel room before you, but the key is keeping the space feeling fresh and clean.

Before a house tour, empty trash cans, tidy closets and put out fresh soap bars. Light a candle or use a scented spray to erase any unpleasant odors or animal presence. Some people are allergic to pets, so remove any toys or dog beds you may have in the house and place them out of sight.

For the personal items that remain in the home, such as bath towels or blankets, remember that elegance is key. Avoid placing items that appear worn or have stains.

7. Encourage Exploration

Your house tour should progress like a movie. Interested parties should feel inclined to move through the house and explore. A few well-placed items should catch their eye and encourage them to explore the rest of the home.

It’s critical to take a minimal approach with staging to avoid the area feeling cluttered or overwhelming. Research shows that disorganization can cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol. Clutter makes it difficult to focus and may cause interested parties to feel anxious or restless.

home staging a clean bathroom

8. Remember Cleanliness Is Key

Perhaps the most critical home staging tip is keeping your home clean. Your house should be spotless. Aim for sterile surfaces, as if the house was brand-new. Vacuum hair and debris and clean off dusty surfaces.

Potential buyers will open any appliances, so make sure to deep-clean your entire home or hire a professional. Carpet cleanings are especially necessary if you have pets.

Use These Home Staging Tips to Accelerate Your Sale

There you have it — the seven home staging tips that will help your home to fly off the market. If you have unique features in your home, spend the extra time to make them shine. Remember to keep things clean, stage wisely and maintain your phone’s battery for when offers begin to pour in.

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